Haruhi suzumiya and kyon relationship goals

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haruhi suzumiya and kyon relationship goals

Haruhi Suzumiya (涼宮ハルヒ Suzumiya Haruhi) is the titular heroine of the series She is the founding member of the SOS Brigade with the purpose of finding Regardless, Haruhi's relationship with Kyon has often been described as an. These are the characters that appear in the Haruhi Suzumiya series of anime and light novels. A warning: this series is the poster child of tropes, so entries could. Haruhi Suzumiya has captured our hearts, but beneath her quirky exterior lies Haruhi and Kyon are the only inhabitants of the new world. For a kiss. Having lived her life with her one goal in mind, she tosses aside any.

It's strongly implied that she destroyed the universe 3 years agoand replaced it with one more to her liking. Mistress and Servant Boy: Her relationship with Kyon since she orders him to do the club's grunt work. Will happily bend the laws of space and time just to keep Kyon from talking to other girls.

haruhi suzumiya and kyon relationship goals

Has berserk superhuman strength when he seems to be writing love letters to other girls. Now she's a cheerful Genki Girlthe next scene she's abrasive, confrontational, dominant and almost narcissistic, after that she may become extremely melancholic.

There are reasons for her mood-changes, but sometimes it just appears randomly.

haruhi suzumiya and kyon relationship goals

She frequently melds her imagination with the Real Life through Reality Warping - and isn't even aware of it. Basically, the only thing missing is a Panty Shot. Even Lucy van Pelt apologizes more often than Haruhi. Of course, Haruhi is never even told of most of the things she does.

Most of the time, due to her Lack of Empathyshe isn't even aware that there's something to apologize for. This gets better, although the changes are very subtle.

Haruhi starts the S. Brigade precisely because she is bored, and is looking for entertainment. Later in the series, it is implied that she enjoys the company of her fellow brigade members, particularly Kyon. If you want to achieve faster-than-light travel, let Haruhi on your spaceship.

She'll just simply ignore the theory of relativity for you. When I mentioned this to Nagato, the reticent pseudo-alien responded with the following. No Such Thing as Space Jesus: Most brigade members question God being one of us, rather than above the clouds. She's brilliant and gets top grades without having to study though also prone to doing stupid things regularlyshe's noted to be stunningly beautifulshe's also in incredible physical shape having in a short period of time been in, quickly excelling, and gotten bored with, every school athletic club, who are pining to have her backand an entire organization exists with the sole purpose of keeping her happy and making sure that she never loses at anything because they are afraid of her.

She is also a literal God Mode Sue. As the series progresses, she reveals that she genuinely cares for her friends. In episode 2 of the anime, but it got bleeped. Then I'll tell everyone at school that all you geeks ganged up on her and fucked her! She tutors a number of kids from her neighborhood, including one who will end up inventing time travel. In Disassociation, she starts tutoring Kyon out of the blue with no explanation. It takes him a while to figure out that she's trying to get his grades up so that he can go to the same college as she.

In Surprise, when Kyon ends up a few years in the future, it's implied this plan worked. In one of the later light novels, she wears one of these. When Kyon first met her. And waist length hair as a child. Although she doesn't realize it, which may be for the best. A mild example, since in middle school Haruhi had the tendency to date every guy who confessed to her. Even if the relationship would only last five minutes. Unconventional and breaks some social norms.

Reed Richards Is Useless: She could solve all the world's problems, but this would cause an overloading of excitement. She's good at sports, bug catching, goldfish scooping, school, singing, and cooking. Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: Energetic Girl to Kyon's Savvy Guy. Held in awe by all the students, who don't understand why she's so distant.

At first glance it may look like Haruhi is the main character she is after all the poster girl but she's notand as seen in Decoy Protagonist above, Kyon is The Hero. To Haruhi, everything is Serious Business.

