Ganta and shiro relationship advice

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ganta and shiro relationship advice

This isn't really explained in the show. As you can see, in the image below, the Branch of Sins manifestation is based on the power of the user. Ganta y Shiro Manga Art, Manga Anime, Anime Art, Awesome Anime, Anime Ganta From Deadman Wonderland Offers Advice To The Product Manager. The story follows Igarashi Ganta a middle school student who lived a friend named Shiro and seeing their relationship can be categorised as.

This eventually caused Minatsuki to become a warped liar and gained her Branch of Sin powers with a sadistic personality. She lived with her father and brother from then onwards.

For reasons unknown, however, Minatsuki used her powers and killed her father. Appearance Minatsuki with short hair. Minatsuki is a year old girl with brown hair that was kept in two braided ponytails over her shoulders, but was later cut off in a penalty game.

She also has brown eyes and a tongue piercing. Once she was out of Deadman Wonderland, she grew her hair and now keeps it in a small braid. She usually wears a yellow dress that reaches down to her knees. In her Carnival Corpse, she wore a light pink pantsuit with a long purple dress over it.

She also wore white, fingerless gloves. She also wears handcuffs that are connected by a chain, but sometimes the chain appears to be severed. During her fight with Ganta, she used them to block Ganta's attacks.

Personality Minatsuki's sadistic nature. When Ganta encounters her for the first time, she appears as an extremely shy and gentle girl who stands at odds with the place she is held in. This was also seemingly confirmed by her love for flowers. Overall, she displayed a very kind and caring personality.

However, this reserved and quiet personality is just a disguise to hide her true nature and to deceive those around her into feeling secure.

Her true nature is that of a sadistic psychopath so twisted that she becomes sexually aroused by witnessing others suffer.

Later on in the series, it is shown that some of these nice personality traits weren't all farced though she does try to keep them hidden. Minatsuki also appears to be a gifted actor, as she was able to convince Ganta that she was a kind individual during their first meeting, and even managed to switch back to her ruse when her brother Yo interrupted her battle with the Woodpecker. Despite having several flowers decorating her room, the primroses remind her of the day her mother abandoned her during the earthquake, while turning around to save the flowers she was tending at the time.

Seeing this planted a seed of anger in the young Minatsuki, turning her into a compulsive liar, and possibly acting as the foundation for her jaded views and overall hatred of the world around her.

After losing her match to Ganta during the Carnival Corpseshe manages to form an estranged bond with her brother, and calms down considerably upon realizing that he genuinely cares for her well-being.

During her punishment game, Minatsuki openly expresses fear at the idea of losing another piece of her body, angrily noting to herself that it isn't like her to react like that.

Despite her grudging acceptance of those around her, she still lashes out from time to time. She seems to be particularly annoyed when people see her in a state of surprise undress, as shown when she almost attacked Ganta for walking in on her while her body was partially exposed. Until the earthquake, they had a normal brother-sister relationship. This does not, however, stop her from occasionally lashing out at him and making jokes at his expense, which seems to irritate and surprise him at times.

Ganta Igarashi Ganta and Minatsuki have a friendship that can be described as strange at times. Initially, the two tried to escape Deadman Wonderland, when in reality she was trying to injure him before the Carnival Corpse.

After the fight and considerably calming down, she's shown to be able to hold civil conversations with him on a somewhat regular basis, though does occasionally snap at him, mainly when he saw her undressing or nearly naked.

She was seen with Shiro and Chaplin trying to figure out a way to cheer Ganta up after Nagi's death, though this was more on Shiro's part than hers. When Shiro came to ask her for advice, Minatsuki suggested throwing numerous random insults at Ganta, though whether or not she was joking is somewhat ambiguous.

ganta and shiro relationship advice

She seemed hurt when Ganta defended the Ninben, mainly Azami Mido, and declared that he couldn't be trusted. Some time afterward, after having a conversation with Shiro, she truly started seeing Ganta as a friend and, with the help of some of the other Deadmen, went to go rescue him. Ganta on the other hand, considers Minatsuki to be a friend right after the Carnival Corpse, even going as far as to try and stop her penalty game after losing.

Throughout the series, while it's never explicitly stated, it's suggested that Minatsuki harbors some slight romantic feelings for him. Plot In the anime, Minatsuki is seen eating a candy. She still appears as a shy and vulnerable girl.

She accompanies the group to go see the Penalty Game for Senji Kiyomasain which he had his right eye removed. During these images, she kept her smile and acted like nothing important was going on. Ganta saves Minatsuki from Masu. The next day, she was assaulted by Masu, who wanted to eat her flowers. Ganta comes out of his room and offers Masu his breakfast in exchange for the flowers.

