Crosby and hope relationship

A PERSON IN THE DARK: Hope & Crosby: Bob + Bing = Bliss

crosby and hope relationship

According to Hope, Day saw the gesture as a wife's symbolic marking of her territory, and she ended the relationship then and there. Day [now. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby met while working in vaudeville. A mutual friend who thought they would compliment each other on stage, introduced them. But for wiseasses—or anyone with a crush on actress Dorothy Lamour—there was only one combo that mattered: Crosby and Hope. Between.

Harry was only four years old at the time, but when contacted for this article recently, he said Rosemary remembered this incident vividly and occasionally talked to him about it. She was a straight talker, a wonderful guide and a loving soul. She was truly family When I was 18 I lived in the back of her garage, when I'd come down to visit the family members. I was going to the California Insitute of the Arts and I always had a bed there. I had a really close relationship with all of her children, all of her five kids.

Inat the close of a concert in Pasadena, California, a technical snafu would cause Bing to tumble from the theater stage and fall into the orchestra pit, rupturing a disc in his back. Rosemary was touring with Bing at the time, and had already left the theater with Bing's children. They were being driven to a local restaurant when the news reached them about the incident.

crosby and hope relationship

Rosemary did her best to keep the Crosby kids calm while they raced to the hospital. Remarkably, Bing had recovered sufficiently from the fall to resume the tour some weeks later. DiPaolo said her habit of taking Crosby's children out for dinner after the show began early in her series of appearances with Bing, which began around and continued until Bing's death in mid-October, She'd take Harry and Mary Frances and Nathaniel and her kids and me and we'd all go to SoHo and have dinner almost every night at this Italian restaurant.

Bing and Kathryn wouldn't go. Bing finally said, 'My goodness, you're really taking the kids around here a lot. You must be spending a fortune. Although he did throw a great party in London with caviar all over the place. Sylvia Sims was there. It was a great party. Crosby and Clooney were so popular in Ireland that people didn't know what hit them.

They performed at a little theater called the Gaeity. When we arrived at the Grisham Hotel, there was Rosie standing outside in sort of a misty drizzle. She was wearing a raincoat and that was all she was wearing.

A bomb had gone off in the hotel and they ushered everyone out. She had just come out of the shower and she grabbed her raincoat and there she was. She said, 'It's pretty lively over here. He said, 'These are my brothers, Sean and Michael and Danny Ted Rogers, the comedian, was also there. Ted was a political satirist. The guys looked at him and said, 'Good routine. Let's see how you go tonight.

He whispered, 'That was the IRA. Long after Bing had passed away, Rosemary, Dolores and Kathryn would get together frequently for card playing and cocktails.

But Kathryn was always kind of in there and enjoyed everybody. And Rosemary said, 'I never drink before a show. She had come in and advised about what doors needed to be taken down, and which ones needed to be widened, how things should be done. Very much so," Hope publicist Grant said. So many people called and sent flowers. Everybody was doing that.

crosby and hope relationship

It was a terrible time for me. Bob and Dolores were very concerned though, oh yeah. It was a party, and Rosie was there and giving hugs and talking to everybody. It was a surprise to me that she died so soon after that.

It was fairly recently, a couple of years ago. She told Larry King that two years ago, at Bob's 98th Birthday party, she witnessed Rosemary's comeraderie with the family. Of course, he always knew Dolores' voice.

crosby and hope relationship

Dante remembers one such birthday party vividly. Every year they would do that.

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The last time they did it, the cowboy singer, the millionaire, Gene Autry, he came in with his wife, Jackie. We all sat at the same table outside, on the patio. I said, 'You know, one of my very favorite songs that you recorded was 'The One Rose.

Dolores had started her singing career in the s, well before she met Bob. Her show business career was put on hold after her marriage, however. With the exception of a few singing engagements on her husband's TV specials, Dolores maintained a fairly low profile publicly.

But in the early s she returned to the recording studio and released a handful of charming classic pop CDs on the Hope Enterprises label. Rosemary hoped to extend a similar invitation to her old friend Kathryn. But she was going to do the next tour of New York and she was going to take me, as a gift to Bing, I think.

We went on with her at what was then the Uris Theater in New York and the Palladium for two years, in '76 and Then every time she went into New York she'd call me up and we'd do a song together, right up through her 70th birthday and a couple of years after that. He just decided he wasn't going on and he flew home.

After witnessing the public spectacle that had been made out of his first wife Dixie's funeral inBing had been determined to keep his own services under tight control.

Only 20 friends and family members were invited to his services, which were held at 4 a. Still, according to a close Clooney family friend, a tabloid photographer had managed to snap a photo of Bing lying in his casket.

crosby and hope relationship

When her time came at the end of June,Rosemary's arrangements allowed for crowds of hundreds to attend her funeral in Maysville, but she had long ago stipulated that her services would be closed-casket. She did not want a repeat of what had happened to her dear friend Bing. Bob Hope's astounding vitality allowed him to continue performing well into his 90s, and occasionally appeared in public to accept major awards and honors as late as the early 00s, but it was clear that he was becoming increasingly frail as he approached his th birthday.

Among the handful of public appearances Bob made after age 94 was the wedding of Rosemary to Dante DiPaolo. He looked like Bob Hope quite a bit. He came in and everybody was smiling at him and looking at him, and he thought, 'Why is everybody looking at me?

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He bowed to them and waved to them and all that. About ten minutes later Bob Hope came in, and everybody was just bewildered. People came up to him and he talked to everybody and had a lot of fun. Many of his fans and friends said they could not imagine a world without Bob Hope. In a telephone interview for this story in June ofKathryn said Dolores, at 94, was becoming increasingly private and that Bob was having problems with his vision and hearing.

But that's her choice. Bob still responds to her, and he can still hear her, when he can't hear many other people. There's not much wrong with him. His brain is just fine. But moving is difficult. He can't hear most people and he can't see very much.

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So it's tough, but Dolores is there for him and she would tell him a story and he would respond, 'That's great. I can't imagine that Rosemary's not with us. Light comedy was cake to him and he could also handle the heavier dramatic stuff with his customary ease.

crosby and hope relationship

But it took the hook up with a wise-cracking golf buddy to create one of the most successful comedy teams in movie history. When Paramount decided to cast them in a film called "The Road To Singapore," originally slated to star Fred MacMurray and Jack Oakie, the magic of their personal friendship came to life on the screen and spawned a series of "Road" pictures staring the two pals.

The plots of all of the succeeding "Road" pictures were similar: Bing and Bob are con artists looking to cash in, with Bing being a slightly smarter bulb than Bob. Both are not above double crossing the other in order the get the money and the girl, trouble ensures, hilarity erupts and all is well at the end, with the boys narrowly escaping disaster.

What makes these films so delicious is the seemingly add-libbed comments, the great drop-ins by other stars, lots of "inside" jokes, Hope's breaking of the fourth wall to address the audience, and the obvious affection the two stars have for one another. Both Hope and Crosby were very big stars at a time when those words meant something. They did not have to share the screen with anyone. Their fame and name above the title was more than enough to ensure a film's popularity. Yet there is Crosby, playing the straight man, and there is Hope, getting bested by his best friend almost every time Hope did get the girl in "The Road to Rio" and "The Road to Utopia".

Add Some Dorothy Lamour Not only was she beautiful and sexy, she was the perfect foil for those con men on the make. Her tolerance of their antics was endearing and her all-American exotica made their cut-throat competition for her charms understandable. The "Road" pictures were more than just tomfoolery. They also offered some very beautiful music.

It was all done in great, good fun. Bob and Bing at that moment in time were pure stardust. They cast a glow that can never be repeated.