She doesn't care if guys see her naked. Kyon concludes that mentally she views them as being the same as potatos. The point where she starts kicking Kyon out of the room when changing is therefore pretty telling on her part.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 6

Which gets ample emphasis in the anime. At the start of the series, her behavior pretty much fitted almost every diagnostic criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder. She gets better over the course of the series though.

She is the closest the series comes to having this archetype; evidence of this includes a passion for sports, which is most explicit in "Boredom", and her wardrobe including cuffed jean shorts, as seen in "Remote Island Syndrome", "Endless Eight", and "Sigh". Form a club, pass out flyers, win a baseball game, make a movie.

There must be a conspiracy sabotaging each of her simple plans. Haruhi causes skepticism to fail. Briefly in Disappearance, when she's changing into Kyon's tracksuit. When trying to fit the skirt of her uniform underneath, she fails miserably, basically says "Ah, forget it! Her motivation for this after Kyon talks to her a little about how people adapted or created things to suit their needs.

Demonstrates this after finding Nakagawa's written love confession to Yuki. She does it again in "The Melancholy of Mikuru Asahina". Kyon even mentions that her smiling is usually a bad thing esp, for him an Asahina. Every time Kyon copies one of her drawings, alien monsters appear. Oddly enough, she turns out to be this as part of her Team Mom persona later in the books. In the first chapter of Vol. Also, when she plays with a bunch of kids in Endless Eight.

In "Snowy Mountain Syndrome," she almost overbearingly insists on caring for Nagato, even overriding Yuki's claims of being okay now. As of Disappearance, following a bad experience with alcohol in "Remote Island Syndrome". I'm never gonna drink again, as long as I live! Initially, she is often seen bullying and bossing around the other members of the SOS Brigade, especially Mikuru.

Tomboy and Girly Girl: Tomboy to Mikuru's Girly Girl, if their contrasting reactions to playing in a baseball tournament as seen in "Boredom" are any indicator.

Also the Tomboy to Sasaki's Girly Girl. Every Tuesday of the week until that fateful Wednesday when Kyon asked her about her varying hairstyles, and then again briefly at the end of Melancholy and when disguising herself in Disappearance. Tomboy with a Girly Streak: She's good with sports, and she definitely shows more enthusiasm for the SOS Brigade's appearance in a local baseball tournament than most everyone else on her team; she's also just as passionate if not moreso about romance with an alien, time traveler, slider, or ESPer, plus when it comes to cooking she's no slouch.

Trash of the Titans: A good portion of the clutter in the Brigade's clubroom belongs to Haruhi, and she won't get rid of any of it. She once told the Computer Club president that she'll never give up anything that's in the clubroom, "Not even a week old can of soda with no fizz.

Now listen here, Kyon. I don't ever waste anything I can use. If it can be reused, it should be, and so long as it's holding together, I won't throw it away. That's the spirit of environmentalism! Haruhi is an inverted Tsundere, abusing people when she's happy with them and affectionately braiding their hair when she's about to rewrite the Universe out of jealousy.

She plays it straight occasionally such as the conclusion of Disappearance. Tanigawa himself has said that he considers her "too energetic" to be a true tsundere. She never leaves Kyon's side while he is hospitalized in Disappearance. At the start of the series, she was pretty much an egocentric Jerkass and sadist who was not above kicking the dog several times for her own amusement.

She does get better over the course of the series though. In the novel, Kyon describes her first smile in Melancholy as like a "blazing sun," and the adjectives only get more colorful from there.

D expression she usually wears. Who Wears Short Shorts? The rest of the time she wears a Magic Skirt. One imagines she'll wear a long dress exactly one time. You Cannot Grasp the True Form: Yuki's incomprehensible, hyperintelligent alien overlord is unable to comprehend Haruhi's true form; she's the only known being that can "create data" rather than merely "manipulate data," and it doesn't seem to have a clue how she does it.

