Girlfriend said she needs time and space relationship

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girlfriend said she needs time and space relationship

When someone you were dating claims that he or she needs "space," the recipient when you hear those fateful three words the next time in your life. Someone has told me she needed space and I have also told a girl I. "I think that alone time is undervalued in our society," relationship therapist their partner down and saying, "You're awesome, you're great, I love you, makes them realize that wanting and needing space is totally normal. My relationship is amazing — we spend a ton of time together and make each other But my girlfriend wants some space, she just told me.

What Does a Woman Mean When She Says 'I Need Space?'

If she wants to keep things as they are but just not see you for a while this is a good sign. She probably needs a genuine breather and will probably come back. If she wants to see other people then this is a break that is one the road to break up. But you need to be careful.

girlfriend said she needs time and space relationship

Hopefully she is frank and honest about what she needs from the relationship and she sticks to her word. But make sure she isn't taking you for a ride by telling you half truths. If she tells you that she wants space, and in her mind this means seeing other people that needs to be clear and upfront. Make sure she isn't sleeping around while you are stuck on her hook, chastely waiting for her to come back when she has no intention of it.

If she refused to have that conversation and things are in limbo then you might be on the hook. You might be waiting for her to come back while she has mentally checked out. This is a really tricky situation because you can't always talk to her to figure it out because she might not want to.

girlfriend said she needs time and space relationship

Even if you do talk she probably isn't going to make much logical sense and might be quite emotional. The best thing to do is just wait patiently and see if she makes contact with you.

If she is genuinely interested in continuing the relationship she won't make you wait too long. After a couple of weeks she should start making moves to normalize things. Yet once it goes over a month with no contact, you might have to consider that this desire for space was really a desire to end the relationship. Consider Breaking It Off Yourself Maybe right from the start you sense that she isn't really interested in space. Perhaps it's clear that she just doesn't have the courage to actually pull the break up trigger.

In that case you can save yourself a lot of stress and crap by just making the call yourself. It can be very empowering to say, "I'm not going to take any of your games," and turn things around on her.

It will take her by surprise for sure since she then concedes the position of power to you. However maybe you gave her the benefit of the doubt at the start and respected her need for space. But you are not going to wait around forever and you certainly aren't going to sit on her hook while she considers whether she has better options.

How To React When Your Girlfriend Wants Space

It's not crazy at all. Dude, first of all, you need to make some new friends. Actually, you need to get new guy friends, and ask your female friends why they weren't being honest with you. Because unless they're tree-stump stupid, they know exactly what your girlfriend meant by that.

What a woman means when she says she needs more space and wants you to go away is that she needs more space and wants you to go away.

I don't see how she could have made herself more clear. And "Let me go and hope that I come back" is a superb thing for you to hear. It's a whole key to a successful relationship, right there. You need to send her a card and thank her for sharing with you the ultimate wisdom of the universe when it comes to relationships.

But don't call her. Don't track her down and hang around her making mopey faces. When I was a kid I used to be nuts over butterflies. One day, I caught a monarch butterfly, took it home, and let it loose in my bedroom.

I thought that butterfly fluttering about my bedroom was just about the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

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  • What She Really Means When She Says 'I Need Space'
  • Listen And Understand

So, of course, I tried to catch it again. But I couldn't; every time I tried to cup it in my hands it flew just outside my reach. So I gave up and just stood still in the middle of my room, watching the butterfly. And you know what happened? It landed on my nose.

girlfriend said she needs time and space relationship

And to hold onto my nose it jammed its long legs right up my nostrils. If you let your girlfriend go and she comes back, refuse to let her stick her feet up your nose. It's not as delightful as you'd think. No, but listen dude: That's where this relationship went wrong. I can tell just from your letter that you did that thing guys are really prone to doing in relationships: You tried to make her too much yours. The full depth of this, which you would do extremely well to take the time to fully comprehend which won't be easy: You pressed her to let you know her every thought, her every feeling, her every inclination, her every opinion, desire, mood and motivation.

You just sort of naturally assumed that by persistently not to say compulsively doing that, you and she would be even closer. So close, in fact, that you'd actually be one.

How To React When Your Girlfriend Wants Space

And it makes utter sense that you would do that. Desiring to essentially occupy the same space as your beloved feels so much like love! But it's love in the way that lbs. It's sweet, kind of. And then it's just entirely too much. We've met each other's friends and everything's been smooth.

What You Should Do When Your Partner Says They Need Space

But my girlfriend wants some space, she just told me. What do I do? Is this her way of preparing me for a breakup? Is she looking to hook up with other guys? We've been together for six months, in case that helps clarify the situation. As much as it might sound that way. If your girlfriend wants you to give her space, it might just be because she wants space.

This is crazy, I know. You come to me for my deep, penetrating insights about the inscrutable mysteriousness that supposedly comprises female behaviorand I tell you that your girlfriend actually just means what she says. She wants to hang out with her friends.

The world is not over. Why have you written me? You make an effort to not smell like dirty ass all the time.