India korea relationship yesterday today and tomorrow song

india korea relationship yesterday today and tomorrow song

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Who are None other than two culturally, ethically and even technologically rich countries, India and South Korea. Now the friends that are India and Korea who met somewhere in and ever since assisting each other with continuous and comprehensive effort for a mutual aim that is to attain individual prosperity and Global Development to make this a beautiful World.

As it is appropriately said by Lord Buddha,? Do not dwell in Past, do not Dream of Future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.? However, it is notably beneficial to ponder on the past to analysis the mistakes made, goals achieved and hence plan a constructive path for the future keeping in mind the present scenario.

The Yesterday, in this friendship, is filled with events that gave a lot of motivation and courage to continue in the same streak for stupendous results. To give the same stats, facts and overwhelming figures given in all the referred sites will be of no help and is sheer waste.

The first common and significant occurrence shared by both the countries is India attained its Independence Day on 15 August and on the same day Korea achieved a great feat of becoming Republic.

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In both ways the day was of huge importance but it meant a new beginning of a new story. Was this the very first foundation of the ties between Korea and India? Many former Presidents of Korea connect themselves as their descendent.

Was this the base of the first string of link?? To be more specific its not. He also achieved his enlightment here in India. After which he enlightened the whole world and made everyone wise by his teaching. This reached Korea too, and this was adopted by many. The historic bilateral ties between these great nations are celebrating their bond with lot of zest and jauntiness.

All these agreements and ties brought a widespread bloom and development in all fields stretching from education, Science and technology to Trade.

Trade in particular has achieved new heights of success year after year in both the countries. All these have stimulated by the South Korean open market policies which found resonance with India's economic liberalization and 'Look East Policy'. The India-Republic of Korea Joint Commission for bilateral cooperation was established in February which augmented this process.

India–South Korea relations - Wikipedia

So far, six meetings of the Joint Commission have been held, the last one being in June in Seoul. These all helped to tackle the Asian Financial Crisis for both the countries. These are all the past remembrance of happily placed achievements in the memorable treasure box. However, to see the real effects of the friendship between two nations and its merry time trade, can be evaluated by peeping in the common man?

india korea relationship yesterday today and tomorrow song

If my house is to be taken for a simple example, the main household products used like LED TV, refrigerator, Micro-wave, Air conditioner to the small cell-phones 4 in number are all of Samsung.

In this light, India is a great candidate for us because India's geographical location is a node that connects Asia, Middle East and Africa. The cooperative relationship between Korea and India has gone smoothly, but, in order to develop this into a mature relationship, I believe shaping the environment to add momentum to the Korean firms expanding in India.

First, we need to expand the approval standards for the implementation of offset trade. Aside from direct offset that occurs from purchasing components made in India, we also need to recognize the value-added that comes from the Korean firms establishing factories in India, thereby contributing to maturing the capabilities of Indian researchers and employees.

Moreover, given the complex web of relationship among the entities in the industry such as the government, defense industry firms, research institution, project management agency, a government control tower is necessary to facilitate information exchange and sharing between the two countries.

If this control tower is able to coordinate timely exchange of opinions, I am certain that our bilateral defense industry cooperation will go on to make great achievements.

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What are the advance elements of research and innovation that you are talking about? We are now in the era where so right now Korea government and I are leading at defence reform 2. So, now we are at time where we are about to change the paradigm of war.

And some of these technologies that I am referring to befitting the 4th Industrial revolution such as the Artificial Intelligence and sensory equipment are continue to play big role. And, now we are so that warfare is conducted on behalf of humans by the equipment such unmanned vessels, unmanned robots. India has become the third Asian country after Japan and South Korea to get the Strategic Trade Authorization-1 STA-1 status after the US issued a federal notification to this effect, paving the way for high-technology product selloff to India.

india korea relationship yesterday today and tomorrow song

Besides, India has also floated the requirement of fighter jets and Korea has already ordered 40 F 35 Lightning from US. In the light of this, would Korea- India- US collaboration on fighter jets be a possibility? If India wishes such thing, I am willing to negotiate with India first and discuss the matter with our counterpart at US, however because there was no prior discussion on this matter, I cannot take responsibility and say that these things will happen.

However, I am telling you that there is no reason to say no to such requests.

Embassy of India, Seoul, Republic of Korea

If India wishes so we can provide India with some of the Data and some of the reports that we would receive from Lockheed Martin. Recent report tabled in UN indicates that North Korea has not stopped in arms pilferage. North Korea is said to selling arms and ammunition off to terrorist groups of Yemen and Syria. Is it a big dent on the peace process?

What is your take on this? What I feel is that media is always in the hurry to get to the fast conclusion or fast results but you also have to realize that this is the matter of international relations that take time. Since the first US-North Korea summit in June, I think, it is only a couple of months since then and that it is soon for us to demand complete change of face on the relationships between North Korea and the world.

We should take our time and make careful decision based on sufficient intelligence. In my opinion, I think, on both side of isle of democratic countries —US and South Korea —as well as North Korea have a lot more work to do and cooperate. And, I think, India will part of the patient one for the better results. India is on way to building up a robust ecosystem of defence OEMs. What is the message from Korea —as how India can speed up and create world- class ecosystem of defence manufactures?

During my military career, I worked in defense capability acquisition, and after retirement, I experienced diverse roles in the defense industry during my time as an advisor to a law firm. I can tell you from my experience that a healthy defense industry ecosystem should be able to guarantee cooperation and fair competition on the bedrock of communication and solidarity among all stakeholders in the industry in a cooperative relationship.

In order to establish a healthy defense industry ecosystem, the government should lower the barriers to entry to firms developing innovative technology keeping pace with the 4th industrial revolution; the small and medium enterprises who form the backbone of the defense industry should receive strong support to enable them to create innovative products through technology transfers.