Mortal beings can't even agree on whether she's God or not. She gets Grade A in Someday in the Rain and in the movie. The Tsundere level goes up as well. Having said that, if you're going to ask me how much of my childhood I spent believing in an old man in a red suit, I can confidently say that I never believed in him to begin with.

Haruhi And Kyon Kiss Scene English

Kyon is nothing more than a bright but somewhat lazy Ordinary High-School Student who has given up his childhood fantasies of aliens, time travelersespersinterdimensional travelers, Government Conspiraciesetc.

He just wants his high school life to pass by uneventfully. Unfortunately for him, his curiosity gets the better of him when he is introduced to irritable Cloudcuckoolander Haruhi Suzumiya, and they strike up a sort of friendship, which eventually leads to him being the first member inducted into her bizarre "SOS Brigade"a club dedicated to finding all those things Kyon refuses to believe exist.

First she took control of Koizumi the Tactician group's resources. Then, with her the Seven Dwarves her slowly expanding SOS army she swarmed over the planet, achieving victory in every battle.

Eventually she took over the world and retired somewhere with Kyon, leaving the planet in Koizumi's hands. Mikuru knows all of this, because it is mandatory in the SOS Brigade schools that run all education on the planet.

The only "proof" Mikuru has as to what she needs to do and her importance in the series is her own word, based on her own word, based on her own word If Mikuru hadn't been here, everything would have turned out fine, though Tsuruya joining the Haruhi-tachi earlier would have resulted in more of a rough start to the SOS Brigade as she clashed with Haruhi. As it is, her presence settled before it even happened into a pattern that fed into itself to create a timeline where she would travel back in time to follow her own instructions.

Yuki and Itsuki would have had the situation well in hand, along with Kyon, with all of the Mikuru-related things including Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody having either happened in a much more subdued way, or not happened at all. In Mikuru's time, human's don't live on Earth.

haruhi suzumiya and kyon relationship goals

At some point, Earth will be rendered inhabitable. However, scientists saw it coming, and evacuated all humans to Mars, or something, with enough supplies of oxygen, food and water to last several thousand years. This is why Mikuru doesn't seem to know anything about water whatsoever. I want this to be true so much.

Anonymous is Mikuru's superior That is why Mikuru won't reveal anything about her superior, and it is the reason why Mikuru is such a Fanservice Girl. Yuki and Itsuki are Mikuru' direct superiors. Yuki and Itsuki are actually more authoritarian, and they know about Haruhi, so they implanted Mikuru in order to study moe's effect on a sociopathic Jerkass Physical God. Itsuki is almost always the odd man out while Yuki and adult Mikuru coordinate closely.

What were they protecting by having a Kyon available in "cold storage" for three years? A lot of Mikuru's unease around Yuki can be explained if she knows that Yuki is the big boss and she's just an intern. Note for example how she instantly recognized Yuki when she saw her for the "first" time. Tsuruya is Mikuru's direct superior.

Haruhi Suzumiya / Characters - TV Tropes

If an organization of time travelers was willing to employ a year-old girl, they'd probably have more than one. This explains why they're friends even though they're extremely different particularly in outgoingness - Mikuru is very shy, while Tsuruya is the exact oppositeand also why Tsuruya seems to have had an idea of what was going on for a while.

This particular WMG is inspired by a very short shot from the second season, with Tsuruya looking sinister in the shadows in the background while Mikuru tells Kyon that she doesn't agree with Itsuki's theories on Haruhi.

Mikuru is 17 or She's in her final year, anyway. The text for that scene in the novel also portrayed it a little differently: Mikuru is Kyon and Haruhi's daughter Time travel is never Exactly What It Says on the Tinand Mikuru constantly gives mixed signals between her younger and adult selves. Young Mikuru is attracted to Kyon while Older Mikuru says she can't fall in love with him. It's a more extreme version of when a little girl says she wants to marry her daddy when she grows up, because due to time travel, Mikuru and her father are now the same age and he has all the qualities at this age that make him Mikuru's childhood fantasy.

