Gohan and goten relationship test

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gohan and goten relationship test

and heart. But like their father, Goten and Gohan have some pretty dark secrets . 17 GOTEN'S RELATIONSHIP WITH GOKU. Time and time. To test whether or not you're truly an expert, keep reading and find out how The first human to clue him in on human relations was actually a young girl who Well before Vegeta comes along and checks up on Goku, there's. Goku and Chi-Chi have never really had the most normal marriage, and In the Future Trunks saga of Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Vegeta.


Viewers excuse her behavior as being a stereotypical Japanese mother. Chi-Chi's awful actions have earned a reputation as being a terrible character. She doesn't stop nagging Goku until his tragic passing. She spends months crying over what happened. Chi-Chi regrets not being kinder to Goku while he was still alive. She still has a chance to make sure Goten is happy.

Chi-Chi begins to relax on her strict methods and allow Goten to both train and study. When Goku finally returns to Earth, Chi-Chi learns to appreciate the man she married more. When Goku is off fighting, no income is being made. They are forced to live off of Fire Mountain's treasure until it's destroyed.

gohan and goten relationship test

Chi-Chi often nags Goku about providing for the family. It turns out that it's not the method of making money that counts. She just wants Goku to bring home some cash. He feels guilty about taking the credit to defeat the alien. Goku brings home the cash, wondering what to tell Chi-Chi. She's thrilled about the suitcase of money, which is an estimated one million dollars. Chi-Chi doesn't care much about what Goku does as long as he brings home the Zeni.

Aliens are just happy to face him in battle. They don't expect that they could find another worthy opponent on a small planet. Aliens don't scare Goku as much as his wife. Chi-Chi spends more time angry at Goku for fighting than getting along with him.

gohan and goten relationship test

It's gotten so bad that he will sneak off to train. Goku doesn't want to refuse a request from a friend. It could be a matter of life or having the entire planet explode. Chi-Chi doesn't understand Goku's intentions. He's well-aware that returning home after leaving a family meal means he will get scolded. Goku is so scared of Chi-Chi's wrath that there were some nights that Goku just didn't return home.

Goku agreed but eventually forgot her name. He never learned what a bride was until she explained it to him. Good-natured Goku agreed and proposed to her. Chi-Chi agrees happily and confesses her love to him. He didn't know what that means either, so she kisses his cheek. The crowd at the tournament cheered, while Goku was still confused. Chi-Chi would hold on to her feelings for Goku and the "promise" he made, thinking they were engaged to be married.

Because of this, and because of his huge appetite, Goku was quick to make a promise to Chi-Chi that they would get married.

gohan and goten relationship test

Chi-Chi held on to this promise and when they were older, she approached him once more to follow through on their plans for marriage. But, Goku is a good-natured person, and he made a promise, so he officially proposed to Chi-Chi in the middle of their match, and she agreed.

In fact, we have reason to believe it's never happened behind closed doors. Goku said no and Vegeta was shocked, saying "but you're married! Of course, this doesn't mean that they've never kissed, as it could also imply that Goku thought the act of sharing the senzu bean was weird. In fact, when Chi-Chi first approached Goku after all those years, he didn't even recognize her. Not only that, he didn't even remember the promise he made either, a fact that Chi-Chi was quick to yell at him for.

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Also, Goku's not the smartest guy in the world, so it's fair to say that he didn't forget about her on purpose or out of any sort of malice. There's nothing wrong with the fact that she has started a family and settled down, but what happened to her feistiness?

gohan and goten relationship test

Bulma and Chi Chi got to keep their fiery personalities, so why did Videl get nerfed? Nor is there anything wrong with leaving his fighting days behind for a more prestigious career. Heck, Vegeta "gave up fighting" at the end of the Cell saga, but he still kept up his training. That said, we think it's safe to assume that there is a limit to Goku's kindness, and even he's not naive enough to spare an enemy twice, right?

Goku might not have been the best father in DBZ, but he spent time with his sons, trained them and showed general care and affection for them.