Explain the domino theory and its relationship to containment

Domino Theory - The Vietnam War

explain the domino theory and its relationship to containment

The Domino Theory, Containment and the Truman Doctrine They wanted their influence – and Communist ideology – to take hold. coexistence, or warmer relations with the Soviet Union, were going to be impossible in the years ahead. The domino theory was a theory prominent from the s to the s that posited that if one The United States subsequently ended diplomatic relations with China in response to the communist takeover in However, proponents believe that the efforts during the containment (i.e. Domino Theory) period ultimately. What is containment? If communism was not contained in North Vietnam, then South Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos would become.

The question was how to achieve it without sacrificing freedom or capitulating to tyranny.

explain the domino theory and its relationship to containment

Churchill held that peace was to be achieved through strength. He said, "I do not believe that Russia desires war but the fruits of war and the indefinite expansion of their power and their doctrines.

There is nothing they admire so much as strength, and there is nothing for which they have less respect for than weakness, especially military weakness.

Perhaps most importantly, Churchill reminded his listeners: I saw [war] coming and cried aloud in the wilderness, but no one paid any attention.

explain the domino theory and its relationship to containment

Though he had warned the West about Adolf Hitler in the s, the West had ignored him. The tragic result was World War II. Now, inhe was warning the West again. If they wished to avoid another cataclysm, they would do well to pay heed this time.

The Truman Doctrine and the Domino Theory Truman began his "get tough" policy in with strong protests against Russian troops in Iran, and denial of Soviet claims to share control of the Turkish Straits. The report was a series of worst-case scenarios that outlined the Soviet desire for global conquest by subversion and force, as previously outlined by Churchill. The Greek Civil War was fought from to between a government backed by British and American support, and Greek communists.

American intervention resulted in the Truman Doctrine, the policy of aiding nations defending themselves against communist forces.

explain the domino theory and its relationship to containment

Acheson then articulated what became known as the Domino Theory and persuaded Congress to accept responsibility for supporting countries under communist pressure, i. The value of Cold War policies Truman, Acheson and George Marshall helped put into place — the global ideological and strategic challenge to the Soviet Union — now seems eminently defensible by virtue of that empire's defeat.

Yet, the true meaning of containment's legacy and what it implies for American foreign policy today and tomorrow remains a matter of intense debate. Post-Cold War geopolitics Fortunately, the West did heed what was said that day in Fulton, Missouriby the old lion. Bush 's tenure, it collapsed. Thus was Churchill vindicated.

The Domino Theory, Containment and the Truman Doctrine

The old barriers between eastern and western Europe have relaxed since the end of the Cold War. The European Union established a common currency in the yearcalled the "Euro. The politics and economics of the World Trade Organization, for good or ill, are dominant now. American foreign policy no longer officially addresses containment of communism. WTO has created a marketplace legal framework among democratic and communist countries around the globe. But all is not roses in the post-cold war garden.

The native populations of some NAFTA and WTO treaty countries, once able to maintain a productive agrarian way of life, now find themselves hard put to feed themselves, much less to thrive. The last communist bastion — Is the Cold War over?

The Domino Theory

Communist China has opted for the free market in a big way, and has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Western societies have never had to take China seriously in economic terms. Communist China was finally accepted into the WTO in Specific conditions imposed upon China by the WTO treaty include opening China's domestic markets to foreign investments, establishment of a legal framework of business law, and creation of anti-piracy statutes that support intellectual property rights and patents.

Before the West realized it needed to refocus on communist containment in Asia, the Chinese leaped beyond containment. Serious problems have emerged already, because China is still a dictatorial communist state. By earlythe European Union and America felt compelled to initiate WTO sanctions amidst howls of a double standard from the Chinese against the Chinese textile industry, which is controlled by the Chinese government, for allegedly flooding the market with low-priced textiles and clothing.

Domino Theory

If we stop this process, it will do more harm than you can every[sic] repair with aid. Don't cut off imports from Southeast Asia. However, proponents believe that the efforts during the containment i. Some supporters of the domino theory note the history of communist governments supplying aid to communist revolutionaries in neighboring countries. For instance, China supplied the Viet Minhthe North Vietnamese army, with troops and supplies, and the Soviet Union supplied them with tanks and heavy weapons.

The fact that the Pathet Lao and Khmer Rouge were both originally part of the Vietminh, not to mention Hanoi's support for both in conjunction with the Viet Cong, also give credence to the theory. The Soviet Union also heavily supplied Sukarno with military supplies and advisors from the time of the Guided Democracy in Indonesiaespecially during and after the civil war in Sumatra. Linguist and political theorist Noam Chomsky wrote that he believes that the domino theory is roughly accurate, although he put a more positive spin on the threat, writing that communist and socialist movements became popular in poorer countries because they brought economic improvements to those countries in which they took power.

For this reason, he wrote, the U. If a tiny, poor country like Grenada can succeed in bringing about a better life for its people, some other place that has more resources will ask, 'Why not us? The global interpretation of the domino effect relies heavily upon the "prestige" interpretation of the theory, meaning that the success of Communist revolutions in some countries, though it did not provide material support to revolutionary forces in other countries, did contribute morale and rhetorical support.

In this vein, Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara wrote an essay, the "Message to the Tricontinental", incalling for "two, three The Soviet Army invaded Afghanistan. There is no obvious connection with the Vietnam War, but there is little doubt that the defeat of a superpower encouraged our enemies to undertake acts of aggression that they might otherwise have shied away from.

Dozierby the Red Brigades. In the far east the Japanese Red Army carried out similar acts.

explain the domino theory and its relationship to containment

All four, as well as others worked with various Arab and Palestinian terrorists, which like the red brigades were backed by the Soviet Bloc. Borrowing a metaphor he had heard, he stated that a Communist Chile and Cuba would create a "red sandwich" that could entrap Latin America between them. In his memoirs, former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith described the successive rise of authoritarian left-wing governments in Sub-Saharan Africa during decolonization as "the communists' domino tactic".

Some foreign policy analysts in the United States have referred to the potential spread of both Islamic theocracy and liberal democracy in the Middle East as two different possibilities for a domino theory.

explain the domino theory and its relationship to containment

During the Iran—Iraq War the United States and other western nations supported Ba'athist Iraqfearing the spread of Iran's radical theocracy throughout the region. In the invasion of Iraqsome neoconservatives argued that when a democratic government is implemented, it would then help spread democracy and liberalism across the Middle East.

This has been referred to as a "reverse domino theory," [31] or a "democratic domino theory," [32] so called because its effects are considered positive, not negative, by Western democratic states.