Imran khan and reham relationship problems

imran khan and reham relationship problems

Reham Khan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran with Indian media, Reham says she has learned about the marriage from. 'Cringeworthy,' Reham Khan on Imran Khan's third marriage pictures that they would divorce, citing Jemima's difficulties to settle in Pakistan. Reham spills the beans on divorce with Imran Khan the high-profile split with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan, Reham Khan . there are much bigger issues facing pakistan then why their marriage broke up!.

imran khan and reham relationship problems

Further, she also writes about how Imran never paid heed to several claims of corruption in the system. She also mentions how Imran had asked her to bid for the timber that the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government had confiscated as part of a crackdown on timber mafia. I lamented how costly the wood was. I had already bought two rather expensive carpets out of my own money.

But he insisted that I should order them all right away, and if I needed solid wood, he could just get it from the timber they had confiscated. I stopped dead in my tracks. Was my husband and leader saying that his wife could get illegal, confiscated timber by sending her own people for the bidding?

Indians among Imran Khan’s five illegitimate kids, claims ex-wife Reham Khan

And PTI were free to run them as they liked, and potentially even sell them back to the government at a loss after leeching the businesses of all profit. So, the pertinent question was simply this: Where did all that money go?

imran khan and reham relationship problems

She writes that she had caught her husband red-handed snorting coke in their bathroom. While he allegedly assured her that she need not worry about his drug problem, she claims that the habit never stopped. She also writes about how he used a mouth guard to stop his teeth from clenching due to the effects of coke.

imran khan and reham relationship problems

He also did heroin, the book claims. She further writes that Imran had possession of all sorts of tranquillisers, mainly benzodiazepines like Xanax and Lexotanil and also the banned Rohypnol.

You can only talk politics with Imran: Reham Khan - Celebrity - Images

She also mentions that the former cricketer could not remember the things he said because of the high amount of drugs he did and the coke he allegedly snorted. The PTI leader, however, did not remember the comment the next day. The Sexual Encounters Reham claims that her ex-husband engaged in gay encounters. When quizzed about it, Imran said the lubricant and the metal cases were used together.

She claims that she read explicit messages from Andaleeb Abbas and Uzma Kardar. The book claims that her husband dismissed her concerns citing various reasons, including calling Andaleeb an alcoholic.

‘Cringeworthy,’ Reham Khan on Imran Khan’s third marriage pictures - Daily Pakistan

Uzma Kardar was not only in the habit of regularly sending him images of her genitalia but would force her way in to stand or sit next to him, even in my presence. I dismissed her as a disturbed woman. It is a huge issue, though. I have never spoken about my own experience before, but this issue needs a lot of awareness. This became the beginning of the end of the woman I had been; a woman who had defied oppression, who had never confined herself to stereotypes, suddenly in a position where she was expected to conform to traditional behaviour associated with Pakistani political wives and first ladies.

And I willingly did so, out of love.

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Admittedly, because we were in the public eye, everyone felt they had a right to get involved in our private affairs. Women in our society generally complain of an interfering mother-in-law or sister-in-law, but being the national bhabi sister-in-lawmeant the whole country was my susral in-laws ; it meant everyone had a say.

The price of a stamp is all you need as a man in Pakistan to shut the doors of your house to a woman who had made it a home. Things that you leave behind are insignificant — they can be bought again. But the faith in humanity and the faith in love that you lose can never be replaced. The striking fact is that in the 10 years previous that I was unmarried and on my own two of those years in PakistanI felt more secure and protected. I went and got married to the strongest man in the land, idolised by millions, only to face a barrage of abuse.

Imran 'chose the wrong woman to mess with': Ex-wife Reham Khan on her tell-all memoir

It still surprises me how people I have never met and who are sitting miles away, are capable of giving reliable information about me. As I met different diehard professional female PTI supporters, I urged them to come forward and become active in politics. The answer was always the same: We cannot tolerate the attacks you put up with. Is it possible that family disapproval played a part?