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Takes place during Elphaba and Fiyero's affair in the Emerald City, and has turned into a sort of character/relationship study. I tend to get too. 3 quotes have been tagged as fiyero: Stephen Schwartz: 'It's just life, so keep tags: elphaba, fiyero, galinda, glinda, nessa, nessarose, wicked, wicked-the- musical dry in the heart from having been scared of marriage since she was six ?. This page is about Elphaba and Fiyero's Relationship. When Elphaba returns to the Wizard's palace to set free the flying monkeys, the Wizard attempts to regain.

At this point, Elphaba thinks he is quite annoying and kind of rude. Originally Boq asked Galinda, but she wanted to go with Fiyero. So she asked Boq to take Nessa to the dance instead and she only did that so that she can go with Fiyero.

At this point, Fiyero and Galinda believe that they are meant to be a couple. Later that same evening, Elphaba and Galinda were hanging out in their dorm room. The two girls have bonded at this point and a beautiful friendship begins. Galinda confesses to Elphaba that she and Fiyero will get married.

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But Fiyero never proposed. Elphaba has not yet developed a crush on Fiyero at this point. One day in class, a new teacher came in after Doctor Dillamond was fired. They were doing an experiment with a scared lion cub.

This maddened Elphaba and she put a spell on the entire class. The two ran off together to free the cub. It was in this scene when Elphaba actually realized that she has a crush on Fiyero even though she still does not like Fiyero at times.

Fiyero was trying to ask Elphaba to explain why the spell did not affect him. Elphaba was not able to get herself to say that she loved him. There are actually clues in this scene that show that Fiyero might have a crush on Elphaba. The two were flirting in this scene and in a way it makes you wonder if Fiyero has developed a crush on Elphaba.

But Elphaba does not realize how Fiyero feels. She does not think any one can love her just because she is green.

Elphaba is perfectly aware that Fiyero is in the middle of a relationship with Galinda. She is so heartbroken, lonely, and sad during this scene. There is even the scene after this one where you begin to wonder more about Fiyero.

That is another clue that he might have a crush on Elphaba. Before heading to Emerald City, Fiyero hands Elphaba a flower before she goes.

For staying under the covers, snuggled close to a warm person until the sunlight returned in the morning to chase you out of bed, unable to ignore the world any longer. Regardless of the season's implications, Elphaba stirred. Slightly at first… the shifting of an arm, a casual extension of fingers, the fluttering of an eye. Then came the realization, and the sudden drop into stillness — a desperate attempt to sink back into sleep, to dull the mind into blissful unconsciousness.

A few moments passed, and finally she turned her head and irritably regarded the drab ceiling with dark eyes, unable to recapture sleep and knowing it useless to pretend that she could. These nights happened all too often for her, she knew better. So, resigned, the thin woman settled into her normal routine, levering herself up slowly, making no noise, and gathering long legs underneath her into a seated position on the bed.

Having no body fat to speak of, it was necessary to wrap the blanket tightly around her thin frame to ward off the frigid air and keep it from seeping to her bones. This required carefully tugging some out from under Fiyero, who had taken more than his share.

Admittedly, he was usually her primary heat source, not the blanket, but tonight he would need to relinquish it to her solitary needs. The winter coats that they often used for extra warmth during such nights had been pushed down to their feet, and she retrieved them, rearranging the fabric so that only her face and hands exposed skin the shadowy color of uncut emeralds. Reaching with long fingers to the table beside the bed, she lit one candle - which provided no heat and only slightly more light - and picked up the papers that were never far from it.

Writings on morality, philosophy, politics that she had collected, intrigued by their self-assured tone, their different, conflicting truths. Every author was convinced what they had to say was the right of it, and that interested her almost as much as the theories themselves did. Some didn't even have a credited author, for that matter, making them seem as though they were lost pages from some abandoned manuscript. Perhaps that was the actuality of it. They varied from orderly writing on crisp, clean paper to scrawling text on old and yellowed backgrounds, slightly torn, the ink smudged.

She gathered them from many places, from people she worked with, areas and buildings where she was assigned, and random sellers in the streets. Never the same source more than once — she did not want to attract anyone's attention, which all too often meant their suspicion. She was not one whose face was easily forgotten, as evidenced by the figure sharing her bed. Fiyero shifted in automatic, sleepy response to her change in position, making up for the loss of her warmth by pillowing his head in her blanketed lap.

Elphaba went absolutely still until he settled, his breathing deep and even, before returning her attention to the material. One hand kept the papers held in front of her face, the other lowered to gently play with his long dark hair.

She stopped her fingers before they could trace the diamonds on his face — she did not want to wake him and have to fend off questions about why she was unable to sleep. Sometimes he surprised her by how easily he saw through her attempts to guide him away from the truth of her work.

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He still asked questions, still got frustrated when she gave him half-truths, already formulated answers. It was also clear that he knew he did not really have a right to complain — he had chosen to be in her life, ignoring how she had tried to get him to stay away. Elphaba was not required to tell him anything, and if they were going to be technical about it, she was not allowed to. Not that it meant much, considering their relationship was forbidden in the first place, but she should try and hold to at least some rules.

Or, at least, that was her excuse. He worried too much. Well, that wasn't strictly true — there was certainly every reason to worry, but she wanted him not to. There was nothing he could do about it. She didn't even know if he would, unless it endangered her. Even if it did, she wouldn't — couldn't — let him.

Bad enough he risked being seen at her home, without him knowing how truly dangerous and unpleasant her life was. It was still dangerous, but not quite as unpleasant as it was before he stuck his foot in her door.

She wasn't alone anymore, something that had only begun to sunk in. Elphaba had been so good at ignoring her isolation… until someone tried to get through it.

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In his doing so, she was forced to face it. Perhaps she should blame him, but she knew she couldn't. It was her fault. She had let him in. She had given up. And it was she who would be at fault if anything happened. Not him, not when he didn't realize the whole of it. Shaking slightly, she released her hand, and the ruined parchment drifted to the floor.

Another thing she would have to hide from him come morning - he would notice. Fiyero shifted, murmuring softly, and she thought for a moment that she had awakened him… but he quieted again. She wondered if he responded even in sleep to her change in moods. Sometimes, she tried to figure out what exactly they were to each other, if it had a label. Another pointless thought, certainly. She loved him, yes, and he had told her the same. But what did that mean?

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She wondered if he did also love Sarima, and if his time with her was just a passing fancy — yet, it was his lover's name he said in sleep, or some variation thereof. At times she wished he would pick one to call her by, but he seemed to enjoy speaking her name in all ways possible. Elphaba-Fabala-Elphie-Fae, the syllables seemed almost lyrical on his tongue. Elphaba, her birth name, the formal label of her existence. She rarely heard it anymore, he only used it when the conversation turned serious.

Fabala, her father's name for her, an attempt to find some sort of humanity in his little, freakish daughter, to dredge up some paternal love. Fae, her code name, the name Fiyero was beginning to make his own endearment for her. And when he used them all at once, it was akin to trying to string all of the different pieces of her together into one he might be able to understand.

But he did not understand, not yet — he could not. Not and be safe. A little, rebellious part of her wanted to help him understand, help him know her the way he so desperately tried to.

But the greater part of her screamed against it.