Jack bauer and audrey raines relationship quiz

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jack bauer and audrey raines relationship quiz

24 Trivia Quiz What is Jack Bauer's daughter's name? A. Karen. B. Teri What city was Jack Bauer born in? A. Audrey Raines is now married to whom? A. Are You The Type Of Person Who Cheats In A Relationship?. Even though Jack Bauer & Audrey Raines's romance came to an end ' Live Another Day': Kim Raver Talks Audrey & Jack's Relationship. Kim Raver and William Devane will return for next year's event.

Audrey only exists on the show to be Jack's girlfriend, which would have been fine if she were actually a likeable and sympathetic character. I never really liked the presence of Audrey in Jack's life because, by making her character so important in the fabric of the series, the producers undercut the significance of Jack's late wife Teri Leslie Hopewho was tragically killed at the end of Season 1 by turncoat agent Nina Myers Sarah Clarke.

By constantly harping on the notion that Audrey was purportedly "Jack's true love," the show tarnishes the memory of Teri, whose death symbolizes the terrible moment in Jack Bauer's life when things turned irretrievably out of control.

It would be the same, in regards to the James Bond movie series, as suggesting that any of the leading ladies who followed Diana Rigg's tragic Tracy, who marries George Lazenby's James Bond at the end of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"were more important to Bond than Tracy ever was. Eva Green's marvelous Vesper Lynd in 's "Casino Royale" doesn't undermine Tracy's legacy because her character appears in the rebooted Bond series timeline that presumes Tracy never existed.

Audrey Raines proved to be pretty useless even as a love interest. In Season 4, her introductory season, she was already off-putting from the moment she arrived because she was wavering between both Jack and her estranged husband Paul Raines James Frain who, as it turns out, is actually a good and decent man who genuinely loves Audrey.

As the season progresses, Audrey's loyalties continually bounce back and forth between Jack and Paul and it becomes clear that Audrey is a wishy-washy individual totally lacking in strength of character who can't make up her mind who she wants to be with. It didn't help matters that, before the scenario of Season 4 even began, Audrey and Jack had already been deep in their affair, which meant that viewers never really had a chance to slowly acclimate to this romance and they had to accept her wholeheartedly from the moment she was introduced.

It was as if the producers were sternly telling us, "This is the woman Jack loves. Get used to it. In both cases, Jack didn't know either Kate or Walker at the start of the day and the audience had an opportunity to see the trust, caring and rapport that eventually developed between Jack and each of these women throughout those seasons. But what really turned me off to Audrey Raines was how whiny, weepy and wimpy Kim Raver played her throughout much of her tenure on the series.

Cassar was generous with his time and we chatted for awhile. The conversation turned to the Audrey character and I mentioned how a lot of fans in DC hated her because of how weepy and shamelessly emotional she was in Season 4, and that that set the tone for our dislike of the character.

Cassar attempted to defend Kim Raver's performance by explaining how the writers make up the story week-to-week, rather than having a established game plan for the direction of the stories.

He explained that the writers had inadvertently written one scenario-after-another which required Audrey to react in an emotional manner so that, by the time they realized that they had written one crying fit too many for her, it was too late and that the character had already been established as weak and self-indulgent in the minds of many fans of the show.

I never bought that explanation because, as an actress, Kim Raver could've chosen to play those scenes in a calmer, more collected manner if she was inspired and talented enough to think outside the box. My opinion on this is influenced by the anecdote Lauren Bacall shared in her memoirs where she related how director Howard Hawks instructed her to train her voice to speak in a low, deep manner so that, if he ever gave her a scene that was very emotional, she could still play it with a deep voice.