However, young Mikuru did this without telling her parents, thus explaining Older Mikuru appears briefly to tell Kyon exactly what he needs to hear in order to make him vaguely question if pursuing Mikuru is the right thing to do rather than acting on his Tsundere-ish relationship with Haruhi. The implication that Mikuru will have to leave him behind eventually is a pre-warning about the fact that eventually she'll go back to her own time, drifting out of Haruhi and Kyon's life as they get together.

Eventually, when they have a red-headed baby girl, Haruhi will decide to name her after Mikuru after their childhood friend who moved away, and a few decades down the line, Kyon will finally noticed that Mikuru grew up to look like Similarly, Haruhi's cosplay-rape tendencies that she honed on Mikuru will be repeated on her young daughter, then Haruhi sent Mikuru back in time, thus explaining why, despite her protests because she's embarassed of being seen naked by a guyMikuru's pretty much used to it within an episode of her first appearance: This WMG violently conflicts with the plot of volume The one human who would know this for sure would not risk the birth of his big sister.

Haruhi already knew Mikuru is her daughter from the future And that is why she keeps manipulating Mikuru with almost absolute freedom. For the classified information thing Kyon's sister is Mikuru's mom At some point in the future when she's all done with high school, Kyon's sister will marry someone with the family name Asahina and together they will have a daughter that they will decide to name Mikuru.

She has red hair, and when looking at those yukata she said "So this is the traditional wardrobe of this country. She's also able to read english well enough to aknowlage her name in english. Meloncoly VI Mikuru is a Celestial Itsuki and Kyon are the actual Time Travellers, and their "dimensional slider" abilities can also allow them to slide back and forth the timeline. The Celestials are in fact humans in the distant future, mutated by Haruhi's desire to express her anger.

We all know how Haruhi expresses her anger: Yuki being a celestial is invalid since she isn't a result of Haruhi's angst. Celestials, being eldritch abominations who share Haruhi's ability of rewriting reality, can disguise themselves as being humans, and being the primal result of Haruhi's desire of being a dominatrix and having a Chew Toytime-travelled back to the past just to please Haruhi while disguising it as the order of a classified information superior, who is of course Also, maybe the reason why Itsuki defeats Celestials and prevents them from escaping Closed Space is to keep the celestials from ever going back in time and induce a sense of superiority in Haruhi, which means more controllability for Itsuki and Kyon.

Considering Celestials are the AU equivalents of Neon Genesis Evangelion angels, maybe that's the reason why Mikuru stands out as the most beautiful of them all, being an angel She got crap past the radar. Itsuki can fight celestials, but can't tell the difference between them and a human. Mikuru is Jesus First, Haruhi-chan. Second, there is the possibility that Mikuru is Kyon and Haruhi's daughter.

For a more biblical explanation: Haruhi seems to represent Judaism and the Old Testament, with a long history of esoteric magic, melancholy, and manipulation of people. Kyon, on the other hand, represents the New Testament, the Roman Empire he's the majority and was responsible for the spread of Haruhiismand modern day Christianity it's the current definition of "normal" with the universalization of old doctrines Haruhi and the spread to more "normal" people. With Haruhi as the past, Mikuru represents the future she's a time traveller after all of Haruhiism Kyon.

Also, we and otakuism in general feel better when Haruhi abuses Mikuru. This means, Mikuru didn't just suffer for Haruhi and Kyon's sins, she suffers for the sins of the otaku community in general. Where does Yuki and Itsuki fit in? So Ryoko is Uriel? Where does Tsuruya fit into all this? Nagaru Tanigawa in turn wrote the Bible. Mikuru actually comes from a quite recent future. Haruhi's powers will cause a kind of Technological Singularity only one generation in the future, which will turn the old technologies utterly obsolete in a matter of few years.

