Feeder relationship fat and skin

Feeder mum fattened daughter up to 46 stone and stopped her having gastric op - Mirror Online

feeder relationship fat and skin

Feederism is a practice often carried out by fat admirers or 'chubby chasers' within a sexual relationship, where sexual gratification is obtained. Freeze off that fat: Instead of melting away your flab with a laser, the . like most disordered relationships with food, office feeders are mostly women. .. Iskra Lawrence wows in skin-tight jeans and tiny bardot crop top as she. Fat fetishism is sexual attraction to overweight or obese people due to their weight and size. Encouragers and feeders enjoy the fantasy of helping someone else gain weight. Gainer and encourager are common labels among gay men.

There were also more specialised sections for those who liked their junk the size of an estate car…the plus club, which refers to those weighing over lbs or 35st 10lbs. In general, whilst some of it was shocking, most people and resources on the site seemed to demonstrate people take pleasure out of feeding, but not taking it to the extremes of many I have seen.

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My search has really confused me. But this is where it stops for most people. But is there really anything wrong with a little bit of food play?

feeder relationship fat and skin

However I have seen women being paid to eat and fatten themselves up — they have wish lists on their websites that request their followers to send them chocolate, or tighter clothes. Which, is another part of feederism that people enjoy — seeing clothes getting tighter and cutting into their skin!

feeder relationship fat and skin

I felt it was an exploitation of peoples size, and makes a mockery of the issue that is morbid obesity. It is one thing to have a preference for someone carrying a bit of extra weight, but to actually want to fatten someone up is a little disturbing as far as I am concerned…especially given the health risks and implications. Following this, I learnt that we had no fruit in the house so had to have a bit of a grab and go brekkie. It was then off to the horses, during which we were caught in a blizzard that had us freezing our bits off!

It was then off to Asda — with the heaters on full blast — and then we picked up my niece from nursery and my sister from work. Lunch, then catching up on Facebook and Twitter was then followed by an afternoon of Philosophy lectures!

I am in a bit of a strop and a bit nervous about my hospital appointment tomorrow — Weight Loss Bitch has an appointment with the gynaecologist tomorrow…on feckin Valentines day of all days!! Alpen light bar and a Muller light. Chicken fajita style, with veggies. Two cheese and mushroom toasties. I loved my food today — breakfast was a bit of a non starter, but it got better from there! Last nights leftovers for lunch…and yes, it does taste better the following day.

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I am really liking roasted butternut squash and sweet potato…and it has half the calories of normal potato — according to the packets! As always, a list of websites that I referred to are below — can I please remind the feint of heart not to look at them though?! Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Morbidly obese Monica Riley tips the scales at a whopping 50 stone.

But unlike most overweight women, Monica is not interested in trying to slim down.

Fat fetishism

Instead, she plans to gorge on fat and sugar-laden foods until she is so big she is bed-bound and totally dependent on her boyfriend Sid to care for her. Read More 50 stone woman wants to become largest woman in the world because 'it's a sexual fantasy' Monica being fed ice cream by her boyfriend, Sid Image: Barcroft Monica, 27, insists the pair get a sexual kick out of her size and still manage to have an active love life despite her inch stomach and round-the-clock snacking.

He already has to help me get off the sofa and get me out of bed. Monica preparing to funnel feed after she's eaten so much she can't fit anything else in Image: Sid would have to do everything, even washing and changing me. Monica cuddles her boyfriend, Sid Image: Barcroft "We would get a nanny in to help around the house and take the baby out and about.

Two years ago at 28 stone she was preparing for bariatric surgery to help her lose weight but changed her mind at the last minute and decided to embrace her gigantic figure. Monica and Sid in their home Image: And by the time she met Sid on Facebook in May she had ballooned to 46 stone. We met up and I told him my weight-gain plans.