Eren and annie relationship poems

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eren and annie relationship poems

Greetings mortals! I welcome all of you to the Eren x Annie community! Post all Eren x Annie fanfictions, be it smut or full-fledged stories. I made this community. Titan Trio + Ymir and Eren Mikasa, Armin, Aot Eren, Ereri, Titan · MikasaArminAot .. Levi has never been in a relationship Add Sophie Edwards<< Add me too!. Relationship: Annie Leonhart/Eren Yeager. Characters: Eren Yeager · Annie likes the way she does eyes. She likes the way he does poems.

I can say for certain that she doesn't like Eren in that way anymore. Eren made his choice. Still, it is reassuring to know there won't be issues on that front. However, that's not the burning question on her mind. Placing her coffee down on the table, she asks.

eren and annie relationship poems

Because yes, Mikasa is a fighter. And yes, she is exceedingly good at it. And yes, that's precisely why Eren hates to bring it up. Because she is better than him. Even Armin can only smile helplessly at her surprise, as though sharing her opinion on how strange that is.

After all, the first thing Eren says after she floors him is to express awe at her technique. And then when she offers to teach him, he accepts with nothing but humility and eagerness. It's hard to imagine that same person now feeling inferior, and being bothered by it.

Unfortunately, he is oblivious to her side-eyeing, and as condition for Armin's openness, she doesn't bring it up. Maybe if she doesn't see Mikasa again, that would be the end of it. She's curious, she wonders, but with an inability to ask, without anything to feed the flames of her curiosity, it's only natural that it dies. But the formal introductions seems to have catalyzed something else in her relationship with Eren.

eren and annie relationship poems

Where before he keeps her separate from the other part of his life, now there is a clear overlap, if a small one. She goes over to his place more often and like clockwork, Mikasa is there too, every Sunday evening. And she stares at her like she's the one intruding, and maybe she is, but that doesn't mean she appreciates the snark. We always have dinner together every Sunday. It's a tradition impressed upon us by Aunt Carla, Eren's mom.

You're welcome to join us, if you want. Eren calls out his agreement from where he's seated on the couch, but she doesn't answer him. Not immediately, because Mikasa is challenging her.

She is challenging her to invade into their family tradition, banking on the assumption that she wouldn't. And she really wouldn't. But here, now, she finds herself not wanting to back down. So she makes it a point to show up every Sunday evening and even though she's not one for displays of affection in the presence of others, she also makes it a point to kiss Eren in Mikasa's plain view.

It's satisfying at first, the startled look, the narrowed eyes, but after the second time Mikasa stops paying attention or turns away and then Annie begins to feel childish. But by then Eren seems to have been conditioned to expect a kiss, so she doesn't stop.

It won't help the jealousy, but that's not her problem. She's no longer doing it out of spite. She just wants to kiss Eren. Thankfully, Armin shows up sometimes so Annie doesn't feel like a complete intruder. Still, petty taunting aside, and despite wanting to get along with Eren's sister like she does his best friend, she can't help but feel a more fundamental dislike for Mikasa.

It's a feeling she's certain Mikasa shares about her. Even so, her opinion of Mikasa has no bearing on her curiosity about her, and the weekly meetings are exactly the fuel it needs to keep burning.

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And burn it does, finally spilling over when passing by Mikasa through the narrow kitchen doorway, she sees the flex of her shoulder blades and the muscles of her neck from her wide collared sweatshirt. A lucky chance, considering Mikasa always wears tops with long sleeves, almost like she wants to hide her form.

She takes the chance. Funnily enough, Eren's fork stops moving too. She needs it to keep healthy and fit. What kind of work outs do you do? It bristles her, how he snubs Mikasa. It bristles her even more that Mikasa is unfazed, simply agreeing with him like he's done this a thousand times.

And it's incredibly off putting to see his inferiority in action. If not for the fact that it will expose Armin as her mole, she would have called him out for it.

Because that is not acceptable. But Mikasa goes along with his conversation change easily and when Eren pulls her back in she finds herself simply swept along.

That night when she pushes Eren down onto his bed and he yields to her willingly, a smile on his face and lust blazing in his eyes as she straddles him, she doesn't know what to make of it. She bites his ear. I love how strong you are. So then she wonders if it instead comes down to a matter of levels. Eren can accept and admire her strength because it is only of a certain level, but he can't accept or admire Mikasa's because her level is so much higher.

He did say that she is exceedingly good at everything, and Armin did concur to that. Maybe she shouldn't have gone down that rabbit hole of thought, because she finds herself, the next day, attacking the punching bag with such ferocity that everyone else in the gym gives her a wider breadth than usual. She knows she's exceptional. There hasn't been anyone on par with her for the longest time because she has surpassed them all. She's even been scouted to fight professionally or to coach if she will not fight but she only declines because she doesn't want that kind of attention and responsibility.

Eren, getting better every day, is still leagues below her level with not a single victory against her. Does that then imply that Mikasa's level is leagues above hers?

She realizes too late that she really shouldn't have pursued this train of thought when that inevitable feeling creeps up on her and takes hold.

The feeling of needing to know for herself. It's not a matter of competitiveness. It's not a matter of win or lose. She simply needs to know how good is exceedingly good. And how does exceedingly good fare against exceptional.

