Dd and hoh relationship

Domestic Discipline

dd and hoh relationship

DD is a very subtle Dominantsubmissive lifestyle lived inside the relationship, not outwardly. DD is the caring, consensual, use of discipline as. What a good HoH needs to refrain from is coming into a relationship or starting your DD lifestyle dynamic with a long list of punishable offenses. An HoH needs. Power exchange within a DD relationship is usually confined to certain mutually of Household/Relationship' (HOH/R) takes precedence and has 'final say'.

There are lists out there that work for one couple but will cause frustration, break down communication and consistency for another couple. It is never a good idea to take a list of rules that another couple uses and try to force it into your own. Used to brainstorm and prioritize ideas for what the TiH would like to work on. Consist of areas where the TiH would like to work on and ask their HoH for assistance.

dd and hoh relationship

Have ideas for future contributions to the HoH Rules List. The list is first formed from TiH goals and aspirations. They areas a TiH would like to work on, and ask their partner to help them with for various reasons. They are consensual and agreed upon by both partners.

I admit, I should not have worked anything up in my head. Tim is a very smart man and had plenty of time to think through his decsion. As I write this I am very ashamed of my actions and can barely stomach telling everyone. Tim tried to nip the behavior in the bud, but unfortunately, this is something that we struggle with.

My attitude continued to decline until a severe punishment was in order. Tim had to go to work for about 6 hours, when he returned home, I had made him a card telling him how sorry I was and how much I loved him. We had a really good night.

3 Rules For The Best Relationship Of Your Life

After the boys were in bed, we talked. My poor decisions were dealt with swiftly and I am a new girl today. I am determined to consider my actions more wisely.

dd and hoh relationship

Today is off to a fresh start, Tim and I are more in love than ever. I am showing quite the willingness to obey today. And do not worry, I will always have my laundry done. This entry was posted on November 19,in Punishment.

The four types of the Head of the Household (HoH)

You should be thinking with exactly the same mindset when you enter into a relationship with a women. Agree the rules at the outset and both your expectations will be clear.

dd and hoh relationship

They produce his testosterone, which is the very life blood from which he draws his strength, willpower and authority. Firstly, she is privileged to be in a relationship with you and extremely lucky that you see fit to honor her by allowing her to have your member in her mouth.

A Domestic Discipline Society (ADDS): HoH: Head of Household Rules

It is an emotional act. She is momentarily dropping all social pretense and outside influences and entering into a moment where only her and you exist. The act of taking you in her mouth epitomizes the relationship between you as a man and her as a women.

dd and hoh relationship

It reminds her of her place. Regularly enforce this and you will regularly remind her of her role in the relationship. A women can become incredibly happy when regularly sucking cock and can be trained to enjoy it more than she ever thought possible. Think of the intimacy you establish when you pull her close for a goodbye kiss on the lips, fully engaged when you are both close and you look into each others eyes.

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