Mikuru is in fact first generation to have never have had any contact with the "old" technology, and the sheer amount of new development has caused the mainstream culture to largely lose interest in the recent past, save for the vital time travel services to keep history under control, which is why she is so helpless with contemporary tech despite of essentially being a time agent intern.

Asahina Mikuru is more capable than she appears. As far as her own time period is concerned. That she understands the mechanics of time travel enough to realize that Haruhi is the origin of the theory shows that she's not completely stupid.

She's also able to completely grasp Nagato Yuki's technobabble with little effort, so long as it has something to do with spatial manipulation. Furthermore, we've never been shown anything in regards to her grades in school, so it's possible that she's much smarter than she appears.

It's just that the vast majority of her knowledge is pretty much completely useless in the "present" time period such as her lack of familiarity with modern technologyso she's effectively still more or less helpless either way. If there ever comes a time in which Asahina Mikuru is allowed to function in her native environment i. Mikuru has a way of subconsciously influencing tropers. I have seen at least three separate occurences of a recognizable section of her name being inserted into long words in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu-related subjects three separate times.

Two is a coincidence, three is a pattern. I thought three was enemy action. Mikuru asked Kyon not to watch her the first time Haruhi started stripping her because she knew Kyon was unlikely to physically intervene. Mikuru was given a briefing on Kyon's psychological profile before embarking on her mission, and she knew that Kyon had an extreme reluctance, at first, to actively forcing Haruhi to not do what she wished.

Therefore, Mikuru believed that Kyon would try to talk Haruhi out of stripping her without actually restraining the girl, which would leave Kyon doing nothing to help Mikuru as she's being stripped right in front of him. Rather than suffer that embarrassment, Mikuru asked Kyon to leave rather than make an empty gesture. Okay, said like that, it looks like option b, Mikuru is a spazz, is more likely.

Or the even the somewhat unlikely option c, Mikuru is secretly letting herself be abused because she knowingly and deliberately accepted a mission to go back in time and become Haruhi's pet in the hope that she would gain some influence on the reality warper.

Wasn't his making a move towards them the thing that caused her to scream? In other words, wasn't Kyon already doing more than just telling Haruhi to stop? Mikuru is from , years in the future. Haruhi says to Kyon in Disappearance: It's likely that she's not from the near future, because apparently in her time period, boats don't use buoyancy to float, and that's not going to change for quite a while, so the number Haruhi gives is plausible.

However, that brings up questions like "Has evolution stopped well enough that humans remain the same, even two million years into the future? Mikuru is Kyon and Mikuru's daughter via Time Travel. Mikuru is Kyon's daughter and granddaughter and great-granddaughter Mikuru was born into poverty.

This is why she's so useless with current technology and history: Surely in the future there might be something in place to give all people basic educations, which is how she knows of a few things, but not a whole lot. The reason Mikuru interns at the Time Travel Agency is to try to earn enough money to escape, and get a chance to go to school archaic as the lessons may be in the process. Time travelers are rare because? Why are time travelers so fnording rare?

We've seen four interfaces and at least half a dozen espers. The interfaces and espers both claim that there more of them running around out there. But so far we've got exactly two time travelers and the shortage is so acute that Mikuru has to touch herself to get things done.

So why is this? Note to the future: If your present reality does NOT include billions of human beings, please time travel to change your timeline rather than reinforce it. Only immediate descendants of Haruhi can stand up to the Butterfly of Doom without getting blow away by their own paradoxes. Therefore only Haruhi's daughter and son can time travel without going poof. Disconnecting citizens from their endless supply of kitten videos would kill them from the shock so you have to raise time travelers in a disconnected mode, even if this makes them idiots.

Only a very few people have the gene that allows them to travel through time. Note that Kyon and Mikuru share at least this one gene Time travelers are rare because time travel is neither a medium nor well done. Time travel is so immensely difficult that only a few people can either handle the stress or survive having the TPDD inserted in their brains. The faction only picks people who are easily manipulated to do what the faction wants.

