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Much is missing from the relationship between Dagny and Francisco. . "I need the knowledge of one single man whom I can trust, respect and admire" (). Eddie would have to pretend he was Dagny's final decision, he would fake his whole identity. The rational person should seek to rid their relationship of things like to John Galt, despite the early romance between Francisco and Dagny Is trust in a relationship not just important but also an essential part?. The lesson of Dagny's relationship with Francisco illustrates the key element of This was the danger: that she would trust him, even while knowing that it could.

It was on that occasion that Francisco warned Rearden, in no uncertain terms, never to buy the stock of D'Anconia Copper, nor deal with D'Anconia Copper in any way, shape or form. Rearden would forget that advice on a critical occasion, and a load of copper that he thought would be delivered without incident wound up on the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. In all his various meetings with Rearden, Francisco repeatedly sounded one central theme: On one occasion, Francisco asked: What would you tell him?

One, as mentioned, was the incident in which Rearden had rashly contracted with D'Anconia Copper to deliver a load of copper to him, but that load ended up at the bottom of the sea.

At that time, Francisco had said to Rearden, "I swear to you, by the woman I love, that I am your friend. In a jealous rage, Rearden hauled off and slapped Francisco across the face with the back of his hand. Francisco summoned all his self-discipline not to strike back. Directive On May 1,the United States Bureau of Economic Planning and Natural Resources issued Directiveunder which all persons would be legally attached to their jobs, and all inventions and other intellectual property would be nationalized and become an intellectual common.

Francisco called Dagny and simply asked her whether she had yet received news of what he called "the moratorium on brains. Then on May 22, John Galt told Francisco that he had discovered, from his position as a spy in the Taggart Terminal, where Dagny might be found. He then told Francisco that he should go to her and tell her of the strike, saying that he had "earned" this chance.

From Galt, that was a significant concession, because Francisco knew that John Galt had fallen in love with her. Francisco did go to see her. But he did not tell her the secret of the strike. He did, however, tell her the secret of his sham playboy persona, and his deliberate acts to destroy his company. He was probably on the point of winning her final defection when a special bulletin broke on the radio: Among other things, the Taggart line's signature coast-to-coast express, the Comet, had been sent into the tunnel pulled by a coal -burning steam locomotive, not the Diesel locomotive that was the only sort of locomotive that was safe to use in the tunnel.

The Comet had stopped halfway in the tunnel after the engineer and everyone else on board had been asphyxiated. The fireman had managed to run to the western adit of the tunnel and was thus the only survivor. Then a United States Army freight special crashed into the rear of the stalled passenger train, and the resulting explosion sealed the tunnel forever.

Dagny immediately left to return to New York, though Francisco begged her, "In the name of everything held sacred to you, don't go back! The scab Francisco did not let matters rest. On the night after Dagny rushed back to New York, Francisco came to see here there. He said that he would not try to recruit her again, but dropped a hint: The two men had an argument, during which Rearden abruptly asked Francisco whether Dagny Taggart was "the woman he loved.

Rearden then hauled off and slapped Francisco in a jealous rage. It took all the iron self-control that Francisco could muster to stop himself from striking Rearden in retaliation—for Francisco knew that once he joined such a battle, he would end up killing Rearden.

And that was the one thing he did not want to do. Francisco left Dagny's apartment and returned to his rooms at the Wayne-Falkland. He was preparing to take his annual one-month vacation in Galt's Gulch.

By now the Gulch was almost self-sufficient; Midas Mulligan bought a limited number of goods, possibly including steelfrom the outside. Three days later May 31Francisco heard the dreadful news that Dagny Taggart was overdue to return to an airfield in Colorado, and was missing and presumed lost in the mountains.

Francisco delayed his usual coming to the Gulch for days while he searched the mountains for the wreckage of her aircraft. Finally he could stay away no longer, and came to the Gulch to pay his respects to John Galt. Then Galt surprised him by saying that he had a scab staying in his house. This was something that Francisco positively had to see. He was shocked to discover that the "scab" was Dagny herself. She had indeed crash-landed, in the Gulch, after trying to follow one of John Galt's recruitment flights—but now that he had found her alive, he was able to call off his search and remain in the Gulch for the rest of June.

