Describe hester and pearls relationship test

describe hester and pearls relationship test

Pearl's relationship with her mother is complex and puzzling, the result of the circumstances of her birth and her life in the Puritan colony. Pearl loves her mother. That the relationship between Hester and Pearl is of primary significance with her three-month-old baby in her arms and then described as "the young .. interrogates the child to determine Hester's "worthiness" to be guardian and teacher to. What does Hawthorne describe in great detail in the very 1st chapter? CLICK THE CARD What is Hester Prynne's relationship to Arthur Dimmesdale? he's her.

A Misfit Child Possessing a complicated personality, and despite her young age, Pearl obeys her own rules.

The Scarlet Letter Chapter 6 Summary |

She is not orderly, and reveals no desire to conform. These traits remind Hester of herself when she was awaiting her daughter's birth. In a child, Hester reflects, such traits might be tolerable, but in the adult Pearl will one day become, her unruliness would not be socially acceptable.

As impulsive as Pearl might be, Hester finds it impossible to be a stern mother. Since infancy, Pearl has had an expression that comes into her dark eyes, which makes Hester wonder if the child is even human. The look makes Hester think of her daughter as 'an airy sprite.

describe hester and pearls relationship test

Hester - puzzled by her daughter but filled with love for her - often begins to cry as she observes Pearl. Seeing her mother's tears, the child acts in various ways depending on her mood.

Pearl might grimace and make a fist, start to laugh, or begin to sob along with her mother. Hester knows she cannot control little Pearl. It is only when Pearl sleeps that Hester can relax and truly be happy in her daughter's presence. During the day, when mother and daughter go into town, Puritan children often shout insults at them, sensing that the pair do not fit in.

Hester feels Pearl's isolation. The girl is a misfit and always has been, viewed with the same contempt her mother has to endure. Pearl must listen to the Puritan children's hurtful words or watch from a distance as they gather in groups on grassy patches, pretending to whip Quakers, scalp Indians, or practice witchcraft. Sometimes, emboldened, the group of children approach Pearl. In Chapter 7Hester and Pearl are attacked by a group of children, who try to fling mud at them.

Pearl becomes angry and frightens the children off. She throws rocks at them.

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She doesn't know why the children are making fun of her and her mother. The only thing left for her to do was to throw something at them to make the village children go away.

The Scarlet Letter Chapter 6 Summary

Pearl cares for her mother and she doesn't want anyone to hurt her. In Chapter 15Hester and Pearl were walking along the beaches. Pearl dressed up as a mermaid and placed a green seaweed on her breast. It took the shape of the letter "A".

Hester thought that Pearl was too young to understand what the scarlet letter means.

In the meantime, Pearl was persistent, when she kept asking her mother about scarlet letter and why the minister clutches his hand over his heart. In Chapter 16Hester and Pearl were walking in the forest. Pearl wanted to know about the "Black Man. Pearl is relating it to the minister because he always clutches his heart, and it has left a mark inside of him. Pearl thinks and says her thoughts without realizing how she is connecting them in a way that it reveals Dimmesdale's true identity.

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In Chapter 19Hester wants Pearl to join Dimmesdale and her on the other side of the brook. Pearl doesn't listen to Hester because she has thrown the scarlet letter away and she let her hair down.

describe hester and pearls relationship test

Pearl doesn't recognize her mother. Hester had to put the letter back on her breast and put her hair up.