Delsin and fetch relationship test

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delsin and fetch relationship test

It was a nice touch. At least in Good Karma, it was nice to see a relationship surface as Delsin steered her down a gentler path. Do they still. Abigail Walker, more commonly referred to as Fetch, is a Conduit/Bioterrorist who can In terms of an actual relationship, Delsin is just a close friend and ally. time to the development of the relationship between Fetch and Delsin, and the other inter-character relationships of Infamous: Second Son.

It's gonna work, D," Fetch said, certainty clear in her voice. We just gotta set it into action. The plan was something that could have been from a sci-fi novel, like what Delsin knew Eugene like to read when he had the time.

It involved, as strange as it sounded, memory-sharing, mind-walking, a Conduit who could manipulate time, and Eugene's video power. The ideas had come from Eugene himself, actually. When he had been talking to Marcus Alvarez, the time-manipulating Conduit who was one of their five contacts spread across Seattle, Eugene had asked if it were possible if he could send anyone into the past. Marcus had commented that he could do so, but only an hour or two back.

Then Eugene had contacted Kendra White, a Conduit who could delve into minds also one of their contactsasking about her powers. He had called a meeting of all of them—himself, Delsin, Fetch, Marcus, and Kendra—to his domain so he could explain his plan.

Eugene had told them what he had been thinking: She would then take this memory-movie thing and plant the whole thing into Eugene's head, who would use his video power to make it appear on screens. All of them, still sitting in his domain, had sat there shocked and had just asked 'why? He then had gone on to explain that, if Marcus could continue training himself and training his power, he could send them back in time to expose Augustine sooner and stop Rosenfaust.

inFAMOUS Second Son: Good Karma or Evil Karma?

It had taken some convincing, but Eugene was actually quite persuasive. Over the span of the next year since it had started in January Kendra began collecting memories from myriads of people—from Delsin, Fetch, and Eugene themselves, and others like Betty and willing police officers—while Marcus continued to train his powers diligently.

Tomorrow was the day—actually in just a few hours—when the plan would be set in action. Kendra and Marcus were currently sleeping in the extra rooms of their base. The base used to be Eugene's domain, but they ended up adding extra rooms and fortifications to the underground dwelling. As soon as dawn came, before the sun rose, their plan would be executed.

And to sound melodramatic, the fate of the world rests on us three, Delsin thought half-sarcastic and half-serious. They enjoyed the silence and the starry night until Fetch pierced the quietness with her classy remark.

I'm freezin' my tits off! He lifted up his hand and let glowing smoke twirl around it. I'll make sure they stay real warm," he smirked. They all got up and Delsin and Fetch slung their arms around an embarrassed Eugene's shoulders and the trio of Conduits headed toward the hatch of the rood. As soon as they were climbing down the hatch, they felt the whole building shake, making Delsin slip from the latter rungs and fall on his butt. Dammit, what the hell was that?! Delsin got up, rubbing his behind, and replied, "Yeah!

Kendra and Marcus came running from their rooms looking very panicked and frantic. They're never freakin' active at night! It looks like the plan's going to start rolling sooner rather than later.

Marcus grabbed their arms and started tugging them away, cutting off their power barrage. It's now or nothing. And leave Kendra by herself against the Titans?! We can't do that. She doesn't have any offensive powers! She whipped out a pistol from the cargo pants she had been sleeping in and started shooting at the eyes of the Titan.

Delsin thought in surprise.

delsin and fetch relationship test

But that was beside the point. He knew that being by herself against the Titans—with just a simple hand gun—was plain suicide. Kendra turned back to them with a determined air. You guys have a job to do.

inFAMOUS Second Son: Good Karma or Evil Karma? | Infamous: Second Son

Reluctantly, he started walking away. In a much louder voice, he yelled back at her, but did not face, "You better stay alive, Kendra! You got a boyfriend to get back to! Delsin was close enough to here hum mumble, "Yeah, she does. They all ran to the bunker that was built for this kind of situation. It was not very large, just the size of an extremely small bedroom. There were no windows, and the dingy, cold walls were covered in equally cold riveted steel.

Marcus shut the door, locking its heavy metal latch with a dull clunk. They sat in a close circle, trying to ignore the deadly commotion outside.