Dagny observed that he transported his copper ore to the valley floor on mulebackand suggested that he build a railroad instead. At first he protested that laying rail would be too expensive, but Dagny said with complete confidence that she could build a railroad easily and inexpensively. But in the middle of her presentation, she lamented that she could not lay such a short stretch of rail and abandon an entire transcontinental system. John Galt listened to this, and sternly told her that if she decided to remain in the Gulch, she would have to hear, in excruciating detail, about every failure of Taggart Transcontinental.

Dagny asked for time to consider her decision. Francisco then invited Dagny to stay at his house, rather than at John Galt's house. Dagny then said that John Galt had engaged her as his cook and housemaid, and therefore had the prior claim on her. John at first asked her to make the decision herself, as an adultbut she insisted that the decision belonged to him, as her employer.

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John Galt then turned to Francisco and refused the permission. The two men realized at once that Dagny had been testing their commitment to the philosophical principle that John Galt had just finished outlining: Francisco admired her courage, but knew that any such effort by her was futile. The conquest of Henry Rearden Francisco would not see Dagny again until the next winter.

As the fall approached, he laid his plans to complete the destruction of D'Anconia Copper. He knew that the People's State of Chile intended to nationalize all his remaining holdings. So he quietly placed explosive charges in all his facilities, timed to explode at the moment that the Chilean parliament would call itself to order to consider the nationalization bill.

This happened on September 2, The next day, New York City's scrolling calendar display showed, not the date of September 3, but Francisco's personal message of defiance and vindication: Then he applied for a job at Rearden Steel, not under his true name, but under the name of Frank Adams.

He signed on as a furnace foreman. He learned quickly that the Unification Board was moving several workers into the plant who had no experience in a steel mill. When he had decamped from Chile for the last time, he had taken several of his best white- and blue-collar workers with him. He presumably brought one of these into Rearden Steel to back him up against whatever act of violence might break out. Sure enough, on October 20, the pressure campaign began.

The union at the plant petitioned the Unification Board for a raise. Three days later, the Board turned them down. Then the newspapers brought out sob story after sob story about the workers at Rearden Steel. Francisco knew exactly what was going on, and alerted John to be ready to move at a minute's notice to get Hank Rearden out.

When, on October 31, the Internal Revenue Service slapped a phony tax lien on Rearden, Francisco knew that the storm could break at any time. On the afternoon of November 4, he learned the final details of the plot against Rearden.

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Five government men would meet Rearden in New York, and explain the Steel Unification Plan, under which all the steelmakers of the country would work "as a team" and be paid according to the blast furnaces they owned, regardless of productivity or lack of it. On that very day, a riot would break out at the plant, to try to intimidate Rearden into accepting the Plan. Francisco got word to John Galt that he should get to the Reading Airport at once and prepare to break out Rearden's plane for a flight to the Gulch.

He then went straight to the mills superintendent with what he knew about the riot to come. The super tried to get help from the police, but none was forthcoming. So Francisco organized the regular employees as a militia to fight the rioters when the riots broke out. Henry Rearden returned to the mills when the riots were in their full fury, and Francisco had to intervene personally to rescue Rearden from two thugs who had clubbed Rearden senseless.

After Rearden came to himself, Francisco went to see Rearden in his office. At last Rearden was ready to hear Francisco's great secret, and to follow Francisco wherever he led him.

Rearden thanked him profusely and, as a sign of friendship, called Francisco by his first name. Francisco, in turn, called Rearden by his short name, "Hank. He instructed Rearden to take everything objectively valuable that he could carry, and take some warm clothing. Rearden followed his instructions and let the assistant help him. The assistant, after dropping Rearden off at the airport, drove on to the valley, with the last of Rearden's cash in his pocket, cash he would use to buy motor fuel.

Francisco then told all of Rearden's regulars that Rearden had now chosen to "vanish" from the world. He flew some of them, in his own aircraft, to the Gulch; these certainly included Gwen Ives and a few white-collar men. The mills superintendent organized the rest to follow Francisco to the Gulch on the ground, in heavy trucks holding as much equipment and supplies as they could load on short notice. With the result that Henry Rearden's mills fell silent for the first time since their founding.

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When the workforce arrived in the Gulch, Rearden put them to work building a new steel mill, and also set armed guards throughout his new leasehold. With his usual cargo of gold, he brought a dire piece of intelligence: Thompson intended to deliver a speech "on the world crisis" on November Thompson, would deliver a speech to the world that night.