He takes Minatsuki back in her room, where Ganta sees her collection of flowers. Minatsuki and Ganta in her room. She later shows him the scars on her back, claiming that they were the result of abuse from her father. Ganta accidentally sees her chest, but she hastily apologizes before covering up her exposed body.

Minatsuki claims that she does not wish to use her powers to harm others, earning a sense of sympathy from her visitor. Ganta asked her to escape with him, but during the attempt, they were caught by the guards, who seemed amused by the idea of the next match. She then told Ganta that they were paired up to battle each other in the Carnival Corpse. When the Carnival Corpse first began, Ganta was reluctant to fight her, a notion she initially appeared to reciprocate.

Minatsuki's behavior shifted once she tore out her earrings, revealing her Branch of Sin to him. Using the thin stream of blood extending from her ears, she used her Whip Wing attack to lash out at her opponent, shouting obscenities and playing mind games with him. Although the prison guards attempted to remove him, the promoter allowed him to enter the arena, claiming that it would be good for the viewers to see a little bit of humanity.

Minatsuki played innocent and apologized for her brutality, pretending that she regretted everything that had happened while taking cheap shots at Ganta with her whips.

During this time she curses about her mother, revealing that she had been abandoned during the earthquake years ago, partially explaining her warped views and intense rage. Realizing the ineffectiveness of his attacks, Ganta managed to defeat her using the ricochet from his shots to hit her, and finishes her off with a head-butt.

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Hagire and Wretched Egg 's fight creates a tremor, causing the whole room to shake violently. Minatsuki's bed rolled over to a class closet, causing it to collapse while posing the risk of Minatsuki being crushed. Her brother assures her that it is nothing, but Minatsuki sees his injuries and insults him for lying. They start to clean up the room, with Ganta excusing himself shortly after. Scar Chain Arc While waiting for her penalty game to begin, Ganta walks in on her in state of undress, prompting her to threaten him with death.

He quickly apologizes before telling her that he wants to stop her from losing more organs, but Minatsuki shrugs him off claiming that she already lost a piece of her stomach and one of her kidneys. While he seems horrified by the concept, she simply mentions that her brother had a similar reaction and supposedly went off to remedy the problem. During her punishment after the match, Minatsuki feels a sense of fear towards losing a body part, quickly noting that's it's not like her.

She seems relieved when the slot machine indicates she will only lose some hair, and quietly complains that the decency expressed towards her by Ganta and her brother was to blame for her change in behavior.

After Ganta joins the resistance movement, Scar ChainMinatsuki is seen nursing her brother back to health after he was attacked by Azuma Genkaku of the Undertakers.

After Scar Chain's first breakout attempt fails, the Takami siblings meet Ganta wandering the halls. The prisoners, seeing Ganta's power, run away in fear, calling Ganta a monster, while on the other hand Azami is impressed and thanks Ganta. When Ganta and Senji start training, Tamaki shows a live feed of the battle between two Deadmenwith one masked and having strange powers of Branch of Sin, where he convinces people that the Deadmen are monsters who want to kill and that he was trying to protect other people from them by keeping them a secret, while Ganta notices the similarity between the masked Deadmen and Azami.

After this, Ganta meets Toto Sakigami who explains that the Deadmen they saw on the broadcast were Forgeries created for "Humanity's sake". After this, while everyone else celebrates Toto's return, Ganta hopes he mistook the masked Forgeries for Azami. Toto appears, trying to tell Ganta the "Red Man"'s identity, but before he can, he is interrupted by Shiro, who then leaves, while Ganta finds out he's having feelings for Shiro.

Shiro asks Ganta if he's having fun and Ganta realizes that even though he lost his old friends, he gained some new friends. Ganta accidentally uses his Ganbare Gun, destroying the arena and harming his comrades The next day Ganta, along with Senji, MinatsukiChaplinIdaki and the rest of G ward, find strange masks in their rooms.

Inside, they were written with every person's trauma. They were sent by Tamaki to provoke them for tonight's Carnival Corpse. Ganta's stated "All of your friends, they pleased the Red Man so, thank you for all of their severed heads".

Enraged, Ganta, as well as the other Deadmen, go to take on Tamaki, but are met with countless Forgeries that Tamaki placed for the Carnival Corpse. The Deadmen fight through the Forgeries when Ganta knocks one of the Forgeries mask, identifying Azami. Shocked, he lets down his guard and nearly getting killed, but is saved by Toto. When the rest of the Deadmen charge, he tries to stop them but accidentally fires Ganbare Gun, destroying the whole arena and injuring all of his comrades.

