Elrond and arwen relationship

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elrond and arwen relationship

In the movie, Arwen appears in two sequences, namely The Evenstar and Breath of enough relationship there would naturally create a tension between them. Elrond insisted that Arwen could not marry Aragorn until he became king of As Queen of Gondor, Arwen maintained a close connection with. Arwen was the Half-Elven daughter of Elrond and Celebrían. She was often called Arwen Undómiel or "Evenstar". In marrying Aragorn II Elessar after the War of.

Since they descend from Elros, a half-elf, they are a bit more than human themselves. This was when Arwen fell in love with him, as well, so his 30 years of maturing must have done him some good. Aragorn eventually would live to be Not only do they have such a large age gap, but they also spend many years apart, a lot even for mortals, only to come back to one another every time.

She basically told Aragorn that she approved of his impending marriage to Arwen and was giving her blessing. It's very likely that she just wanted her granddaughter to be happy, regardless of the costs.

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It was also something that she wanted Aragorn to know-- that some of her family understood their decisions. There was no better parting gift she ever could have given him.

However, Arwen lost a lot more than her father and her immortality. First of all, she also lost her brothers, who she seemed very close to. I marvel at Elrond and your brothers; for though I have dwelt in this house from childhood, I have heard no word of you. How comes it that we have never met before? Surely your father has not kept you locked in his hoard? I have but lately returned to visit my father again.

elrond and arwen relationship

It is many years since I walked in Imladris. Do we know anything about how their relationship began? I'm not going to quote in extenso the passage from the Tale, but briefly here's what happens: At age 20, "after great deeds in the company of the sons of Elrond" as the story tells it, Elrond is sufficiently pleased with Aragorn to tell him his true name and lineage.

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She laughs and they get into a conversation including the above excerpt in which Aragorn realizes that she's actually a few thousand years or so older than he is.

There are consequences when an Elf rejects their lineage and becomes mortal. They must feel the bitterness of mortality, which means that although they will one day die, they won't until they have lost everything they gave up their immortality for in the first place.

For Arwen, this meant she could not die, until she had lost Aragorn. Aragorn was years old when he brought Arwen before him and said that their "time of payment" had come.

elrond and arwen relationship

He knew he would die soon, and said he'd rather die when he still had his wits about him, rather than hold on and have Arwen watch him succumb to a weakened, addled mind before death.

His last words to Arwen were, "In sorrow we must go, but not in despair. We are not bound for ever to the circles of the world, and beyond them is more than memory. She wandered the earth for years before finally coming to the hilltop in Lorien where Aragorn first proposed. She laid down among the falling Mallorn leaves and there her grave lay until the breaking of the world. Here's a link to Elrond's dialogue about her fate: