Happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship memes

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happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship memes

Happy Tree Friends is an academy award-winning internet series about cute furry animals resembling She has a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with Cuddles, even though they have never kissed and . He tried to kill Flippy in the war, due to the fact that Flippy thought he was the Frosted Flakes guy. . Internet memes. May 22, Is Flaky best friends with the green bear or the yellow rabbit?:? Flaky, Flippy & Cuddles(c) Happy Tree Friends(c) Mondo Media Problems with both relationships: 1. .. HTF Meme - Flaky is Jealous of it! by Bunny-Kirby. Some main HTF headcanons aka you know em already but lemme just post them . I know ya . Relationship Headcannon for Flippy/Fliqpy would include: Flippy.

Since then, Mondo has made many more documentaries depicting the gory everyday life of the tree friends and posting them into Youtube and stuff. Not only has the show won many awards, but it has also gained a large amount of fans.

The show has become such a phenomenon that many fans have created their own Happy Tree Friends characters. Happy Tree Friends has also earned millions of dollars with merchandise, including stuffed toys, costumes, video games, and a TV series. A yellow rabbit that loves carrots because of course he fucking does.

His favorite color is yellow and he's is the mascot of the show. He thinks that Giggles is hotter than Paris Hilton. For some reason, he has died more often that any other character, meaning that his lucky feet have not actually done him any good despite what superstition leads people to believe Maybe you need to cut them off, first? A pink chipmunk with no tail. She wears a red bow on her head and is usually seen frolicking through the flowers, looking at butterflies and birds, and other girly stuff.

However, she is also a philanderer. She has a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with Cuddles, even though they have never kissed and she has frequently cheated on him by having sex with other characters. She is friends with Petunia, Toothy, and Lumpy. A purple beaver with massively-huge buck teeth. Other than that, he does not have much of a personality and is the loser of the Tree friend world. He is usually sent to fill in the role of getting killed when the other characters don't feel like it.

He is also a horrible dentist.

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A blue moose who is big and ugly compared to other tree friends, much resembling Bullwinkle. He's a few nickels short of a dollar bill, to put it nicely. Lumpy got kicked out of Kindergarten and once lost to Goofy in an intelligence contest. Lumpy later got a job as one of the characters on Happy Tree Friends. He kills a lot of people, and sometimes himself, due to his, uh, lack of not-stupidity.

Still, he has appeared more times in the show than any other character and gets a variety of occupations on the show. Many people just feel sorry for this poor retarded moose and like to give him more chances.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship memes

Lumpy has a passion for safety. A blue skunk who wears a flower on her head and an air freshener as a necklace. She is a clean character who hates getting dirty and goes Ape Shit Crazy if she sees the slightest bit of dirt. She takes, like, five showers a day or something. She's the person who skins herself alive just to get gunk off her body. And that's what you get when you put a carebear, a neat freak, and an emo together.

Her deaths usually involve household appliances that surprisingly are not Transformers in disguise. She is friends with Giggles and also has a crush on Handy. They never kissed either.

An orange beaver with amputated arms. He lost his arms one day by foolishly playing with a chainsaw while chopping down trees. Handy is known for making a grumpy face when he fails to do something that requires arms. How he is able to create buildings and drive a car is a mystery, but he is no longer able to brush his teeth, turn on his shower, or wipe his ass after taking a dump.

This has made it nearly impossible for Handy to find love with the exception of Petunia. For some strange reason, most characters have the ability to regrow their body parts while Handy's arms remain pathetic amputated stubs.

I don't get it either. A blue anteater who wears glasses with tape and a pocket protector. Being a nerdhe seems to be very intelligent. He's known for being a failure in life because he has built lots of inventions that eventually lead to his own death.

But mainly it's because he's not even able to eat antsas every attempt he tries to eat ants fails and the ants are seemingly from the darkest depths of Hell, given that they torture and kill him in the most sadistic manner possible. Sniffles usually dies the most torturous deaths in the show, because his high intelligence gives him extra amounts of pain receptors.

A crazy green squirrel who is addicted to sugar. He has a lazy eye and has candy stuck all over his body. He laughs almost all the time even when he dies. If Nutty doesn't get his beloved crack candy, he will scream, cut himself, and get a seizure. Nutty is infamous for stealing candy from children and eating children who dress up as candy.

As you may already know, Nutty has a serious crack problem. But that's not important. Pop is a bear with a son named Cub. He is a horrible parent who has strangely never had Cub taken away from him by the Child Protection Agency if they even exist in this show. Besides giving his son bad examples such as smokingtalking to strangersand drunk drivinghe also ignores Cub and doesn't notice anything until he's dead. Unlike Cub, Pop rarely dies but thankfully, he still dies.

Happy Tree Friends

His wife has either left him or has died and strangely not returned to life. It's possible that Pop killed her like he does to Cub. And his two brothers, Snap and Crackle, who are also now permanently dead. A red porcupine with dandruff and bad hair, whose gender has been long debated by scientists.

She is known for being a coward and is scared of almost everything she sees, possibly due to an uncomfortable childhood experience. A blind purple mole without an actual name. He wears sunglasses and a turtleneck. He's a regular Mr. Magoo, as he accidentally kills other characters and uses their body parts as everyday objects without even knowing it.

The Mole even drives. The only thing worse than a blind driver is a drunk blind driver. Thankfully, The Mole doesn't drink. Not that he'd be able to because his draw-distance is worse than South Park on the N A purple deer who, like the Mole, also doesn't have an actual name. As a result of being dropped on his head as a child, he now mentally thinks he is a mime.

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Like all creepy mimes, he doesn't talk, he pretends to be stuck in an invisible box, and goes around terrorizing little kids at the circus. And how does he not scream when he dies? A turquoise sea otter who mentally thinks he's a pirate. He has peg legs, a hook hand, an eye patch, a pirate hat due to poking Cthulhu with a stick, says "yarr" a lot, and lives in some sort of pirate ship in a tree. Unlike usual pirates who plunder ships and steal treasure, Russell swims in the ocean and eats clams all day long.

He once met Spongebobwho laughed at his suit and said that he wasn't any more of a pirate than any of those jokers in Somalia.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship memes

In fact, Russell is an embarrassment to pirates and aquatic animals everywhere. Basically, he's Stifler 's reincarnation. He also stole Kool-Aid Man 's catchphrase by saying "Oh, yeah" a lot. T - English - Humor - Chapters: How will Latvia hold up with all of Russia's pent up anger focused at him and no one to protect him? Rated M for mild language and rape.

Russia is creeping on America hardcore. America is not amused.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship memes

This is actually supposed to be a humor story so enjoy my ticket to hell! M - English - Humor - Chapters: He hated it as much as he hated spiders and less than he hated ghosts. A haunted dentist's office would be an absolute nightmare for him.

Ivan, birthday fic written for ahmerst. Unfortunately, Russia knows exactly what Poland is doing and decides to make sure Lithuania knows who he belongs to.

Matthew and Alfred have been in a secret relationship for a few decades. When Ivan kidnaps his lover it falls to Matthew to infiltrate enemy territory and rescue Alfred. Can Ivan help him out of the cycle of self-destruction? But he has no idea that his game is about to pique the interest of a certain up and coming businessman named Ivan.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship memes

Rated for sex and agekink. But, as fate would have it, Russia chipped him and now he can be tracked. Now Prussia must face his punishment, but can it really be called 'punishment' if you like it? They have no one to dance with. So of course, awkward teenage slow dancing ensues with enough fluttering hearts to go around.

That was something Toris learned right away. Ivan did as he pleased and Toris' job was to carry his orders out to the best of his ability. Yaoi with mild kinks. IvanxToris with hints of TorisxNatalia. He rectifies the situation by kidnapping America for company. Also, there's no torture or super psycho Russia in this.

Seven years later, when Vladimir's a vampire and Stefan's marked for death, they meet again. This is an AU in that the end of the Cold War meant not only the dissolving of the Soviet Union, but also made it impossible for the Russian Federation to form in its place. Alfred, age difference and angst.

Will America in the end become with Russia? What would England say about it? Warning Yaoi, Non-Con, and kinks. Not for the faint of heart. Rated M for language, blood and gore, possible sexual acts and drinking of alcohol. And the more he fights it the stronger Russia's determination is to woo him, even if it means taking drastic measures RussiaxAmerica, M for future chapters. Clues lead him to believe that Russia has him, so he goes to Rescue the Canadian.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship memes

But his plan doesn't end like he thought it would. Maxwell reviews Not long after Russia acquired Lithuania through the dissolution of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, he began to pursue Lithuania.

Lithuania still clings to his old pride, refusing to give in. In his strange ways, Ivan decided many things—and many people—had so much heart, and thus, so much potential. Alfred Jones was one of them. He likes America very much because of this: A certain Englishman tries to ruin America's day to spend with Russia. When America arrives late, something doesn't feel right about Russia.

Slight angst, leans a little towards rape. Don't like, don't read. America proceeds to freak himself out about it. Taking place after Breaking Dawn, they begin their plan to destroy the Volturi once and for all. But when Flippy falls for Flaky, and Splendont is left in a cold, cold world, he turns to the person he least knows for comfort. Rated M to be safe, for searing and a lemon later on!

However, the events that result bring about a better ending than he would have believed possible, everything considered.

And, as always, Russia is dragged into 'helping' him.