Jang kiha and the faces another relationship video

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jang kiha and the faces another relationship video

IU and Jang Kiha of Jang Kiha And The Faces have been dating since at each other's houses (Jang Ki Ha's located in the Mapo District and IU Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. IU's company confirmed the relationship and said it's actually been two years. And the music video of the title song “A Twosome” is creating a buzz, as the first going on between two people, rather than directly saying that they are in a relationship. Indie band Chang Kiha & the Faces members, minus guitarist Lee Min-ki, pose for The other four members are drummer Kim Hyun-ho, bassist Jeong. The two singers were very open with fans about their relationship following a Korean songstress IU and pop-rock vocalist Jang Kiha are the hottest music fans as the frontman of the indie group, Jang Kiha and the Faces. "Two years have already passed since we confirmed our feelings for each other.

jang kiha and the faces another relationship video

At first, it was a five-city tour. So I think we really showed the rock band image we wanted to show because we were on tour with this kind of album.

Especially for this tour.

jang kiha and the faces another relationship video

Even when a band concert is short, it must be 30 minutes at least and you must make an introduction. Where do you get the energy to let go and dance like that? They said afterwards that it was embarrassing. In the concerts I did in the past, I sometimes played an instrument, but I only sing now, so I run all around the stage. You know there are people who are just sexy without even taking sexy poses or putting on a sexy expression.

I feel no sexyness about broad words. Some people think I hit my brain, some people call me sexy, some people call me a model student. Calling me sexy is a great compliment. Could you be in a relationship with someone who knows absolutely nothing about music? I try to think from her perspective. You have a lot of worries and a lot of conflicts. We should be able to think and talk about how to feel in this kind of situation.

Did Jang Ki Ha Write A Love Album Because of IU?

If the girl gets burdened because you care too much, that means you fail at caring about her the way you should. Sitting here in front of you and talking to you, you seem a bit different from how you are in variety programs. I usually speak slowly. And as expected, I also forgot taking my school bag while I was filming the show.

You lived hard more than anyone else last year. You released an album, you had DJ activities, you did variety programs, you even tried acting.

[January – Allure] Jang Ki Ha – Interview – The Sunny Town

I think this is what allowed us to take on various challenges. Going through these experiences must have made you certain about things or the opposite, right? Variety programs are really hard. Do you still enjoy drinking in the middle of the day? We talk and share about music, so I feel at ease with them. People who like drinking know about many good restaurants.

We bring each other to the restuarants we like.

[Update] IU confirmed to be dating Jang Kiha, which explains his happiness – Asian Junkie

Have you ever faced Sung Si Kyung who is a heavy drinker? The rumor saying I drink a lot is very exaggerated. We only meet in our imagination without actually meeting each other, so I think we make the situation blow out of proportions even more.

Drinking in the middle of the day aside, what else are you into?

Chang Kiha And The Faces - Another Relationship

I must get some free time for ideas to come to me. My goal for this year is to find songs and find the time to listen to them. There are many sentences in your lyrics that are so good that they can be above books. If he's too good-looking, I would feel that he doesn't belong to me," she says.

Listing down the attributes of her ideal man in an e-mail interview, she adds that she wants a guy who is serious, yet has a sense of humour.

He should also know "how and when to cheer others up".

jang kiha and the faces another relationship video

Their relationship came to light after paparazzi shots of the couple were published last year. In fact, the stage name she has chosen for herself suggests an inclination towards dating musicians. The singer-actress' latest project is Scarlet Heart, the South Korean remake of the hit Chinese drama of the same name, in which she plays a modern woman who time-travels back to the Goryeo Dynasty The series is airing here on cable channel One.

It has been getting 6 to 7 per cent viewership, losing to Moonlight's 20 per cent. In Singapore, it is the reverse - Scarlet Heart's ratings are more than three times those of Moonlight, according to Kantar Media Singapore, a media monitoring agency. IU says she found it challenging to take on the beloved role played by Chinese actress Liu Shi Shi in the original version.

jang kiha and the faces another relationship video

She takes it on the chin, saying: