Instant star jude and tommy relationship test

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instant star jude and tommy relationship test

Kwest Taylor – 27 y.o. Best friend to Tommy & Jude. I'm not using the drama of Instant Star because this something a little different. in the doctor's office lounge waiting for the doctor to return with the test results of The only few men that Bailey was happy with, Jude had no romantic relations with them. Instant Star (TV Series –) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more The show is about relationships of all kinds--family, friends, self, and romantic. I' ve seen TV commercials with Jude also likes Tommy but despite her attempts, he reminds her she's too young. Another . In season 2, Jude fails a test. You see. Jude had an angsty on-off relationship with Tommy, a former boy band Tim has worked steadily as an actor since Instant Star, but mainly as a guest star (18 to .. to my 15 y o self, have not rewatched it since - does it stand the test of time?).

Every season is on DVD now and can be purchased through Amazon. Due to legal issues, Alexz couldn't sing all of the songs on the soundtracks for seasons three and four. She's mostly focused on her music career post-Instant Star.

instant star jude and tommy relationship test

Her other movie credits include the Lifetime horror movies Devil's Diary and Stranger with My Face as well the third installment in the Final Destination franchise. So Weird fans will remember young Alexz as the replacement for the lead character in the third and final season. Currently, he can be seen on Lost Girl as The Druid.

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On his outdated Twitter accounthe mentions co-owning a restaurant with some friends. Complex cancelled after two seasons and Saving Hope renewed for a third season. Laura will be playing a werewolf in the upcoming television series Bitten. Zoie Palmer as Patsy Sewer Although Patsy met a tragic end in season two, Zoie managed to keep herself busy acting wise.

Currently, she plays Lauren on the hit sci-fi drama Lost Girl. Today, he plays Agent Tucker on Beauty and the Beast. She randomly appears on Degrassi now as teacher Ms. Tyler Kyte as Vin Spiederman Kyte has focused more on singing more than acting. According to his Twitter accounthe shot some episodes of an upcoming series called 24 Hour Rental. Before going on stage to sing her single " 24 Hours ," she kisses him and becomes embarrassed about it. After performing her song, she gives Tommy her guitar and quits.

Later that night, Tommy convinces her to not to quit by telling her she is "the real thing, even better. While shooting the music video Jude tells Shay he is her first real kiss. They go out until her sixteenth birthday when it is revealed that he was cheating on her with Eden Taylor, the runner up of the Instant Star contest.

Earlier in the day she heard Tommy tell Kwest that he hates that the girl that "gets him the most" is Kwest asks "But if she was 21?

instant star jude and tommy relationship test

He tells her she is asking the wrong guy and kisses her. Tommy breaks her heart by telling her that either he had to stop being her producer, or he could stay but they would have to agree that the kiss never happened. But it is obvious many times that he does feel that way for her. Then, her heart is broken even more when Tommy shows interest in Jude's older sister. Jude makes a deal with Darius and he becomes her manager if he gives her Tommy's old single Frozen. She later discovers that Tommy and her sister, Sadie, have begun dating, so she then falls back on her best friend Jamie who she begins to date while still yearning for Tommy.

The season finale closes with Jude having to make the choice to go on a big tour with Shay, or a little tour in small town bars and clubs. At the airport she chooses the latter. Season two Edit After returning from tour with her band, Jude finds out that her first record isn't selling well and that Darius has now taken over G-major and that he is holding a next Instant Star contest.

Jude was supposed to sing a cover of " Stupid Girl " but when she chooses to sing her own song My Sweet Time Darius stops her in the middle of the show and fires her.

Jude tells Darius she will follow his terms which causes her to break up with Jamie. Jude dyes her hair blonde and a radio shock jock tells her she's a Barbie. Kat comes back into town and gives Jude a fake ID which she uses to get into a bar where she meets Patsy Sewer and gets drunk, in which she then tags a wall with a picture of the man who insulted her.

Kat ends her friendship with Jude because Jude is too busy to hang with her. Jude later dates her lead guitarist, Vincent Spiederman. They are together for a while but break up. Before this incident Jude kisses Mason the second Instant Star and finds out he is gay. The two kiss and walk off. In the season finale, Tommy asks Jude out on a date which she accepts; But he breaks her heart when he tells her he may not be coming back.

Jude runs off to meet Mason, who is on tour. She gets drunk and goes to his room and a guy she was having drinks with followed her and took pictures of her intoxicated. He later mails her record label with copies of the photos, demanding 50 grand or he is going to go to the press.

Season three Edit Season 3 deals with Jude growing up, not only as an artist but as an individual as well. It becomes quite difficult for her to do that with the arrival of the new Instant Star, Karma. Karma comes in and stirs a whirlwind of trouble up for Jude.

But Karma is not Jude's only problem. She recieves a letter from a blackmailer claiming he will go to the press with photos of Jude intoxicated if she doesn't give him 50 grand, where she wants to offer 10 grand. She tells Karma this confidentially but she in turn tells Darius, who forces her to sing in the Instant Star finale to cover for him paying off the blackmailer.

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Tommy returns right before she goes on stage and Jude sees a small child with him who she assumes to be his daughter and refuses to perform. Jamie comforts her backstage and gives her the strength to perform. After her song she goes home and uploads the drunken pictures of her on her own website so they don't have any power over her.

Darius forces her to join Karma's press conference in order to explain away the photos where she is ambushed by Karma about whether or not she's a virgin. Jude goes with her friend Patsy to confront the kid's dad about judging woman on their sexuality but instead joins Karma who is singing to upstage her for a rude comment she made about Jude. Karma ends up being pushed by Patsy for calling Jude a whore and accidentally yanks Jude's shirt, revealing her left boob in front of the entire audience.

It becomes the top story in every magazine and online articles. Tommy is assigned to produce Karma's album and Jude is upset to not have him producing her so she threatens Karma with the rights to her song 'Waste My Time' which she claims Karma can not sing because it is Jude's original song. Tommy is taken off of Karma's album per her request and he is angry at Jude for meddling and states that he actually wanted to be on her album so Jude tries to remedy the situation and convinces Karma to ask for Tommy back.

Later they reconcile and Jude propositions working as alongside him as his co-producer on her third album.

instant star jude and tommy relationship test

Trying to figure out who she has feelings for, Tommy or Kwest, she kisses Tommy. He was a little too out of it to stop her and Jude walked in. Sadie hadn't even known they were together.

At the end of season three, the truth of Angie's death comes out and Portia is arrested. Tommy gives Jude a plane ticket and asks her to come away with him because he loves her.

Jamie had already said something similar to Jude, forcing her to make a final decision on who she wants and loves; leaving the season on a massive cliff-hanger. Season 4 Edit In the beginning of season four Jude and Tommy are in love, and it is revealed she has picked him. Jude is having issues with sex and is unsure of whether Tommy truly wants her or not, then they take care of that.

This relationship goes well until Tommy's mother gets sick and he has to go home to take care of her.

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He doesn't want Jude to go with him because his past his very troubled and " his home is not like her home". After 5 weeks and three days of Tommy being gone she realizes she needs him and goes to his hometown to be with him.

Tommy is upset that she came without asking but lets her stay.