Hawks' logic was that a whiny voice often reflects how a character has lost control of a situation.

jack bauer and audrey raines relationship quiz

If Bacall could play an emotional scene with a deeper voice, then it would show how her character was still calm and collected, despite the turmoil she is experiencing, and that that would demonstrate the strength of the character. The purpose of this example is to illustrate how actors can approach how they perform a scene from a wide variety of perspectives. It was obvious while watching Season 4 that Kim Raver never read Bacall's memoir. If she did, she apparently learned nothing about the direction Hawks gave to Bacall in terms of how to modulate her speaking voice.

jack bauer and audrey raines relationship quiz

Raver could have chosen not to play Audrey in such a sniveling, weepy manner and she simply did not do that. As such, Kim Raver must ultimately take the blame for the negative first impression she made as Audrey by choosing to play her from a such conventional perspective and for not finding ways to give the character more gravitas and authority by having her react to the crisis around her in a more mature manner.

There are people who felt her character had been "improved" when she returned in Season 5, but I felt that those were shallow and cosmetic changes. Even if she wasn't crying as much as she was the previous season, she still rarely demonstrated any genuine sense of character or depth.

This was reflected in the scene in Season 5 where Audrey interrogates the working class woman Diane Huxley Connie Brittonwho Jack had been living with for months while incognito after having staged his death at the end of Season 4. I recall how Audrey was unable to set aside her emotions about Jack and ended up asking Diane intrusive and personal questions--not necessarily to understand what had happened to Jack while he was in hiding--but to find out whether Diane was having an affair with Jack.

For someone who was supposed to be a DoD official, she demonstrated an utter lack of professionalism with the way she conducted that debriefing.

Moreover, as Season 5 progressed, as in the previous season, there really wasn't a strong raison d'etre for Audrey to even be around CTU, much less the show, anymore. This is reflected in the fact that Audrey had dwindling amounts of screen time in the concluding episodes of both Seasons 4 and 5. If she was truly an important character, she wouldn't have been relegated to the sidelines in the climactic hours of both of those seasons, left with only a handful of lines of dialogue in each segment.

I guess what I really don't like about the Audrey Raines character was the manner in which she and Jack turned out to be bad news together. They may have been passionately in love, but they brought out the worst qualities in each others' personalities.

jack bauer and audrey raines relationship quiz

While Audrey was a mass of simpering, narcissistic self-indulgence in the context of her relationship with Jack, Jack turned into an illogical, emotional, sentimental mess where she was concerned.

Rather than inspiring Jack to rise to the occasion and be the best that he could be, her presence on the show made Jack selfish and self-involved at key moments, forgetting about the larger crisis at-hand and only concerned about whether he and Audrey would find happiness together.

Jack leaves Audrey to take the call.

jack bauer and audrey raines relationship quiz

Several minutes later, Audrey goes to check on Jack and is horrified to find him missing. She is unaware that he has been abducted by the Chinese officials who had somehow learned that he was still alive.

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Season 6[ edit ] When Jack asked about Audrey upon his return to Los Angeles, Bill Buchanan replied that she did not know he was back yet. Jack requested that he keep it that way. Chloe O'Brian tells him it was Audrey who discovered that the Chinese government had kidnapped him and had been working through diplomatic back channels to secure Jack's release, although it was unclear at the time as to whether the Chinese government was involved in her death.

Later in the day, after Jack secures the last two nuclear suitcases, Doyle gives Jack Bauer a call that he says is coming through a CTU switchboard, but is actually Audrey Raines. Cheng informs Jack that Audrey is still alive, but if he wishes to keep her alive Jack must call him back on a given number the infamous 24 fan phone when he is alone.

Jack, not telling anyone that he had been contacted by the Chinese and Audrey, calls Cheng back and is told that a component from the nukes will have to be exchanged for the release of Audrey. Bauer agrees and requests help from Chloe O'Brian to get the plans for the chip.

Morris O'Brian catches Chloe accessing his files, and persuades her to tell Buchanan. Buchanan has Jack arrested, but grants his wish to contact President Wayne Palmer. Palmer agrees to the rescue mission, guaranteed by Jack that he "has his word. His first act is to shut down Bauer's mission. Jack realizes what is going on, and holds Mike Doyle at gunpoint, forcing him to exit the vehicle they were taking to Audrey's destination.

