Eli and oskar relationship

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eli and oskar relationship

Let the Right One In is a vampire fiction novel by Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist. The story centers on the relationship between a year-old boy , Oskar, and a centuries-old vampire child, Eli. Nearly every aspect of their relationship, save for the outright sexual one, is shown The film ends with Eli and Oskar heading away on a train. Eli told Oskar earlier in the film she was leaving him for a reason. Downplaying this makes Eli's relationship with Oskar seem innocent.

When did he release Elias?

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Did he release him? What happened to his family? How did the name Elias change to Eli? What did the Lord do to him after castrating him?

The Dark Truth Behind The “Let the Right One In” Ending

From what I can speculate, Eli had had no happiness until he meets Oskar. Eli is most likely spending years hating what he is and for having to feed on people in order to survive. He even needed people to help him after his hibernation. He cannot kill himself because he wanted to live.

eli and oskar relationship

He believes that his conscience is weaker than his will to live. Eli also spends many months hibernating, which causing him to become weak, defenseless, and needing someone to help procure blood for him. He does not see himself as a he or a she.

Lina landed the part. Plus, it would be a little hard to find boys who would be comfortable playing the part.

eli and oskar relationship

He chose Hakan because he wanted to use someone who can be baited to get blood in order to give what they wanted. They would be a lot more difficult to control. We know that he did not like being a vampire, he did not enjoy inflicting death on people, and he did not want to infect people.

He simply wanted to live, to be happy, to enjoy life and no longer have to kill to live. Eli is a predator who will kill to survive. So who is Eli? Well, Eli is Eli.

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Not a vampire, not a human, not a child, not an adult, not a boy, not a girl, he is simply Eli. We know that Eli lived with Hakan next door to Oskar. On the contrary, Eli understands very little about love. Hakan views love as this: Real love is to offer your life at the feet of another. Hakan has told Eli: You only love me to the extent I help you stay alive. In that case I have to think about it.

Hakan considers Eli as his love, Eli considers Hakan as a caretaker who gets him blood. Sadly Sarcasm to say, Hakan would never be loved in that way. This is because Eli is a 12 year old who lived for a long time, not a year old person.

When it comes down to Eli and Oskar, the love is not sexual. This is why Eli is a castrated boy and not a girl. Could the story work if Eli had actually been a girl?

Maybe, but I can be wrong. What did Eli first think of Oskar? Eli, who is perceived as a girl to Oskar, accepts him and understands a lot, underwent a lot of changes. OK, so that reference didn't fit perfectly.

eli and oskar relationship

The point is there's one line in the movie that makes Eli and Oskar's relationship logical: If she has the emotional maturity of a year old, it's unlikely that Eli would see Oskar as a soulmate. We have to trust Eli first to sympathize with her. Some people must think something like this: A bloodsucking predator comes to your door. Tells you that she kills people AND you could probably guess that she killed the other person she was with already, but you're suppose to trust her when she says she luws you?

eli and oskar relationship

That's classic manipulation man! Basically the I did all that stuff to other people but you're the only special one line. Sorry Oskar, but you're being played. She seduced Oskar Ahh Eli, coming to Oskar's window right after killing Hakan, didn't even bother to wipe her lips. She has power over him and she knows it. The kid didn't stand a chance.

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Actually, it's waaay more than that. Eli is the motivating factor behind Oskar's emotional growth. She told him to "hit back," and it can be argued that the reason Oskar hit Conney is much as to impress Eli or to make himself worthy for Eli as it is to stop the bullying.

eli and oskar relationship

In fact, the first time Oskar said no to his tormentors is to protect the Morse code note he wants to share with Eli.