Dan and olivia relationship

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dan and olivia relationship

Olivia agrees, but Dan is uneasy as he's seen their sex scenes and knows about their past relationship. When the party is broken up due to a fake liquor license. May 30, Olivia Burke (Hilary Duff): On teen drama Gossip Girl, Olivia Kate Burke was a become roommates at NYU and Olivia started dating Dan Humpfrey. [1] A relationship story arc is defined as explicit, developed on screen. Apr 11, Ira: She finally comes to the realization that her relationship with Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley), Olivia Burke (Hilary Duff), and Vanessa.

Szohr said in Nylon magazine: They kept calling, though, so off she went. Three days later, my manager calls to tell me that I'd been with the show's executive producer and one of the creators and they want me to audition.

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Characterization[ edit ] Szohr's character enters the wealthy world of Manhattan and occasional love interest of her longtime best friend, Dan Humphrey. She says what she thinks, and that's a hard thing to do in high school[ Szohr finds her character as the most relatable series since Vanessa doesn't have the same lifestyle as most of the other wealthy characters on the show do.

She announces that she's decided to move back to the city and live with her sister, Ruby. She also mentions that she missed Dan while she was away and has repeatedly thought about the last words he said to her before she moved to Vermont.

Vanessa helps Dan's younger sister, Jenny Humphrey, sneak into a masquerade ball, and she decides to sneak in herself, where she spots Dan and attempts to reconcile their relationship. It is then revealed that Dan's last words to Vanessa were "I love you," but despite this fact, Dan says that he's moved on and is dating Serena.

Vanessa gets teary-eyed and abandons the party, however the two friends make up later in Dan's bedroom. They share a snack while Dan fills her in on everything that's changed in his life. She seems to express some jealousy when she stumbles in on Dan and Serena about to have sex.

However, in the next episode, she and Serena bond over Guitar Hero after Dan explains that Vanessa is his best friend and that the two will always share a special bond from their childhood. Later, Serena and Vanessa engage in conversation and get to know each other better. Vanessa makes a rival out of Blair Waldorf when Blair suspects her of liking Dan as 'more than a friend. In "School Lies," Vanessa accompanies Dan to a pool party on school property.

Someone nearly dies at the party, however, and when Vanessa catches a confidential conversation between Chuck and Blair on camera, it becomes the most sought-after item on the Upper East Side. Chuck tries to bribe Vanessa into giving her the tape, but she tricks him and takes his money anyway.

When Blair asks for the tape, Vanessa concedes without any conditions attached. Despite this, Blair pays Vanessa's rent for a year to thank her for giving up the tape, which would have ruined Blair's reputation. This leads to her official introduction to Nate Archibald.

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The two bicker and banter light-heartedly, but when Vanessa finds a practice essay Nate wrote for the SATs, she sees a more vulnerable side to him. The two spend the day together and Vanessa listens to his problems.

Despite their coming from different worlds, they realize they have a lot in common and end the night with a kiss. The next day, Nate takes Vanessa on a 'surprise date' where he tells her she should take the SATs just to ensure that she has options.

He pays and registers for her, and after finally giving in, the two enter into a relationship. When she finds out that Georgina Sparks is not who she says she is, Vanessa confronts her and says she knows her real name, as well as her intentions. Despite this fact, Georgina escapes with Dan, who continues to believe the lies she tells him. Once she's all dressed up in one of Jenny's designs, Dan tells her that she 'cleans up nice,' before the two proceed to the wedding together.

After the ceremony, Nate, burdened by the myriad of problems with his father, tells Vanessa he's not ready to be in a relationship, and the two break up. Later, Vanessa and Dan's friendship grows as they bond over their break-ups. Season 2[ edit ] Vanessa spends the summer redecorating Rufus's art gallery and turning the extra space into a cafe. Nate confides in her the financial circumstances of his father's debts and although the two seem interested in each other, Nate is continuously too busy to hang out with her.

Vanessa pushes him away because of this, but he confesses that he does want a relationship with her. During a citywide blackout, however, the older woman Nate slept with throughout summer, Catherine, threatens to turn Nate's father into the police if Nate ever leaves her. Vanessa sacrifices her relationship with Nate for the Captain's safety and tells Nate she doesn't want to be with him.

Later, Vanessa snaps a photo of Catherine when she sees the older woman making out with her stepson, hoping to use it as blackmail. She learns the consequences of her meddling, however, when she realizes that telling Catherine's husband of her affairs left Nate as penniless as ever, whereas Blair was going to gain back the Archibald's riches. Nate becomes upset with Vanessa, not because she made him lose the money, but because she never confided in him.

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Vanessa helps Jenny convince Rufus to let her do home-schooling. She further displays her charitable side by helping save the Brooklyn Inn from auction and petitioning for landmark status. When Blair refuses to cooperate with the charity, Vanessa blackmails her by using the photo of Catherine and Lord Marcus kissing, which, if exploited, would humiliate Blair. The Queen of Constance is therefore forced to comply, but conspires with Chuck to destroy Vanessa.