Marcus grabbed into Fetch's left hand while she grabbed onto Delsin's left. Using his right hand, Delsin had to grab onto Eugene's shoulder, and Eugene grabbed onto Marcus's left hand. But that works, too! This is going to feel weird, but don't freak out; nothing bad is going to happen. I'm going to send you guys back to the point where you guys have all met and fought alongside Eugene, that way you guys are already in contact with one another. And maybe somethin' we could say—like a phrase—so that we know it's really us and not the…uh, other us?

In this time period, the Akomish Longhouse had been wiped out by the Titans when Delsin had gone to visit. There had been no survivors.

The Longhouse would still be standing when they all met there again, and all his tribe would still be alive. He repeated himself, swallowing thickly, "The Longhouse. It's out of the way and the Dupes won't be looking there. Plus, we won't be chased out. And maybe our code-phrase thing could be…" he trailed off, thinking.

infamous delsin rowe

The time-manipulating Conduit's eyes were as wide as saucers and a blush was prominent on his face. He sucked his teeth. Just hurry up so I can go help Kendra…" You guys have no offensive powers against the Titans!

You're going to die! Let us help you! Delsin wanted to protests and stay to help them, but he bit his tongue, knowing that he had his own job to do. Focus on the time period you want to go to—this will help me more.

Remain calm…and focus…" With his eyes closed, Delsin heard Marcus's voice begin to drift away, and the tingling in his body became more prominent and severe. He felt Fetch squeeze his hand even tighter and Eugene nudge closer to him.

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The loud banging continued, and also it sounded like the metal door of the bunker was creaking open, groaning by force. He heard Fetch suck in a breath, and Delsin swallowed a lump in his throat. All noises in his ears cut off and even though he opened his eyes, all he could see was void-like blackness. Was it the transition to the past or his way to unconsciousness? He did not know which to hope for more.

delsin and fetch relationship test

If the Titans sound familiar, they should. I based the Titans off of the Sentinels in the X-Men universe, the giant robots that capture the mutants and later hunt them down and kill them like in X-Men: Days of Future Past. If there is anyone unfamiliar with the X-Men universe and Sentinels and such, go look on the X-Men wiki page for information.

The important thing to note is that there are no major impacts on the story, there is no main character that dies only on one karma choice or anything like that. If you would like the feeling of esteem that comes from crowds cheering and supporting you, then pick good karma because, naturally, people don't like you when you are evil. Powers This is probably what you are putting the most weight on for your karma choice; although, it is still a fairly subtle difference.

Originally, I had planned to write a list of each individual karma-dependent power upgrade and do a break-down of the two karmas; however, I soon realized that this list was going to be much more extensive than I first planned.

Also, most of the upgrades actually counteract each other, to the point where they don't make a difference. So, I decided that I will, instead, just run through a quick breakdown of the differences I found noticeable when I was playing.

Infamous: Second Son - Fetch Boss Fight

There are only a couple that really make a difference. Laser Insight - Neon While collecting core relays for neon abilities you will come across one of my favourite abilities: This ability basically provides for an instant subdue or instant kill you can do either, but you should probably do the one that corresponds to your karma choice. To give a quick breakdown of the ability itself, when you zoom in, your character highlights weak points on the enemy. Some of the powerful enemies do not have weak points because of their armor, but most of them do.

When you zoom in, 3 weak spots appear. Two of these spots are blue, the enemy's feet, and one is red, the enemy's head. If you shoot the red spot, the enemy is instantly executed and, if you shoot the blue spots, the enemy is instantly subdued. This is where I found evil karma a lot nicer.

First off, you just shoot the head and they die; however, for good karma, you have to shoot BOTH feet before they go down. Having said that though, the feet are larger targets because it encompasses their entire boots, pretty much up to their knees. He didn't like to think about what he made happen, let alone talk about it.

He looked away, so she thought she might try a different tactic. Call me Fetch, by the way. Tomorrow, though, D, been a long day. He waved and hopped out of her billboard. Laying back in her bag, she smiled to herself for a reason other than mass murder, for the first time since Brent, and fell asleep. Welcome to the story!

delsin and fetch relationship test

I felt, like a lot of other people, that the characters in I: SS just didn't get enough development over the course of the game. This is my attempt at correcting that, so each chapter is a vignette from between the missions as I imagined them.

I did my very best to stick to good karma canon. If you haven't already, than seriously, go read it. Great stories by a great writer.