Jayalalitha and shoban babu relationship

Jayalalitha and Sobhan Babu Relationship : Truth or Rumour? | Press News Release

jayalalitha and shoban babu relationship

I would say it is apparent that MGR had a relationship with Jayalalitha in their it is widely spoken that Jaya started a live-in relationship with Shoban Babu. Jayalalitha and Sobhan Babu Relationship: Late Tamilnadu CM Jayalalitha During early stage she entered into acting career when MGR. Sobhan Babu, Telugu matinee idol, entered Jayalalithaa's life in the a juncture came in MGR-Ammu (Jayalalithaa's pet name) relationship.

He was charming, much younger and well read.

'Jayalalithaa is my mother' – The claims by multiple people over three decades

She could discuss books with him and he spoke sensibly. There might be two truths and both can contradict each other.

jayalalitha and shoban babu relationship

Controversies dogged her throughout her life like a faithful follower. It tailed behind to enter even into her love life.


Although she was never married to Tamil superstar MG Ramachandran, famous as MGR, their names are taken by everyone in the same breath. She was picked by him for films when she was just 16 and he 42, and they remained together till death parted them. He was her friend, guide and mentor in life, politics, finance — in short, everything.

'Jayalalithaa is my mother' – The claims by multiple people over three decades | The News Minute

She started finding MGR overbearing and controlling, dictating everything from her pocket money to the clothes she wore. Then entered Sobhan Babu, Telugu matinee idol, in her life. Sobhan Babu was charming, much younger to MGR and was well read. Read full text In Amma: Her schoolmate Chandini and her [ I am so happy.

jayalalitha and shoban babu relationship

Following this however, Priya was arrested for the 'declaration' and she blamed VK Sasikala for the action. Her story was simple - she was born to Jayalalithaa at Srirangam in and handed over to a woman named Vijaya for upbringing.

Her stint in the limelight however was shortlived and the Tamil magazines that chose to share her version, were slapped with defamation notices.

Jayalalitha and Sobhan Babu Relationship : Truth or Rumour?

After this, there were multiple claims that sought to portray the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister as a mother who hid her child from the world. But most of them were nipped at the bud. That is, until Jayalalithaa passed away.

jayalalitha and shoban babu relationship

However, TNM later clarified that the woman in the picture was Divya Ramanathan Veeraraghavan, who lives in Australia with her husband. Divya has no connection with Jayalallithaa and in fact belongs to the family of Mridangam Vidwan V Balaji.

This storm caused by this picture had hardly died down, when the next candidate for 'heir' came forward. Wasting the court's time In Marchjust three months after Jayalalithaa's demise, a man named Krishnamurthy, who is a resident of Erode, filed a writ petition before the Madras High Court.

சோபன் பாபு யார்? ஜெயலலிதா செல்வியா,திருமதியா?-Jayalalitha Sobhan Babu Love Affair Secrets revealed

He said that he was the only son of the late Chief Minister. His father, was predictably - Shoban Babu and 'his mother' had apparently planned to introduce him to the public as her son between September, Sasikala was allegedly against this move and quarreled with Jayalalithaa about it.

jayalalitha and shoban babu relationship

The late CM, he says, was then admitted to the hospital on September In his petition, Krishnamurthy goes on to allege that he not even allowed to participate in the funeral. Therafter I escaped from there with the help of the watchmen of that bungalow," read the petition.

Jayalalithaa’s marriage with Sobhan Babu: Truth or rumour?

Days after he came out with this writ petition, the Madras High Court slammed him for lying, wasting the court's time and ordered for his arrest. Lalitha and Ranjani are related to Jayalalithaa.

jayalalitha and shoban babu relationship

Except that as per records Jayalalithaa has only one sibling, a brother named Jayakumar.