Izaya and shizuo relationship trust

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izaya and shizuo relationship trust

Jul 10, To see Izaya actually trust somebody enough to let them in, or more importantly lead such a relationship, knowing Shizuo's unpredictability. Pretty much Celty, Shizuo, and Izaya's relationship. Shizuo: .. When people start trusting Izaya you know there are bad times ahead<<*cough* mikado *cough*. Sep 3, Like, Shizuo and Izaya's relationship is a big part of the story, but it's not In a way, like Kasuka and Ruri, they trust the other – to understand.

I am by no means a shut in, but I am content with my circle of social relations. I talk to many people on a daily basis, it comes with the job. I have to converse with those I come in contact with and therefore I cannot afford but be a shut in, an introvert if you will. I have my reasons for not wanting a partner, past relationships either didn't work out, or I was using them for one thing or another. Granted I have grown out of my selfish ways, well mostly anyway.

Izaya and Shizuo

I still think about myself more than others, but I no longer use people for my own gains. Due to these past experiences, one in particular, I no longer even entertain the notion, the idea of having a romantic partner. I have no desire for company, for someone living in my apartment with me, caring for and about me.

izaya and shizuo relationship trust

Might I change my opinion on this matter? It's possible; however it would take someone quite special and stubborn to ensure that. I wish to be alone, though that may change, who knows? As for this past experience which for lack of better wording, broke me, it's simple really. I 'the great Izaya Orihara' am not as invincible as I may appear. I too have lapses in judgement; I make mistakes just like anyone else.

I trusted a man more that I should have. I let him in, where not even family had been, he knew me inside and out then used what he knew against me.

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If I told you that I had unwittingly and unknowingly entered what would become an abusive relationship, would you believe me? Of course you wouldn't, all I do is lie… isn't that right, Shiki-san?

Your review has been posted. Shizuo rescues him and carries him bridal style and the game presents that their relationship is a bit of Will They or Won't They? The dialogue of this scene can be translated as: I've forgotten everything else, but I feel like I've seen your face before To feel so at ease just from you holding me Surely you were really close to me S- You don't need to remember the past. Forget everything, including today.

I won't be able to love you anymore.

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Ho Yay between Shizuo and Tom, while not prominent in the anime, gets increasingly apparent the more their relationship gets focused on in the light novels. Tom, for example, is the only person allowed to ask about Shizuo's sex life without getting punched in the face and the first person to ever tell Shizuo that he's pretty.

izaya and shizuo relationship trust

To expand on Izaya and Mikado, beyond the fact Izaya doesn't touch anyone else in the anime quite as much: He's the person who made the Dollars so big in the first place by continuing to send out invitations.

Safe to say, Mikado's and Izaya's relationship is much more prominent and focused into in the light novels. Most of the scenes with them are either cut out or edited in anime, with Izaya showing And then there is the scene in the light novel where Izaya and Mikado speak to each other in the phone, with Izaya getting really excited because of Mikado's dark side.

And he even continues to be excited about it even in the next novel! Just the fact how interested Izaya is in Mikado, how he keeps following him around, wanting to know more about him and gathering information about the boy. He even takes an offer from Akabayashi to investigate Mikado's current life down to the "last detail", all while smiling. In the light novels, Izaya thinks that Mikado is "humanity itself! He's the best, that kid! I am respecting you and am a bit surprised.

You are one of the best puppets that i have seen in my life.

izaya and shizuo relationship trust

You are humanity itself! Aa, although i've had a feeling since a long time ago, my instinct wasn't wrong! Good, that's right, you are a human.

izaya and shizuo relationship trust

You especially are human, Ryuugamine Mikado-kun. That's why they should love me in return. Don't you think Mikado-kun? As an addition to Mikado marveling Izaya's presence in the novels, he is shown to trust Izaya, hasn't gotten angry with him even after all the bad things Izaya caused for him, and even thinks that he is a good person.

The last one is even a running gag in the Minidura spin-off manga To izaya's discomfort. And when Mikado returns to chatroom in the later chapters of light novel, the first person he writes in private is Izaya, saying that he is the way he is because of himself, and not because of others, and because he wanted to make sure that there is at least someone who knows that aka Izaya. Not Kida, not Anri, not Celty, but Izaya.

izaya and shizuo relationship trust