The two intend to seduce and humiliate her. Blair, who is given detention after hazing Rachel, exacts revenge by spreading a rumor that Dan and Rachel are having an affair. While at dinner, Rachel is extremely upset with the news and Dan hugs her to comfort her.

Outside, Serena witnesses the event and tells Blair, who informs the Parent Committee. While Blair is meeting with them, Dan and Serena break up. The committee votes to fire Rachel, and after it's done, she and Dan sleep together Carrnal Knowledge.

Rachel shows up at rehearsal for the senior play The Age of Innocence, and she and Dan correspond in notes. They make plans to meet up at her apartment, but Rufus intercepts the note and goes in Dan's place. Right before opening night, Dan and Rachel have sex in the costume closet.

After the performance, he discovers Rachel told Yale that she was hazed by Blair, costing her her acceptance. He ends things with her, and she returns to Iowa The Age of Dissonance. Soon after, Rufus discovers that Dan won't receive financial aid from Yale. He confesses to Vanessa, who tells Dan Remains of the J. Wanting to help out, Dan gets a job as a cater waiter but ends up serving the Waldorf Seder.

While working, Serena, having just returned from Spain with Poppy Liftonis worried she accidentally married Poppy's boyfriend Gabriel Edwards.

She confides in Dan after he overhears her talking with Cyrus, and when Gabriel shows up to the dinner, they pretend they're back together Seder Anything. After Gabriel and Poppy's con scheme is revealed, Serena decides to fix the problem herself. She tells Dan, who knows that Rufus invested his college money with Gabriel.

He decides to tell Lily, who orders Serena to back off. When she doesn't, Lily has her arrested The Wrath of Con. On prom night, Serena is still in jail but Dan bails her out to escort her Valley Girls.

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Serena vows to find her identity to stop her, but fails. When she sends the text asking Gossip Girl to meet her, Dan is the first to show up. Once summer begins, he hears from Georgina, who has gotten Rufus' money back and who will also be attending NYU in the fall. He also meets Scott Rossonalthough he introduces himself as Scott Adler. Dan meets up with Vanessa, who feels he's becoming another shallow Upper East Sider. Her new friend Scott encourages her to tell Dan what she thinks at the van der Bilt polo match, and she agrees.

On the first day of NYU, Dan instantly fits in and makes new friends. Blair, who is determined to rule the school, asks him to take her to Georgina's rooftop party. He does, but quickly learns it was a mistake when Blair humiliates Georgina in front of everyone. Dan sticks up for Georgina, and gains more popularity. At the end of the night, he ends up sleeping with her The Freshmen. However soon after, he tells her that he isn't interested in her. At her movie premiere, he realizes who she is but decides he likes her too much to end things with her.

Upon learning Dan is dating Olivia, Georgina blackmails Vanessa into trying to break them up.

dan and olivia relationship

When Dan catches her, she admits that she knows that Scott is her brother. Meanwhile, Rufus and Lily are planning their wedding for the next day and Vanessa tells Dan to hold Georgina off for as long as possible. He pretends to want another chance with her, but she figures out he's lying. On wedding day, she brings Scott to town and reveals his identity to Rufus and Lily.

To get her out of the picture, she tells Olivia that Dan is embarrassed to introduce her to his parents, and she tells Dan that Olivia is anxious about meeting his parents.

They believe her, until the dinner when they figure out Vanessa played them Enough About Eve. Meanwhile, Serena has taken a job with Olivia's publicist KC, and wanting to help make Chuck's party a success, she asks Olivia to walk the red carpet with her ex Patrick Roberts.

dan and olivia relationship

Olivia agrees, but Dan is uneasy as he's seen their sex scenes and knows about their past relationship. When the party is broken up due to a fake liquor license, they reveal their relationship to the press How to Succeed in Bassness. After a Jimmy Fallon appearance, Olivia tells a story about her first date with Dan, and how he came back from the restroom at one point with his shirt on backwards, claiming a spider climbed inside. Jimmy dubs Dan "Bathroom Boy", and Olivia tries her hardest to prevent Dan from seeing the interview.

However, he ends up seeing it and while watching the segment, remembers it's their one month anniversary.

He heads home to plan a special night for them The Grandfather: In an attempt to get her to stay, Dan and Vanessa take her to complete a bucket list of things all college students need to do.

The list ends with having a threesome, which the three engage in. Soon after, the awkward results begin to show; causing Vanessa and Olivia to fight over who Dan "belongs" to.

dan and olivia relationship

Olivia confesses to Dan that during the act, he was looking at and kissing Vanessa with passion he never had with her. She breaks up with him and leaves, promising to come back the next fall The Last Days of Disco Stick. On Thanksgiving, Vanessa's mother Gabriela Abrams comes to town. After observing Dan and Vanessa, it becomes clear to her that Dan has feelings for Vanessa. She warns him to only tell her his feelings if he's serious about her, because their friendship won't survive another heartbreak The Treasure of Serena Madre.

