Craig horner and bridget regan relationship tips

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Craig Horner stars as Richard Cypher in Legend of the Seeker. Craig . So Craig , Bruce, and Bridget Regan (Kahlan Amnell) have some pretty . Indeed, in the books, I pointed out, Richard and Kahlan get married. In fact, the marriage would not happen for several seasons if they continue to use the books as a guide. Dec 5, Bridget Regan: Birth Facts, Family, and Childhood She was born in the Quotes. I just always wanted to be an actor. I don't remember ever not There were rumors that Bridget Regan is dating Australian actor Craig Horner. May 8, Craig Horner is unmarried, he isn't involved in any romantic relationship. Previously he was linked up with his co-star, Bridget Regan after the.

It definitely comes to a climax. All that stuff does come to a climax, but who will win? I'm not going to tell you. What can you tease about the finale?

Bridget Regan Husband, Married and Divorce

Does it have a clear-cut end that wraps the season? Actually it's a bit of a cliffhanger. It's not just wrapped up in a nice little nutshell. There's always going to be evil in the Midlands, no matter where you go.

Bridget Regan Husband, Married and Divorce

There's always evil to fight, there will always be a need for the Seeker. What scene are you most proud of from the finale? I can't give away too much, but it's toward the end of the show, and basically the location was amazing.

He just puts himself into the character and tunes out real life. But sometimes real life intrudes on the set. They often use plastic swords for much of their work.

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There is a lot of chemistry between Richard and Kahlan. In fact, I mentioned seeing some online chatter about a love scene in the woods. I think I was confessed by another Confessor.

craig horner and bridget regan relationship tips

Will that happen on the show? Craig is not sure. He thinks the writers are keeping that open. In fact, the marriage would not happen for several seasons if they continue to use the books as a guide.

craig horner and bridget regan relationship tips

I asked him how far the show might run. Should people think about 11 seasons because there are 11 books?

And plenty of time to get settled in to New Zealand. Do you get requests for shirtless scenes? You know, I probably should not have asked that question, given how often I criticize the film and television industry for not taking the fantasy genre seriously. At least we have one actor who wants to focus on the character and not the body.

Still, I was asked to pass on one more cheesecake question by a woman: That sort of question puts an actor on the spot but Craig handled it politely. When I asked him if he was considering any other projects, he said: There might be some great projects at the time when I get there. Right in the thick of it. We're there finishing up nine right now and then I'll get back and we'll shoot the tenth episode the day after I get off the plane.

Were you familiar with the Terry Goodkind books at all, or were they something you discovered after being cast for the role?

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When I was in the process of auditioning I tried to find out as much as I could regarding plot and character quickly, which was a bit unfortunate because then once I actually started reading the books I knew what happened. I missed some of the wonderful moments of surprise that the books have. How faithful is the TV show to the books?

craig horner and bridget regan relationship tips

You know, what I think is faithful are the characters. I think that Craig Horner, who plays Richard Cypher and I are really staying true to who those people are in the book and their relationship. A lot of things happen really early in Legend that will happen later in the book, and there are some things that don't even happen in the book that happen in the series.

How is it filming down in New Zealand?