Hei and yin relationship advice

Why I think Yin and Hei make a great couple

hei and yin relationship advice

Characters from the anime/manga series Darker Than Black. When reading these, bear in mind that pretty much all Contractor characters are also Stoic Tin Men. For Hei I think it's because he and Yin are similar. Both are learning to be I believe that with a" normal" a normal relationship would be hard. She may come to. Silver) is a blind teenage Doll who supports Hei's Syndicate team. Finland), and learned to play the piano under the guidance of a famous pianist, Eelis Kastinen. Although Yin is emotionless, she possesses a deep connection to Hei to the.

There is an explosion before Yin stabilizes. While in a unconscious state she is contacted by Izanagi Shion. Here it is revealed that Izanami killed all EPR's hide away in order to take "samples" for Izanagi's plan to create an alternate Earth. Izanagi asks Yin if there will be a day where they actually meet one another. She replies by saying yes, because Hei told her.

Izanagi responds by saying he shares Yin's anticipation for Hei's arrival and offers to make her a deal if the day comes. Yin inside the anti-Contractor weapon. In Hei's flashback, Yin stands on the edge of a cliff, naked, surrounded by numerous, bloodstained corpses, as Hei runs towards her.

hei and yin relationship advice

She bids him farewell and seemingly falls off the cliff, losing her ribbon in the process. In the third episode, Hei states that he'll 'kill her' after mentioning her to MaoJuly and Suou.

She is first seen in the present by Misaki upon being allowed to view Izanamiwith her seeing Yin encased inside the capsule, and she is seen again in the next episode aiding Suou from afar by drowning Michiruand surveying Section 3's submarine with her observational apparition.

She also attempts to interact with Hei, but to no avail, as Hei, no longer being a Contractorcan no longer see her. She is then seen in some sort of garden, with her observer apparition taking her physical form, and being clad in a new outfit, with her body and hair glowing blue, the same color as a Contractor's aura.

She is then seen murdering several Contractors, finishing off her final opponent by, akin to Michiru, presumably turning his own ability, pyrokinesis, against him, burning him alive. She hums a tune afterwards, curiously reminiscent of Mai 's Obeisanceand walks forward watching the moon as specters gather around her, saying that, "it won't be long now.

The agreement that was teased in Gaiden involves Shion's new Earth to be inhabited by the souls Izanami has collected and for Hei to once again be with Yin. Hei separating Yin's being from Izanagi Suo and July's souls are then absorbed. By taking Suo's soul Izanami then receives the power of the meteor core and is able to transport the souls into the clone bodies Shion has made on his new Earth.

The protagonists

Hei shows up as Suo begins to fade away to the next world and comforts her till she passes. Yin and Izanami then speak with Hei, telling him that it is not too late and that he can still kill Yin doing this saves humanity from the apocalyptic being that the Mitaka documents refer to. Since her and Izanagi won't be able to join. Hei smiles and once again declines.

hei and yin relationship advice

Izanagi returns his contracting abilities to him as seen in episode twelve when Misaki sees his star reappear which is followed by Hei using his powers to separate Yin and Izanagi's being. Hei walks off with an unconscious Yin. At the end of the season, the being born from both Izanami and Izanagi is seen in a coffin on a bed of flowers somewhere in the gate indicating that Hei did not kill Yin.

If he had the being would not have been there. So by multiplying the wheelchair contractor, they recreate Earth: So, in case something will happen to the real world, they make sure humankind will survive. With that all discussed, what happened with Hei?

In case you didn't know, Hei lost his power, and with the meteor fragment of Sue, he basically delivered his contract power to her that's why she became a contractor.

hei and yin relationship advice

Hei doesn't have his power until the end when he meets Yin as Izanami which returns Hei's powers the scene where Sue dies and Yin gave Hei two option: To kill Yin and prevent the birth of the alien which might erase all humans and contractors as one; saving the earth, or To use his power once again to separate Yin from Izanagi; by doing so he makes sure Izanami and Izanagi will meet and will bring birth to the demonic child we see in the end, the one sucking souls from anyone; using Hei's power, he will be able to get Yin and to live with her till death will be shown upon them, which might happen in the next future.

Hei chooses the second option, he gets Yin and the real Earth isn't safe anymore.

The huh? Wha? at the end of Ryuusei no Gemini – Between Linux and Anime

So when you see Hei holding Yin and going with her, you should know she is alive and he is as well. Meanwhile, the demonic child is on earth, Americans conquer Japan, the syndicate continues his affords to prevent from everyone dying and there is another planet earth with humans only on it.

Hei uses his power to separate Yin from Izanagi and by that, he gets Yin alive.

hei and yin relationship advice

Earth is being duplicated but without all this messed crap.