The next day, against Francisco's advice, Galt went back to New York. Francisco was not a "nail biter," but if he ever came close to doing that, this was the time. Three months passed with no word from Galt, other than a gazette of sorts describing the decline and eventual shutdown of Rearden Steel. Francisco informed Rearden, who laughed at him and said, "Francisco, Rearden Steel is right here in this valley! Now, for the first time, Rearden was pouring Rearden Metal in the valley.

The last of the dependencies on the outside world disappeared. On February 22,John Galt was arrested. Dagny Taggart gave every indication of having turned him in to the authorities in order to protect her railroad, but Francisco knew her better than that.

He now had merely to wait for the final series of disasters to convince Dagny that any further "strikebreaking" was futile. But with the news of Galt's arrest, the men in the valley cried out for leadership to get him back. He organized the Galt's Gulch Air and Land Militia, with half the men in the valley participating, using every aircraft available.

Francisco served as the chief of intelligence. He got word to Dagny, leaving only a telephone number for her to call when Galt was in danger. Meanwhile, Ragnar infiltrated Manhattan Island with his militia, and set up "camp" in multiple "safe houses" actually, safe apartments around the Wayne-Falkland Hotel, where the authorities held Galt. But they did not dare storm the hotel; the authorities would almost certainly kill Galt before they could get close.

Francisco did not have to wait long. During the abortive presentation of the "John Galt Plan for Peace and Prosperity," John Galt made a rapid movement on a stage so that millions of people, watching on the still-new medium of televisionwould see plainly that someone had been holding a gun on him.

Galt then said, "Get Dagny called Francisco almost immediately afterward. She warned him that the authorities were going to fly Galt to the State Science Institute campus near Lyme, New Hampshireand there put him to the torture.

Francisco instructed Dagny to go back to her apartment, change clothes, pack up her jewelry, valuables, and some warm clothing, and meet him in forty minutes at a corner near the Terminal.

En route to the rendez-vous point, Francisco noticed a number of people fleeing New York, with their personal belongings lashed to the roofs of their cars. Dagny and Francisco got off Manhattan in a hurry, but not by the usual route. How they got to Francisco's aircraft, or even where that aircraft rested, the novel does not make clear. Obviously the entire Galt's Gulch Militia had to decamp with them. Ragnar gave the order that he and his companions would rescue Galt themselves, with the militia standing by.

That rescue turned out to be ridiculously easy—because the kind of men who were guarding the facility where John Galt was held prisoner did not have the best minds in the world. The four of them captured the "Project F" building easily, killing five guards in all and incapacitating the rest. Ragnar had planned the operation well, and adapted quickly as the four captured and interrogated some of the guards.

Then came the time for the actual rescue. Francisco was not at all sure that they had arrived in time. So after Ragnar had picked the lock on the torture chamber door, Francisco entered first, holding out his arm to bar the way to the others. He caught sight of Galt, lashed to a mattress but very much alive and without a mark on him.

Francisco lowered his arm, and the rescue party rushed inside. Of the four rescuers, Francisco found the fact of what John Galt had endured hardest to take. He swore to hunt down Galt's torturers and kill them, but Galt told him that such a course would be not only unavailing but unnecessary. I have not slept in about three days due to the procrastination that left me about pages of this book to read. Despite all of the above, reading the final line of this book and closing it was perhaps the most satisfying experience I have had of any novel I have read.

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This book has honestly changed my perspective of the world, and more specifically, the relationships we have grown accustomed to in it. What stood out to me most about the relationships in this novel was how extremely cold and sadistic some of them were. But the common thread that joined all these men and Dagny together was love, not for each other, but for their work and creations.

I think that the paternal relationships between Adler, Francisco, Galt, and Ragnar are a perfect example of this. Although they pursued different paths including one of them becoming a badass pirate who married a super hot movie starthey all pursued careers that they loved because these careers are their own to have. I also thought the relationship between Hank and his family was extremely poignant because it was just a microcosm of the relationship between Washington and the men who have created these businesses.

When the Washington men realize how dire the situation of the nation is, they can not fathom a solution of their own and turn to Hank and John, begging them for salvation.

The relationship Dagny has with Jim is Shitty Family 2. Jim is a parasite because he allows Dagny to slave away tirelessly for the work she is passionate about and then takes all the credit.