After Serena's car accident, Dan and Vanessa go to the hospital together and he reveals that he loves her, but she rejects him The Debarted. Soon after, the two end up at a party thrown by Vanessa's dorm with dates to make the other jealous. After awhile at the party, they kiss and decide to try and make a relationship work The Lady Vanished.

Not wanting to jeopardize things, they agree to hide from everyone else at first. At a brunch, Serena and Nate congratulate them, but warn them not to fall into a rut. Vanessa takes the advice seriously and plans a homemade dinner based off of one of Dan's favorite movies. The dinner is awkward, and is eventually crashed by Rufus at accident. After the debacle, Dan goes to see Vanessa at her dorm and tells her that just being with her is special and not boring The Empire Strikes Jack.

Dan applies to Tisch for their screenwriting program, and he and Vanessa agree to read each other's screenplays. However, this process proves more difficult than anticipated when they're not sure how honest they can be with each other.

EstrangelovedDan is rejected from Tisch and finds out Vanessa took the one transfer spot. She offers to drop out, but Dan tells her not to. He admits to Willa Weinstein that Vanessa's submission was a piece based on one of his stories, and Willa decides to use this information to get Dan in and Vanessa out.

Dan eventually finds out that Vanessa applied with an original piece, so he tells Willa to undo what she did. She refuses, but Dan holds his ground. Not too much later, Dan finds out Vanessa was offered an internship in Haiti. Their plan works, but Serena becomes angry that none of her friends will accept her father.

Dan Humphrey

After she realizes they were right, she follows him to the airport and lets him go. It's revealed that Dan went with her for support Ex-Husbands and Wives. When they wake up, it's revealed that they stayed up all night talking but did share one kiss.

When Dorota Kishlovsky has her baby, Dan goes to the hospital, where he learns Chuck and Jenny slept together. While Chuck is trying to propose to Blair, Dan punches him in the face. Angry that Dan and Serena kissed, Nate sends Vanessa a copy of the blast; causing her and Dan to break up. Soon after, summer begins and Dan learns Serena and Nate broke up.

He calls her, but she's headed to Paris for the summer with Blair. Dan, wanting to finally confess his love and win her back, is in the middle of buying a ticket to Paris when Georgina shows up: Rufus, who hasn't heard from Dan all summer, sends Vanessa to investigate. When she arrives, she discovers the baby but agrees not to tell Rufus until Dan has a chance to.

Meanwhile, Georgina takes matters into her own hands and tells Rufus and Lily. Rufus is in denial and asks for a paternity test, knowing Dan hasn't had one done. She does so and the two plan to have a long distance relationship while she is gone. As a result, she and Dan break up. She is surprised to discover that Dan is the father to Georgina Sparks ' newborn baby, Milo Humphreybut tries to support him anyway Belles de Jour.

Meanwhile, Nate and his new friend, Juliet Sharptry to get Dan out of the picture for Serena's affection by reuniting him with Vanessa. Their plan works and the two get back together Double Identity. Right before she does so, Georgina returns and says she is leaving with Milo. Despite this, Vanessa moves in with Dan anyway The Undergraduates. Meanwhile, Dan has begun getting closer with Serena, a fact that makes Vanessa increasingly uncomfortable.

She tries to tell Dan that she didn't do it, but leaves to go stay with her parents for awhile anyway. Their plan works, but gets out of control when Juliet drugs Serena into an overdose. On Thanksgiving, Vanessa returns to town and finds out what happened. After Juliet convinces her that she will lose Dan and all the Humphreys if they find out she was responsible, Vanessa singles out Jenny as the culprit. However, Jenny tells everything to Blair and informs Vanessa that she won't be able to lie her way out of that one.

Vanessa then leaves again to go to her parents Gaslit. In The Kids Stay in the PictureVanessa overhears that Dan and Blair kissed and tells Serena, who doesn't believe her at first, but eventually learns she was telling the truth. In The Princesses and the FrogSerena's cousin Charlie Rhodes sets Vanessa up to make it look like she wanted to ruin her blooming relationship with Dan. Dan falls for the stunt and thinks Vanessa is really out to hurt him.

However, both are surprised when Rufus informs them that Charlie has stopped taking her medication and is at risk for a breakdown. The two search for her, along with Dan. Vanessa goes to the loft in case she shows up there and finds a story that Dan has begun working on. She is shocked by how good at is and encourages him to publish it. He refuses, saying it's a satire of his life and friends and doesn't want it to get out ever. She asks them to forward her the royalty check, which she will pass on to Dan.

She also says that she's moving permanently to Barcelona, since she has nothing in New York anymore. You hate this world. Or so I thought.

And after I take a bus across the state line to apologize, you ditch me for Blair Waldorf and totally disappear!