Helen wood and ash harrison relationship problems

Charlotte Crosby 'dating Big Brother star Ash Harrison – Helen Wood's ex' | Daily Star

helen wood and ash harrison relationship problems

Former vice girl Helen Wood has spoken of her 'regret' as she opened Speaking to fellow housemate, Ash Harrison, Helen admitted: 'I've not got the ' We had a threesome, we agreed not to tell anyone cos he's f***ing married. Rinna in new interview for LaPalme Magazine The men's Winter Issue. Helen Wood has lashed out at former flame Ash Harrison - claiming he Harrison' - scrounged after her winnings during their relationship. Helen Wood has made her feelings about Ash Harrison very clear started dating Ash a couple of months ago and their relationship is already.

helen wood and ash harrison relationship problems

Ash appeared to threaten the leak of pictures On that trip, Ash who always frowned upon my past had the cheek to ask me how I could have done what I did for a living even though he's never worked a day in his life. Want to question someone's work ethic? Try not spending thousands of that person's money.

Helen Wood gives shock warning to Charlotte Crosby as she goes IN on Ash Harrison | Daily Star

Cringing at myself over what a plank I'd become, I went round Ash's house well, his mummy's where he still lives to talk. I said we should stop sleeping with each other, he was not only jobless, but judgemental.

A total snob who laughed at people who worked in shops or held down s. Credit where it's due, he did excel at remaining on the dole in Stockport.

helen wood and ash harrison relationship problems

He moved on pretty speedily, fair play, plastering his new girlfriend all over social media. I get it, you're getting laid. Anyway, I chose not to contact Ash regarding repayments of the money whilst he had a bird, I was over him and over the cash.

helen wood and ash harrison relationship problems

Clever lass, she soon saw sense too, let's just say, history repeated itself. Once they were over, and with new year looming, I got thinking about how I could do with my money back.

So, I checked the statement of the bank account I had opened for Ash he wasn't able to open one himself due to his radioactive credit history and saw all the money had been spunked on nights out, clothes, gym memberships, everything but his cock 'n' bull business that he sat and cried to me about like a puppy.

'Cashless Harrison' Helen Wood exposes Big Brother Ash as scrounger who owes her thousands

Ash was somewhat of a fan of Helen's winnings Obviously fuming, I demanded every penny to be paid back, and As it's Christmas, consider this a double warning, not just of wannabe models but of those still tied to their mother's apron strings. People have often asked what my beef is with Charlotte, look, I write a column, sorry I don't talk about the colours of the sodding rainbow and what cupcakes I've made that day, but my role is mostly to write about what I see on reality TV and read in the mags.

helen wood and ash harrison relationship problems

And all I've seen of her is a mess of a bird who wees herself, shags, cheats, gets so drunk she forgets her own name, and for what?

It's everything he told me he hates in a girl. Think we need a wash after seeing this Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby Charlotte Crosby's now even has her own show, take a look through her sexiest pictures here.

Listen, would you read this if I started typing out the Bible or do you read it to see what I have to say?

helen wood and ash harrison relationship problems

Here's where I'm at. Make a bit more sense now for those struggling to grasp why I say the things I do?

We did not see this coming: Charlotte Crosby snapped getting close with BB's Ash Harrison

I'm paid to take the mick, be tongue-in-cheek, gets tongues wagging, geddit, so before the Geordie Shore posse start forming their own manhunt to track me down and drown me in the River Tyne, let's get real.

I'm sure she's not a bad person, she just reeks of insecurity, and when you're on telly and you behave like she does, sorry, but you do invite comments. Ash tweeted his thoughts on Geordie Shore pre dating Charlotte One thing I will say, no matter how much someone pisses the bed, farts, and acts like a bloke, no girl deserves to be mugged off in anyway, and the one thing this guy is the worst for when it comes to mugging off, is sponging.

The sheer audacity for him to even date a girl he used to encourage me to slate, not to mention how his mum and aunties annihilated her because of how the GS cast behave.