Culture and communication relationship exercises

Exercises in Cross-Cultural Interaction

culture and communication relationship exercises

Culture at Work. Communicating Across Cultures We have posted four exercises to explore cross-cultural issues. You can do them on your own or as part of a. Jul 5, Icebreakers, Exercises, Videos and Movies. “All My Relations” ―racism hurts. ‖. Cross Cultural Communication Activity - “Partner Talk”. Exercise 1: Here are some situations and sample cross-cultural interaction scenarios: Any communication where one person is not speaking their native language--does this We don't expect conversation, a relationship with the cashier.

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The clerk was probably from a more high context culture where interactions with other people was more important than efficiency or speed.

Assimilation of immigrants in the U. Probably no one at this restaurant ever thought about how serving food with the left hand would offend some of their employees or customers. Understanding cultural differences does not necessarily mean that you can overcome your own physical and emotional reactions.

Keeping your culture to yourself. Cultural differences are complicated and dangerous to talk about in the U. When you do, even well-meaning Americans often don't understand what you're saying. One thing I learned is that I need to take other people's cultural perspectives more seriously, and that adapting to the ways of U.

College Roommates This case was written for a college class assignment.

culture and communication relationship exercises

A college dorm room Time: I Rick am also a sophomore, also from New England, and have been friends with Chip since last year. I live in the dorm room next to Chip and Yoshio.

Chip and Yoshio have been roommates since September Other relevant characteristics and background: Chip is a member of the debate team. Yoshio mostly hangs out with other students from Asia and is in the room much more often than Chip. He said hello and then started to study. His voice was much more animated than before. Rick and I are having a conversation here!

Yoshio stopped talking right away and hung up. Just take the phone out in the hall next time. He thinks Yoshio should lighten up.

Also, it is difficult to speak in a foreign language all day. For him talking in Japanese is probably restful and because it makes sense to him, he forgets that Chip hears it as nonsense sounds.

Disputes are examples of Action Chains cultural "recipes" that have a sequence of actions leading to a particular goal. In this case, the Actions Chains didn't match. Yoshio and Chip come from cultures that have different ways of expressing discomfort. Yoshio tries to be quiet or give an apology. Language is central to culture and identity. As we discussed in class, language is a core part of who you are, a boundary between groups.

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Both these students generally pick friends who come from their own cultural and language background. In this case you could see how language differences created friction and distance between the roommates. A street map aids road navigation; a love map helps you navigate your spouse.

culture and communication relationship exercises

Nowadays, a GPS automates road directions by replacing map reading with mindlessly executing step-by-step commands fed to you by a woman with a British accent. Two truths and a lie — No, lying isn't healthy for your marriage.

But this fun and insightful game is! Think of two truths about yourself and make up one falsehood.

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Share these with your spouse and see if he or she can pinpoint the lie. Nurture fondness and admiration: Your spouse has a lot of admirable qualities. Your prerogative is to point them out!

culture and communication relationship exercises

To grow fondness and nurture strengths, sincerely compliment anything and everything you can about your husband or wife. Go for gold by doing this for their entire name — first, middle and last! Pay particular attention to highlighting and fostering strengths that directly contribute to the health of your relationship. Turn towards your spouse: Imagine a dot-to-dot puzzle. With each line drawn, the scattered dots transform into a meaningful image.

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In the same way, drawing small lines of connection with your spouse gradually reveals a clearer and deeper understanding of him or her. High-low — Businesses hold regular team meetings, which Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, authors of The Good Fight, suggest is a means of keeping "workers happy, productive, and in the loop. Focus on attentive, active and empathetic listening as your spouse shares their peaks and pits.

Let your partner influence you: Do you trust your wife? Trust allows for shared power in a relationship, rather than a marital dictatorship. Blind mines — Take turns blindfolding and guiding each other through an obstacle course in your living room. Scatter random objects over the floor and use verbal cues to help your spouse dodge the mines.

Solve your solvable problems: According to Gottman, the crux of this principle is collaboration to overcome situational dilemmas. Issues could include a begrudging division of labour or ignored sexual preferences. In these circumstances, heed Ephesians 4: You could try making a sandwich, folding a paper airplane or tying a shoe. You and your spouse are "one flesh" Ephesians 5: Do you become increasingly inflexible in your side of a conflict and refuse to listen to his position?