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But she's not supposed to know about Mikasa and seeing as the only time she ever interacts with Mikasa is when Eren is also present, there's no chance to discreetly ask either. So even though it's not Mikasa's fault, she does admit the inability to sate her curiosity leads her to be intentionally provocative.

One time she tries to accidentally bump into Mikasa, if only to get a feel for Mikasa's body underneath the concealing clothes. But if backfires spectacularly when Mikasa's reflexes has her swerving out of the way at the very last moment, leaving Annie to bump into air.

Mikasa gives her a look like she knows that shouldn't have happened, that Annie's balance is better than that, and all Annie wants to do is challenge her right there.

She doesn't know what exactly it is about Mikasa. Someone as passionless as her, with such empty eyes, who doesn't even have enough pride in her skills that she'd hide it at someone else's say so, surely someone like that doesn't deserve her interest?

Eren may be formless and lacks discipline, but in his eyes burns an uncontrollable passion. Like he's bigger than his own body. That's what's attractive about him. Compared to him, Mikasa just pisses her off. She can't place a finger on why. But despite all her rationalizations about why Mikasa isn't worth her attention, it does nothing to ease the growing desire to fight her.

One that gets worse when no one in the gym gives her any challenge at all. When the situation continues for too many days to the point that even the oblivious Eren notices something off with her, she finally decides to seek external help. The only person in recent memory that has given her a hard time.

And he had probably been going easy on her too. He's a friend of her father, from when her father was still able to fight. But it has been some years since they last met, so perhaps she'll find the years has gotten to him. Then if not him, he might have a protege she can have a bout against.

She wonders about that though, considering his dojo is not open to the public and his fighting techniques only passed down to members of his clan. As she understands it, the clan has become so scattered that there aren't many of them left.

But there's only one way to find out. It takes a train and a bus to get to the sleepy town on the outskirts of the city where his dojo is located. Not wanting to interrupt, she waits outside until the lights go off and sure enough, he emerges from within.

It's been a while. Visit any later and you might only find news of my passing.

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Care to have a drink with this old man? Having drinks with two beautiful ladies. Then Annie hears the metal gate of the dojo shutting behind Kenny, and an incredibly familiar voice rings out. I told you I drove here. Why would I do that? True to her word, she doesn't drink a single drop. Annie never does bring up the reason she's here, but then again, Mikasa's appearance changes everything. She looks at Mikasa from the front passenger seat, wondering why she'd just assumed that Mikasa is a Yeager like Eren.

She's adopted, and thinking back, Eren never mentions her surname during introductions. It's just assumptions all the way. So she's an Ackerman. And her fighting style is no doubt that of the Ackerman clan. It's not a fighting style that lends itself well to friendly sparring. As her father tells it, in generations past, the Ackerman clan was a warrior clan, serving as soldiers and bodyguards. Their techniques are designed to kill. In her spar with Kenny years ago, he omits offensive moves, using only defense and counters.

And even then he gave her a hard time. But her eyebrow does lift slightly, probably because she realizes that it's a statement, not a question. Her reply is a statement too. They're practically strangers with two mutual friends, one of whom seems dead set on denying the she fights. That leaves the other. You would have found out even without his information. I train under his nephew, Levi," Mikasa replies, eyes back on the road.

Their styles are different. So I come here once a week to seek his tutelage. Now that's a name she knows too. He trains professional fighters, so his style is more of a fusion of other styles. They're also less lethal, since he has to abide by competition rules. So it's likely Mikasa's style takes after his.

Which means, safe to spar. It happened long ago. But a car ride is far quicker than a train and a bus, and soon she's seeing familiar roads and sceneries. It won't be long before they reach her place, so if she wants to say anything, she needs to say it now. Its very clear Annie is use to being the lone wolf.

This changes however once she meets Eren. When Eren fights her, she expects t0 just kick his ass and move on.

However, shes very surprised to find that Eren compliments her and is amazed at how good she is. Never in her life, even with her father, has Annie been complimented about her skills. Shes taken back and even more impressed when Eren uses her moves against Jean. We actually see Annie smile for once, and its because of Eren.

Say what you want, but first impressions are everything, and Eren has given her a lasting first impression, being one of the only people to make her smile and compliment her. And then she offers to teach him the move personally.

But this is just the beginning of their meeting, so lets keep going through and manga and anime.

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Its heavily implied that Annie and Eren spent a lot of time together during their training. More so then usual actually. The fact that Annies stance and movements are embedded into Erens muscle memory, even in Titan form, shows exactly how much time they spent together training.

This, pluis the fact when Mikasa was looking for Eren during the battle of Trost, she went to Annie for his wearabouts. Showing that she expects Annie to be aware of where Eren is because they were always tpgether training. Hes clueless about girls.

But I think he did maybe have a LITTLE more feelings then her then just respect, as Mikasa explains that perhaps the reason Eren cant transform to fight him is because of some sort of feelings towards her. After all, Mikasa has been jealous of Annie before, and we see it during training. So shes testing Annie. Silly in a show like Attack on Titan, but remember theyre all still teenagers, so stuff like this can clearly happen.

Also during Eren and Annies fight in the woods, Annie looks clearly upset at the facy Eren was so enraged by her, he transformed just to kill her.