When Jack forces Cheng to change the meeting's position to avoid capture, he is followed by Doyle, who steals a vehicle from a local civilian. After chasing him to an abandoned motel, he proceeds to start a gunfight after calling more agents and helicopters.

Cheng narrowly escapes in a Hummer and has his men shoot down a helicopter, with the component still in his possession, and Audrey in CTU's safe keeping.

When Jack is arrested for his actions, he turns to see Audrey be taken away by Doyle's fellow CTU agents and discovers, to his horror that Audrey has been severely traumatized by her time in captivity.

A medical specialist is called in to examine the catatonic Audrey, determining that Audrey had been systematically tortured and injected with mind damaging chemicals by the Chinese while imprisoned. To try to wake Audrey from her catatonic state, the psychologist brought in to diagnose and treat her condition prepares a potentially lethal treatment which involved injecting Audrey with more chemicals to "shock" Audrey awake.

Meanwhile, Jack begged Doyle to let him speak with Audrey, feeling that he could reach Audrey due to the love they once shared.

Doyle talks to the psychologist in the clinic about Jack's request, who refuses to allow Jack near Audrey.

Audrey Raines

Nadia Yassirthe acting Director of CTU, backs the psychologist's decision, in part because of the psychologist pulling rank on her regarding having full control over Audrey. Doyle returns to holding and arranges for Jack to escape custody.

jack bauer and audrey raines relationship quiz

Jack goes to the clinic and stops the doctor just as he is about to begin injecting Audrey. Taking Audrey to CTU's basement in a frantic attempt to escape, Jack then tries to get Audrey to wake up and remember where she had been held by the Chinese when she was returned to the states.

Nadia, the doctor, Doyle, and two security personnel arrive, but just as they are about to take Jack into custody Audrey utters the word "Bloomfield".

Bloomfield turns out to be the name of a copper company, and after CTU forensics finds oxidized copper particles on Audrey's clothing, it is believed that this is where Cheng was holding her and that the location might be Cheng's base of operations. Jack and Audrey are taken back to holding and the clinic, respectively, right after Nadia promises Jack she will not let the doctor go near Audrey. Minutes later James Heller arrives to take Audrey home with him so she can recover, and then warns Jack never to go near her again.

During the season finale of season 6, Jack unexpectedly visits James Heller at home. Jack threatens to kill Heller if he is not allowed to see Audrey and escape with her.

When Jack is granted access, he changes his mind about taking her with him; while watching her rest, Jack admits that they can no longer be together. He promises his eternal love, and then leaves the house and the season ends with a silent clock honoring Jack's sacrifice. Live Another Day[ edit ] Audrey is in London with her father, who is now the President and is trying to convince the United Kingdom not to close an important American base being used for drone operations.

She is seemingly fully recovered from her trauma in season 6. When Jack is captured in the season pilot, Mark keeps this a secret from Audrey and her father because he believes this would be too traumatic for them.

Audrey and Mark are concerned about the medical condition of her father. They assist him in practicing for a speech before Parliament. After her father's speech, she learns from her husband that Jack Bauer is holding people hostage in the US Embassy and is upset that he kept Jack's presence in London a secret from her and her father.

When Audrey finds out that her father plans to surrender himself to Margot in exchange for her to disable the hijacked drones she is distraught and initially blames Mark for helping him with his plan.

Throughout the remainder of the day she was occasionally verbally hostile towards Mark. After she discovers that Cheng Zhi is alive she is shown visibly distraught and in a phone call with Jack she requests that he kills Cheng. Due to the possibility of an armed conflict between China and the U. Navy nuclear sub to sink a Chinese aircraft carrier, Audrey contacts a friend at the Chinese embassy to present evidence of the hijacked drone attacks. After meeting her friend in a park giving her friend the evidence, her friend and the Secret Service agents guarding her are shot by a sniper.

Audrey is then called by Cheng and told the sniper is aiming at her. Due to Jack's attempts to capture Cheng, Kate Morgan takes a team and attempts to rescue her.