Ganta confronts Azami After 3 days of being unconscious, Ganta wakes up with Shiro who helps out Ganta. Learning what he did 3 days ago, he tries to apologize to his friends, but no one will accept his apology. After this, a bunch of inmates start beating up Ganta because he is a Deadman, but Shiro stops them. Ganta notices that Shiro might be a Deadman too. Knowing that Shiro will go wherever Ganta goes, to keep her from danger, he says he hates her because she's a Deadman.

While searching for Azami, he gets caught in the girl's dormitory where he is tricked by Makina to go after Azami. He encounters Azami who is controlled by Tamaki's mask, but Ganta manages to free her from his control.

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When they try to go back, they were stopped by Rei and the forgeries. Ganta hid Azami and told Rei that he had killed her, after which he is then captured for Rei to experiment on. Revolt Arc Ganta being tortured by Rei for her experiments After being captured by the Forgeries, Ganta wakes up at a table full of food, where Tamaki tells him that Ganta's mother, Sorae Igarashiworked alongside Hagire and accidentally created the Wretched Egg.

Tamaki wants for Ganta to join him to destroy Wretched Egg. Ganta refuses, because Tamaki uses people as weapons and says he will kill the Red Man himself. When he refuses, he is captured and used as an experiment.

After being tortured by Rei, a strange man known as Madoka appears and gives him a drink, that has Madoka's blood to control five senses, that stops his pain.

ganta and shiro relationship advice

After Tamaki lets the Forgeries go on a rampage, Ganta tries to stop them, telling them they're being controlled, but they attack Ganta, saying that they're in heaven. They are suddenly stopped by Shiro and Azami.

The Complete Forgeries intercept Ganta Makina tells them that there is a device that controls the Forgeries and in order to stop them, they need to destroy it.

They still refuse to accept Ganta's apology and are still angry at him, but agree to assist him in taking out the Forgeries while Ganta, together with Shiro and Azami, advance to destroy the control device before its too late. Ganta vs Madoka On their way, they find Madoka crying. He says there's nothing wrong and tells Ganta he did not know he had two girlfriends, which Ganta denies. Madoka then volunteers to show them the control device. When they finally arrive, Madoka commends Ganta about how brave, innocent and courageous he is and that he is a wonderful person.

However, he reveals that he must kill him, or else the world will never be peaceful and the reason why he can't resist Tamaki's orders is because, instead of masks, he has receivers implanted in his head that act exactly like masks.

He paralyzes Shiro and Azami and uses his poison to torture Ganta, giving him a sense of being hit by a truck and crucifixion. When Ganta finally defeats Madoka and destroys the control device, Madoka says that the main control over the Forgeries is switched over to Tamaki.

Ganta and Shiro defeat Madoka After seeing Ganta struggle so much to protect others, Madoka says that he is not well, because feeling pain and misery makes him happy and for someone to be happy, others need to be unhappy.

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That's why Madoka tries to be a "rubbish bin". Madoka dies at the hands of Ganta's Ganbare Gun, wondering why they were still mobile while under excessive pain, while Azami is surprised that even after everything they just experienced, they still bear a smile.

Both Shiro and Ganta confess their love for one another. Makina informs the trio of the whereabouts of Tamaki, when Ganta replies that he will no longer try to save everyone, but he will try to stop and kill Tamaki, including the Forgeries.

Wounded and exhausted, Ganta uses all of his might to continue. When he gets to the passage that Tamaki took, he finds Rei and the Forgeries slaughtered by the Red Man. When he arrives, he finds Tamaki committed suicide, Makina injured and the twins with Toto alongside the Wretched Egg. Ganta bursts in rage trying to kill the Red Man to no avail while the latter satanically laughs. She tells Ganta that he should run and that he shouldn't die alone, but Ganta desperately wants to avenge his friends.

Ganta, in terrible shock, starts questioning why his friends had to die. Makina uses gasoline to try and burn down the Wretched Egg, where she appears behind Ganta. After attacking Ganta, he falls into a huge pit where he uses his Ganbare Gun. While the Red Man fights back, Toto replies that the "original" sin cannot disappear.

Shocked to find out that the Red Man is actually Shiro, Toto and the rest retreat, leaving Ganta wounded mentally and physically. After the battle, the Forgeries were all captured with some killed, most of their comrades were wounded, Makina becomes bound to a wheelchair and all of the dead bodies, including Azami's, were wrapped in bags and taken to a burial. Deadman Wonderland has been permanently shut down and the rest of the prisoners were either emancipated or transferred to a regular prison.

Ganta Igarashi

In the end, Ganta is finally cleared of all false charges and set free. However, he is left with nowhere to go, and was forced to live in the Minori Garden orphanage. Ganta is depressed due to everything he had experienced. When the prison returned his belongings, he said that he didn't have anyone to call nor did he want to talk to anyone. After a while, Karako comes to visit Ganta. She explains how she's working alongside Makina and she wants him to help them out.

