Kageyama and hinata relationship

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kageyama and hinata relationship

including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn. What are your thoughts about Haikyuu and their characters, as well as their relationship with each other (like Kageyama and Hinata/Tsukishima/Oikawa)? Do . The most popular of these would be two new first-year players Kageyama Tobio and Hinata Shoyo, whose names are lovingly squished.

He was just afraid of being overshadowed by him. This fear grew and grew, until it got so bad that he almost hit his poor kouhai.

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Iwaizumi is a good role model for Kageyama, an even better one than Oikawa. He understands that Kageyama deserves what he has and that he earns it. When these 2 first met, they had no idea what was going to become of their relationship.

Did the audience have any idea at that time? Not really, now did we? Hinata saw Kageyama as a King, a great volleyball player who was pretty mean.

kageyama and hinata relationship

Kageyama saw Hinata as a shrimp who had a lot of wasted potential. That is, until Karasuno.

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The 2 of them were forced to work together and sort things out, which is not how you typically make friends right? But they had to. Then, we all found out how well they worked together, and the eureka they felt was amazing. In those moments, they both new this was the start of something that neither of them expected.

Kageyama being a grumpy but slightly misunderstood moon and Hinata being an exuberant and open sun. They have a positive effect on one another.

He then treats Hinata in the same way.

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Although they fight often, they really do care as most of us know. Their rivalry helps them get stronger physically and mentally. Hinata helped Kageyama out of the hole that he dug himself into, and pulls him out to show Kageyama the world outside of it.

The 2 of them also amaze one another time and time again.

kageyama and hinata relationship

Hinata has changed a lot from the beginning of the series as well. The setter viewed him as overly idealistic and weak initially, but was soon taken aback by his determination to win and his jumping ability. However, Kitagawa Daiichi ended up annihilating Yukigaoka. Before they left, Kageyama yelled at Hinata for letting his skills go to waste by joining a meager team like Yukigaoka.

This affected Hinata greatly and he ran after Kageyama, announcing that he would defeat him one day. Kageyama seemed to accept his challenge, but told Hinata to improve his skills first.

However, even though he remembered him because of his exceptional skills, he never learned his name. When they met each other again in the same high school, Kageyama regarded Hinata awkwardly until the latter expressed his desire to defeat Kageyama.

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His confidence annoyed Kageyama, leading to a fight that got them kicked out of the club until they viewed each other as teammates. After several failed attempts to get back in, they grew desperate and asked for a match to prove that they could work together. They were given a week to practice, but Kageyama refused to work with Hinata because Kageyama deemed him as too weak; this changed when Kageyama pushed Hinata to his limits and spiked an impossible ball, but the latter wouldn't give up and chased after it.

kageyama and hinata relationship

Inspired, Kageyama finally accepted Hinata and tossed to him. However, they didn't do well during the beginning of the match because they couldn't synchronize their movements.

Tsukishima insulted Kageyama throughout the game and brought up his past as well. Surprisingly, Hinata stood up for the setter, exclaiming that Kageyama had him now. Hinata, who despised Kageyama before, trusted him completely and closed his eyes when he spiked; Kageyama had become his strongest ally, and vice versa.

kageyama and hinata relationship

From then on, their relationship improved tremendously. When they lost in the Interhigh, Kageyama even apologized to Hinata. However, in the Tokyo Expedition Arc, their friendship was strained when the two disagreed on the ways they could improve. Hinata wanted to have his eyes opened when he spiked Kageyama's tosses, but Kageyama was against it because he thought the quick strike was fine the way it was. Despite his failures, Hinata refused to back down and they got into a huge fight.

For the majority of the summer camp, they wouldn't speak to each other until they slowly came up with a new toss that they both liked. Since then, they have reconciled and have a stronger relationship. Kageyama also considers Hinata as more troublesome than any opponent team's blockers. On the other hand, Kageyama looked up to Oikawa and often requested for him to teach him how to serve; Oikawa refused to, but Kageyama eventually learned by simply watching him.

There was one incident in Kageyama's first year of junior high when he asked an already stressed Oikawa to teach him. Out of jealousy, Oikawa almost hit the first year, only to be restrained by Iwaizumi. Since his junior high years, Kageyama has grown to see Oikawa as more of a rival than a role model, but he still retains the respect he held in junior high. They don't speak to each other for the next hour. Hinata almost bursts into tears when Sawamura-san and Sugawara-san walk into the gym together with two shopping bags full of ice cream tubs between them.

Tanaka actually does tear up a little when they set the tubs of ice cream down and start handing out spoons to everyone on the team. Is this what heaven looks like? Quickly he passes the tub of ice cream back to Hinata, spoon and all, and the moment passes quicky when Hinata sticks a whole spoonful of ice cream into his mouth and then immediately follows it up with a very high-pitched yelp and a minute straight of complaining about how much his teeth ache because only an idiot would shovel an entire scoop of ice cream into his mouth despite the knowledge that he has sensitive teeth, honestly.

It almost makes Kageyama forget about the whole incident regarding the stolen spoon. Their last match of their first year is an emotional one.