Djokovic and ivanovic relationship memes

15 Pictures Maria Sharapova Doesn't Want You To See

djokovic and ivanovic relationship memes

Tennis players Novak Djokovic and Anna Ivanovic are from there. .. They also got remove kebab meme, but in reality got Turked hard. Djokovic's six Australian Open wins in six finals complete a perfect Ana Ivanovic of Serbia on day 13 of the Australian Open on Jan. Ana Ivanovic and Novak Djokovic hugging after narrowly beating Australia at the Hopman Cup. Hopman CupAna IvanovicPerfect CoupleCouple.

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If he still struggles a bit with his serve, he could go out early again if he faces a big server. Still, I feel like Nadal is overdue for a better Wimbledon result and you can never count him out. The best result would be a young gun having a breakthrough, but I can't see Zverev or Thiem winning at Wimbledon, at least not yet.

Maybe a veteran like Cilic could take the title, or Raonic? I'm not against Nadal or Federer winning a GS from time to time but tennis needs new faces and i think Zverev, Shapovalov, Tsitsipas and company are not Dimitrov, Tomic, Raonic or Kyrgios, they really want to win and the fact that Federer, Nadal and Djokovic are older helps.

After a couple of bad seasons Nadal was able to regain his intimidating power on clay, but everybody knows that he is vulnerable on grass he always wasof course every round he pass on Wimbledon, the slower the court, more dangerous he become. In women's Kostyuk is 15 yo and top He's on the year now but ranking still He has always been very cool when he plays but in Stuttgart he seemed like he did not care at all. I do not remember seeing him so detached.

Maybe is the Nike negotiations. He has to be pissed at the way he is being treated. Great player, very interesting person. Solid aggressive grass court tennis. Sheesh- his forehand and volley were lethal, he dropped service twice- he's hitting over his backhand, and his first tournament in 3 months.

Oh, and he won with both Kyrgios and Raonic playing well. Suggest not taking him for granted. I do think it's a big ask for him to repeat at W. But when he is gone, there will be a huge void in the game.

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No one plays like him. No one can routinely hit drop volleys off the base line and change direction with the shot.

djokovic and ivanovic relationship memes

No one comes close to his variety and no one moves forward as well. My guess is that a lot of you guys on this thread really don't know just how good he is! You'll never see it again in your lifetime. Appreciate him for how he elevates the game, but look forward to what comes next in tennis. Definitely not stuck on never wanting him to retire like you seem to be. Rather it makes me sad. But what a ride and what a career. But because the attire she wears are carefully designed, they may not always be the most comfortable.

Thus, from time to time, there are occasional mishaps. Not the best pic of Maria, but when you wear some of the things she puts on, it is bound to happen. She had her first shoulder problems back ina period which coincided with her fall out of the top five. The pain nagged her again a year later, and it came back to haunt her in She ended up having a torn tendon, which required her to have surgery, after which, she struggled to get back to form.

djokovic and ivanovic relationship memes

Her serve is no longer the potent weapon it once was, and Sharapova has become tentative playing certain strokes, not wanting to aggravate the injury further.

She has not been the same since all of those shoulder surgeries. Understandably, this pic of her getting shoulder treatment would not be bringing back happy memories. A lot of people like tall women, as the likes of Maria tend to have endlessly long legs paired with a beautiful physique.

I wonder whether the event organizsers who got them on stage together knew what they were doing. Because the two sports celebrities seem comical side-by-side each other, although Maria, and probably "Money" Mayweather as well, would like to beg otherwise. Plenty have asked her, and lots of journalists have tried to ascertain what her sexual preferences are and which way she goes.

Ivanovic & Djokovic: It's Complicated | WTA Tennis

However, their questions have always been rebuffed by the tennis star, which only serves to increase all the speculation. But there have been a ton of rumors saying that Maria and Camilla were once more than just besties. It is no biggie if Maria and Camilla were together in a relationship. But with Maria being Russian, if she came out, she would have faced one hell of a backlash from a society that is quite homophobic.

Tons of people flock to the stadiums and turn on their TVs for that very reason. However, this guy has taken a different perspective at viewing things.