Karan kundra and anusha dandekar relationship

karan kundra and anusha dandekar relationship

Karan Kundra said that he and Anusha Dandekar are secure in their relationship. Actor Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar are one of the most loved Karan: To be in a successful relationship, I want couples not to set. Recently, Karan Kundrra and his girlfriend Anusha Dandekar had come on MTV Troll Police where they spoke about Karan's relationship with Kritika. Karan Kundra: Trolling has caused problems between me and Anusha.

Anusha and I live for ourselves, that makes us happy. What are the pros and con of working together?

karan kundra and anusha dandekar relationship

I think the pros are more than cons. Working together is amazing because we were shooting for a month and staying together all the time in the same vicinity. If you are not in a healthy relationship, you would probably end up killing each other. For us, it is a really happy time. We fought twice for three minutes on the sets and it was very professional.

karan kundra and anusha dandekar relationship

Any keys you both like to share to be in a successful relationship? You need to give each other space and just support each other. Don't keep your partner trapped and suffocated, that is how you push each other away.

You both have a huge fan following on social media, how do you deal with trolls? I think tackling them with kindness is everything because everybody has a story, you don't know how lonely, angry, upset they are with their own life.

Karan Kundra: Trolling has caused problems between me and Anusha

They might say sorry to you if you handle them with ease. People trolling, those who are actually doing something in their life, are nothing themselves.

karan kundra and anusha dandekar relationship

They are frustrated people and get irritated by everything. These trollers are like dogs as they take out all their frustration on others.

karan kundra and anusha dandekar relationship

When are you both getting married? No plans of getting married. Being able to communicate what you are thinking and understanding what your partner is feeling, is honestly the most magical part of a relationship. Be yourself in the relationship: The key to a successful relationship is to be real. Of course, saying what you feel lovingly is way more productive than screaming or shouting.

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  • Anusha Dandekar and Karan Kundra are currently seen in MTV Love School.

A relationship is not only about staying true to your partner but also staying true to yourself. Do not ever try to change your partner: Love is about compromise, acceptance and appreciation.

karan kundra and anusha dandekar relationship

You may dislike five things about your partner but focus on the 20 things you do like and love. Stay positive because once you are in a negative spiral all things in the relationship start looking bad.

Karan Kundrra, Anusha Dandekar share 5 rules to ace a relationship | tv | Hindustan Times

A happy bond is making sure your partner and you take steps to embrace one another not the steps you take to change each other. A post shared by Anusha Dandekar vjanusha on May 19, at 6: Priorities may be very different as long as both of you are aware, comfortable and happy with each others priority list. However, you should never force anyone to change their list according to yours.

Everyone has their own path and freedom to find it is when you will be even stronger together.