Witness his constant conversation and thinking on the topic. He is also the one who solves the mystery, and suspected the answer from the start. Is this combination of knowing the answer, being involved, and having fun really consistent with the Haruhi-kami hypothesis? The shadow at the end, one says? A gift from Kyon to a disappointed Haruhi; we never hear of anything happening on that island thereafter an argument from silence which is more consistent with Kyon-kami than Haruhi-kami.

In the universe of Haruhi, the answer for the theodicy is that God is human and is imperfect. Further, it is capable of the usual range of emotions: In this light, we must ask cui bono? We can tie this line of thought to larger concerns: For an anime, those who are gratified are the fans and creators, who stand to the anime in respect of god. The analogy for Haruhi is clear. More prosaic examples of the true beneficiary of events might include Haruhi obtaining a computer; who winds up using it and creating the SOS Brigade website?

Or, consider one of the examples in the Losses section: Haruhi wanted to be with Kyon, but on the other hand, Kyon likes Mikuru whom he went with the first timeand had good reason to want to be alone with Nagato, who had only recently revealed her true nature to him.

Under the Kyon-kami interpretation, Haruhi losing the draw is expected. Endless Eight Endless Eight puts the SOS-dan in a time loop where they repeat the end of summer vacation, endlessly going through a list of stereotypical 31 activities like the pool or a festival with fireworks. Itsuki suggests that Haruhi keeps resetting the world and herself because they omitted some activity and left Haruhi unsatisfied. Eventually, Kyon realizes that the missing ingredient is a group session to do homework, and time moves on.

Perfectly reasonable for her to reset the universe, and then procrastinate her homework in favor of having fun. The person whose homework is undone is… Kyon. Once again, we see the question of cui bono. Who benefits from the group session? Why would Haruhi regret the SOS-dan not doing homework together, of all things? To suggest that she regrets it so much as to reset the world is… a bit strained, I think, especially considering that if she had ever thought of it, she would have put it on the list and they would have done it Haruhi had even allotted a spare day for such a last-minute thought.

I could understand Kyon not suggesting - of all things - a homework session for that many iterations, but it beggars belief that not a single SOS-dan member would suggest a single activity for 15, iterations.

No, I could understand him resorting to a reset. When has Kyon ever worked hard? This sort of consideration of who has power over whom? Perhaps you dislike pointing to Haruhi losing in small incidents. Perhaps Kyon loses in some way, and often enough that his losses are as difficult to explain on the Kyon-kami theory as on the Haruhi-kami theory.

So we might want an alternate tack - situations in which Haruhi is treated in a way that ought to be impossible for a god. One major example come to mind that is difficult to explain away with Haruhi-kami.

haruhi suzumiya and kyon relationship goals

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya While fairly complex due to its time travel, the plot of the 4th book is: Her power to do so, it is claimed, is stolen from Haruhi. Haruhi is rendered as powerless and normal as anyone else; she is restored to her usual self when Kyon rejects the mundanified world in favor of the old one. There are multiple points of interest in Disappearance.

We can no longer argue in good faith that Kyon dislikes paranormal phenomenon and his dislike is disproof of Kyon-kami. But this rejection cannot be so easily escaped: This choice renders Kyon even more consistent with Kyon-kami.

The second major issue is: Therefore, the altered Suzumiya Haruhi does not possess the power to create data. In that dimension, the Integrated Data Sentient Entity is non-existent as well.

And the origin of the power? Using the powers stolen from Suzumiya Haruhi, the temporal converter was able to alter data concerning past memories in the range of days. How can it be altered by its own powers? Remember, Yuki never lies about important things to Kyon, and if you assume her power comes from her creators, that raises even more issues.

How can the power be restored to it? How does Disappearance make sense if Haruhi is the creator of the universe, its sustainer, and omnipotent? How does it make sense if she is only a unique data-generating organism more powerful than the IDE?