D gray man allen and lenalee relationship memes

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d gray man allen and lenalee relationship memes

This is a(nother) fill for the DGM kink meme, the prompt was: Brownie points if overheard by Kanda, Allen, or Miranda. Who'd you kiss?". The relationship between Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee. Being a year older with a somewhat mature personality, Lenalee usually treats Allen like a younger. Allen and Lenalee D Gray Man Allen, Allen Walker, Grey Skies, Cute Anime .. The whole cast Anime Meme, Black Order, Anime Mangas, Anime Shows, D.

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship memes

He tried to surreptitiously to rearrange himself under the water in an attempt to hide his more sensitive regions. Lenalee's gaze turned icy for the briefest moment, though her seductive aura returned.

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The dark haired girl's fingers moved to thumb the thin fabric of her shorts. She continued as if Lavi had never brought the implications of Komui's sister complex into the conversation.

The happy naivety in the expression was almost enough to make him feel guilty.

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship memes

Lavi was all too happy to comply. Slipping his arms around her waist, those long fingers made short work of her corset, tossing it somewhere into the water behind her.

The future Bookman tilted his head, raising his lips until they were just barely below Lenalee's. Lenalee's hand found Lavi's under the water, lifting it from her lower back and dumping it on the swell of her breast. The soft, wet slap of his palm against her palest skin was quite possibly the most arousing sound the redhead had ever heard, and his erection twitched.

Not quite, but he'd take what he could get. Bringing a hand to cup her neck, Lavi crushed their lips together, loving the small moan he garnered as his thumb teased her rosy areola. The redhead was thrusting lightly against her thigh when the door opened and Allen Walker, much in service to his surname, walked in.

Allen and Lenalee

Entirely naked, it should be noted, this is a bathing facility. Lenalee seemed given to the crying option - old habits die hard, poor dear. She fumbled behind herself, futilely trying to recover her corset.

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Lenalee, if you value HQ, Lavi or I, kindly skedaddle. Allen settled in the bath beside Lavi, winking at his elder as Komui, entered.

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship memes

Due to his left eye causing him to work hard, and his self-sacrificing personality, Lenalee is constantly worried about Allen, and makes it her mission to make sure he doesn't push himself too hard.

After Allen was granted entry into the Black OrderLenalee showed Allen around the place, lightly mentioning that many people consider the Order their "Home", a sentiment Allen would later come to share. Allen is then shown to be smitten when Lenalee gave him a warm smile and welcomed him home from his first mission in Mater, thinking to himself that she is "so cute".

In the Rewinding Town Arc, the two seem to get along nicely, co-operating well in fights and happily swapping tales of their childhood. However, they also had their first large argument when Lenalee stops Allen from killing himself saving a self-destructing Akuma. She then shuns him until he apologizes for raging at her, tearfully berating him for not considering her a friend and promising to always save his life.

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship memes

Around this time, Lenalee also starts having dreams of the Order in ruins and Allen's dead body sinking into a dark pool. Allen eventually sees this vision in his limbo after Tyki 's attack. The two also seem to share a telepathic connection, shown during Lenalee's fight with Eshi, with Allen hearing Lenalee's voice inside his head and seeing a faint image of the surrounding ocean overlapping with his own reality. The two then mutually reminisce a past memory; after waking from the nightmare one night, Lenalee went searching for Allen, who has disappeared from his bed.

Upon finding Allen dealing with his swollen cursed eye, she threw herself at him and cried in relief.

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship memes