Gemini and aquarius relationship problems

Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility, Love, Sex, Life & Friendship

gemini and aquarius relationship problems

Love and Sexual compatibility between Aquarius and Gemini zodiac signs. This type of problem isn't likely to cause a major disturbance; in general they work. If a problem arises that may need compromise the Gemini happily . This Aquarius-Gemini relationship can be constructive if, at the outset, you. The Most Common Relationship Problems for Each Zodiac Sign "For instance, you can be a Sun Sign Gemini, but have your Moon in Cancer, in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn — and have an Aquarius rising," Allen says.

Innovative, "the yin," freedom-seeker, existential, eccentric, exotic even, introversion, fast paced to the point of appearing aloof, chill, calmpeaceful, graceful, creative, word excellence, analytical, constant thought, daydreamer, well versed, authentic, endearing, sarcastic, quirky, lovable, random, genius, laughter, imaginative, cerebral, intuition, wordsmiths, open minded, curious.

There is so much wind in this pairing, that at times one or both need to slow down and pause. Meditation and prayer would benefit both.

gemini and aquarius relationship problems

They like talking, but sometimes need to listen, or take introspective breaks from each other. The constant talking and focus on the throat chakra can prevent other chakras from growing or being balanced. These two appear strongly impartial, but they are both powerfully emotional. Aquarius builds, and builds, and builds with absorbing water emotions until it overflows. Gemini's emotions come from balance -- Gemini is known for having duality, and that's because it processes information in various sectors, spitting out emotions from different corners -- sometimes hot, hot, hot and sometimes chill.

Gemini should not go under the illusion of thinking it only reveals itself in an impartial or unemotional way.


A smart emotional reader will be able to see much more out of a Gemini. Thought is backed by our emotions, so no sign is without a certain emotional texture. What's nice about these two and how they will relate is both can understand building up on emotion. Aquarius is willing to investigate interesting people, and Gemini with more than one side, having more dimension than most -- will charm Aquarius.

They'll end up asking questions to themselves about why Gemini is functioning the way they are. Gemini will treasure Aquarius -- they will love its calm, wise demeanor. They also are big hearts for Aquarius to lean on when Aquarius has an inevitable blowout.

gemini and aquarius relationship problems

The water bearer image is true -- Aquarius will eventually pour out an impressive amount of emotion, usually under crisis, extreme concern, or unrelenting change. Aquarius and Gemini both desire to be accomplished. They want to take on the world in some way or another.

Gemini should be careful not to overwhelm Aquarius with competition.

Gemini and Aquarius - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

Gemini, in my opinion, is much more competitive and could overshoot the Aquarius by constantly wanting to be aggressive. Aquarius is chill, and doesn't care about competition as much.

gemini and aquarius relationship problems

Also, if you are constantly thinking about competition you are not focusing on developing your emotional connection, you're not putting yourself out there in a vulnerable way -- which both of you need to do to get the momentum going. Libra offers more vulnerability than the other wind signs. The two enjoy exploring ideas to the full extent. Aquarius will go to the depth of an idea; Gemini will master each idea.

Where they are probably going to connect well is through talking. Aquarius can detach from their emotions in conversation. It can be difficult for the two to latch to each other.

gemini and aquarius relationship problems

They are both freedom lovers, and so it can be weird to have both want to fully commit to each other. To get over the platonic parts, focus on how you are feeling and speak from there, try new things don't get stuck in a routine, explore creativity for emotions and emotional growth, go on adventures.

Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility

Gemini, in my opinion, will be more comfortable initiating. Aquarius will do so on its on terms, but I think Aquarius, especially women, will want you to initiate so they can decide what to do with you. They don't like doing both roles unless they have to, and you would have to be worth it for them to live both in a yang and yin state. Gemini, with its duality, could probably flip from yin to yang much easier.

gemini and aquarius relationship problems

Aquarius will fall for Gemini's leadership and capacity for pulling up ideas. I feel like Gemini is what makes the flowers pop up from the ground, and Aquarius finds that exciting -- like -- wow! I didn't know those flowers existed or could exist, and now I can think about them and what they really mean, thank you Gemini for bringing up these interesting ideas. For Gemini and Aquarius, compatibility is not built around passion, but neither partner is particularly bothered by that as their priorities lie elsewhere.

They may well be madly in love, but might stay living apart, or spend long periods of time living away from one another. Most couples would balk at that, but for Gemini and Aquarius compatibility actually increases with some distance between them.

Both signs are determined to maintain their freedom and independence at all costs, so this kind of loose arrangement suits them both perfectly.

Relationship Compatibility of a Gemini Man and an Aquarius Woman

Handily, neither partner will be bothered by the raised eyebrows this kind of situation provokes among their more conventional friends and family members! In fact, that will probably delight Aquarius and amuse Gemini. Sign compatibility here indicates that what the neighbours may think is simply not a concern to these too. When they are together, this couple also maintain a healthy balance of together time and outside interests, each with very much their own life to lead.

This blend is probably a large part of what makes Gemini and Aquarius compatibility work so well. If neither partner feels under pressure to commit or to offer more time than they want to, neither partner will rebel.

This inner rebelliousness is also reflected in Gemini at times, to this is a highly progressive relationship, ahead of its time. In fact, with Gemini ruled by communicative Mercury and Aquarius ruled by shocking Uranus, together this couple could start a social revolution all of their own. Fortunately, Aquarius has some reserves of patience, even if these are lacking in Gemini; sign compatibility here will help resolve any problems which arise.

These are minor issues, in any case, and not likely to be the root cause of a break up for this otherwise strong couple.