Erica and rich relationship goals

Erica Mena Boyfriend Of Sort & Baby Father Revealed! Grinding & Dating

erica and rich relationship goals

Erica Mena Tells Cyn Santana That She Loves Her By Amber B After returning from Panama, Erica Mena treats Cyn to a relaxing spa day where the two profess . For the starters, feisty model Erica Mena is back and it looks as tho not only being managed by Olivia's manager Rich Dollaz, but they have also forged a relationship that extends past business. Peep more pics of Erica and Rich in the city below: . There's Still Time To Cross Off Some Goals. Rich Dollaz (as named by Diddy) has worked with everyone from Cassie to Ryan Leslie. Cyn admitted to Erica being her first female relationship, would there But the reality is we have a goal in mind and that's success.

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erica and rich relationship goals