Ganta refuses because he wants to forget everything about Deadman Wonderland. He asks Karako how she felt when she saw Nagi's true self. She says that she never knew nor that she wanted to know, but there's no other way to see it other than yourself. Before she leaves, she tells Ganta that they won't force him nor can they decide what he wants to do, but they will be waiting in hopes that he changes his mind.

Not being able to forget everything he saw and experienced, he attends the meeting, where Makina tells the Deadman how it all started, about Hagire, Wretched Egg, the earthquake and the red crystals. Although she hides the fact that Ganta's mother, Sorae Igarashi, was also the mastermind behind Wretched Egg.

Finally, she asks help from all of Deadman, who showed up to assist her, to go back to Deadman Wonderland and kill Toto and The Wretched Egg, so that the incident that happened 10 years before does not occur again. After 5 days, the Deadmen gather and Ganta is the last to show up. When they depart, Makina gives them a piece of paper where they are able to write down their will in case they die.

Ganta shreds the paper, exclaiming that he didn't come back to die, but to kill the Wretched Egg, knowing that he will have to kill Shiro. Ganta is unable to stop Shiro When they arrive, Shiro comes to greet Ganta, when he yells at her and asks why does she have to be the Wretched Egg.

Shiro uses her Branches of Sin and pools out the Walfisch out of the water and onto the land. Ganta screams at her, saying that he will avenge all of his friends. The Wretched Egg questions Ganta whether he can kill Shiro as well. He says that he loves Shiro and that he doesn't want anyone to kill her, which is why he will personally kill her. Ganta fires a barrage of bullets that all hit Shiro, but she quickly regenerates.

As she leaves, Idaki stops Ganta from going after her, stating that if he went after her, he would be killed. The Deadmen start the operation.

After the incident, Makina explains that the Mother Goose System is meant to seal the Wretched Egg's powers and that the system is still operational.

If the powers were not sealed, Tokyo would cease to exist. The Deadman are separated into groups of 3 where Ganta goes with Senji and a strange girl named Yosuga Mitsuzaki. She asks Ganta if he's going to kill Shiro because he doesn't understand her, which tempts Ganta to wonder if he even has the ability to understand her.

When they find the Chorus Block, Senji notices that Ganta starts spacing out. Hagire fights Ganta and Senji. Senji tells him that he should try to understand her first, but Ganta doesn't want to, because if he starts worrying, people might die again. Senji tells him that they should make a bet.

He will flip his coin and if it lands on the lizard, nobody dies. Ganta says that he should stop joking around, but the coin lands on the lizard, giving Ganta a sense of relief. While Yosuga is resting, Toto appears and knocks her unconscious.

He then appears before Ganta and Senji. He tells Ganta to come with him and that he doesn't want to kill him. When Ganta refuses, Toto attacks him. Senji tries to kill Toto, but he says that he is not the weakest one anymore and uses all of the Branches of Sin he had copied and quickly defeats Senji.

He threatens Ganta, saying if he does not come with him, he will kill Senji. Ganta agrees and goes with him. Hagire transfers his memories into Ganta. The Wretched Egg appears before Ganta. Terrified, Ganta prepares to fight, but Wretched Egg asks him if he is going to kill her. He replies that she is the enemy of his friend and she says that they are no longer friends, because Ganta doesn't kill his friends. In the middle of the conversation, Shiro's personality surfaces and takes over.

She runs away crying and tells Ganta that it is alright if he hates her, because she hates herself as well. Toto shows up and says if he wants to know, he will tell him everything. Toto reveals that he is actually Hagire Rinichirou, the mad scientist who created the Wretched Egg and that he is trying to recreate another Wretched Egg, but unlike Shiro, nanomachines aren't stable and he could die in a few years.

For this reason, he is transferring his own memories to other people, so that he can extend his life. He also says that in order to get closer to Shiro, he needs strong Deadman like Toto Sakigami.

Ganta is shocked at how much Shiro had to suffer as a child, while Hagire only perceived this as an experiment, Sorae was in great pain of what she was doing to Shiro. Unable to handle the pain, Shiro manifests a second personality to cope with the pain, the Wretched Egg. While the experiments continue, Shiro develops the ability to control her blood and later to regenerate flesh. One day, Shiro breaks loose and slaughters the scientists.

Ganta, as a child, accidentally sees her and runs away in fear. Sorae sends Ganta away to his father and Ganta reveals that he does not know who Shiro is, unconsciously ridding her from his mind due to the shock. Ganta returns to the fight. Right when Hagire is about to take over Ganta's body, Senji appears and cuts off the connection. Chan and En try to stop him, but are quickly beaten.