In islam husband and wife relationship help

Husband and Wife in Islam - 10 Tips to Spice Up the Bond

in islam husband and wife relationship help

and constantly help each other win Allah's love. Truly happy Happy Muslim couples live and breathe this hadith in their marriage: “He who. an extraordinary guide for muslim couples in the west for dealing with their If parental support is there for an intercultural marriage, things are smoother for the . The following general guidelines must be adhered to always in a marriage and of comfort and happiness for her husband and it is for this that a Muslim man . Your wife is the one that you protect and love, the one you support and guide.

He started laughing and said: When it comes to love and marriage, there really is no greater gift that you can give your spouse than taking some time to be present to them and their needs. It is easy to get caught up in daily living.

Pressures of the modern day often mean that not just husbands but also wives are now part of the workforce. This means that time for nurturing the marriage is often at a premium.

Part 1: The Duties of Women | Principles Of Marriage & Family Ethics |

Yes, it may be challenging, but it is of vital importance to set aside time, not just for the normal daily activities and children, but with each other as man and wife. It is this primary bond that will build the foundation of the family, so it has to be nurtured. Take drives, go out on walks, and even sit back at the end of the evening with a cup of tea or coffee to have a meaningful conversation.

In this there is evidence of the truth for the people who carefully think. Love and mercy should be the hallmarks of any solid marriage and relationship. We see that it is stipulated within the scriptures. But is this truly what is practised in modern daily life? You can also express your gratitude through acts of consideration, doing something thoughtful or using your own perception to do something meaningful for your partner.

I do not want to take all of my rights from her so that she will not take all of her rights from me because Allah, the Exalted, stated the following: Marriage can be a complex situation at times, but there are still basic principles of a man and woman and attraction at play in a husband and wife relationship in Islam and an effort made in this department can help strengthen the marital bond.

The General Guidelines

A good scent, a clean body, good dress, and some makeup and accessories for the ladies all communicate to your spouse that you have a positive attitude about yourself and that you respect your marriage enough to make the effort. Men must also make the effort to be well-groomed to the best of their ability. However, this does not mean that fun within the marriage context should not be had. As much as marriage can fall into a routine, it is important that as a couple you two retain the identity of man and wife.

Play games, eat out at your favourite restaurants, and get the heart rate up with some fun adrenaline -filled sport. Create a buzz that you will remember and talk about for years to come. You have rights over your women and your women also have rights over you. Their rights over you are that you provide food and clothing for them in good faith. Your rights over them are that they do not allow and nor do they give permission, for people to trespass into your house whose presence you dislike.

A man must take the helm as a provider, but equally, a woman needs to close ranks and protect the home from any presence that may threaten it.

in islam husband and wife relationship help

It is through this synergy and language of give and take that strong marriage is built upon. Love and a successful marriage are defined by kindness and acts of giving between a husband and wife in Islam. At times, we give in kind, such as giving our love, time, effort, energy, imagination and compassion and that is enough.

However, there are other times when a well-timed present makes a person feel that much more special. For both partners to be equally fulfilled, and to live in balance and harmony with each other, and with God, in an atmosphere of love and respect, we must strive to follow these rights and duties: To be treated with honour, patience and kindness.

To enjoy intimate relations with each other. To keep your personal and legal identity after marriage. Muslim women retain their inheritance, family name, mahr etc General duties For both men and women, to maintain an effort to be attractive to your spouse.

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To be faithful to the bond of marriage. To resolve disputes amicably. To assist and support each other.

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For the husband to provide the physical maintenance of the family — which includes housing, medical care, food etc These rights and duties are intended to provide a foundation for a married couple in terms of their expectations. Many couples have different ideas and needs in addition to the above. That is fine, as long as the communication of these elements between husband and wife is clear from the outset.

Annoy them not, so as to restrict them. And if they carry life in their wombsthen spend your substance on them until they deliver their burden: And if ye find yourselves in difficulties, let another woman suckle the child on the father's behalf. Even with the context of a painful divorce the husband must not annoy his wife, furthermore he should consult with her on relevant issues. If this is what is expected at such times, how much more within the context of a loving marriage?

in islam husband and wife relationship help

In fact from the very basic fact of consultation that Allah requires of Muslims we can understand the need for it in the marriage relationship, consider: And when they have purified themselves, then come to them as Allah has commanded you. Truly Allah loves those who turn unto Him, and loves those who have a care for cleanness.

Your women are a Harth for you, so come to your Harth however you like. Send good ahead for yourselves and have fear of Allah. Know that you are going to meet Him, and give good news to the believers.

in islam husband and wife relationship help

This verse says nothing of other physical contact, so the idea that women should be apart or be deprived of any physical contact during the menstrual period has no basis. If we use this meaning, then it would be understood as found with modification in Lane's Lexicon as: This meaning of the word i.

in islam husband and wife relationship help

The traditional meaning took a very plain direct meaning from a farming context, namely, you sow seed in your wife and you get a baby in return. While this can be a shade of the meaning, it should not be the only meaning for this word in this verse. The word however has also more general meaning reflected by: In the context of crops, you till the land and sow the seed and you get the recompense when something grows.

The crop context is likely the original context for the word harth; however the word is used in other contexts by abstracting the process of planting seed and benefiting from what grows.

Part 1: The Duties of Women

In the nature of Arabic words in the language, the various shades of meaning of a word are typically linked by a common foundation. And so from this foundation you have general meanings coming like recompense, reward, etc.

That is, something in which you expend effort and from which you derive a reward or recompense. And whoever desires the recompense harth of this world - We give him thereof, but there is not for him in the Hereafter any share. This is clearly not narrowly referring to farmers or the like.

We have here a statement from Allah saying that for those who put in the effort for the hereafter, they will get the recompense in the hereafter and for those who put the effort for this life; they will get their reward in this life. So within the context of a wife, we should take the general meaning in all its applications as relevant. Your wife is the one that you protect and love, the one you support and guide.

in islam husband and wife relationship help