Kazehaya and sawako relationship test

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kazehaya and sawako relationship test

Shouta Kazehaya (風早 翔太 Kazehaya Shōta) is a character from the series Kimi ni Todoke. Shouta is Sawako's outgoing and friendly classmate, as well as her His relationship with Sawako is one of the main forces that drives the series. He began to fall in love with Sawako after the Courage Test, and starts to talk to. Kimi ni Todoke - Kiss - Sawako Kuronuma and Shota Kazehaya Kazehaya asking Sawako out Romance Anime, Kimi Ni Todoke, Wolf Girl, Going Out giving her a book with notes of what's going to be on the test at the same time. . 1 Free and No Registration required for Hapi Mari What Will Change After a Marriage?. Kurumi and Sawako actually becomes great friends in the manga. Kazehaya and Sawako's relationship has grown a lot through the series.

In chapter 71, Sawako starts asking if he is still in love with her, he quickly kisses her. She is the arguably the most mature of the group and she has a boyfriend in college as well as having her ears pierced multiple times.

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Kurumi starts a rumor that Ayane played around with more than guys in middle school, and that she and Yoshida are thug underlings of Sawako's in high school.

She was also able to figure out that it was Ume who spread the rumors, Ch. She is also fairly intimidating when angry, being called scary by Chizuru a number of times. Later on she breaks up with her boyfriend, who had begun to become too possessive of her: However, starting from chapter 59, it has been strongly hinted that Kento has feelings for Ayane. She is the tomboy of the group, and she even admits this when Ryu calls them brothers, where she argues about who is the older rather than that she is not a 'brother'.

She can be very emotional at times, usually seen humorously crying after a touching moment between her friends. She has a soft spot for innocent mannered people, so she takes a near instant liking to Sawako. In Kurumi's fake rumors it was passed around that she was a former Yankeethough Chizuru just takes the rumor as a means of scaring people off or as a joke for her friends.

When he confesses to her again, this time making it clear, it shocks her to the point where it becomes difficult to talk to him normally as she never thought about him like that and believes that they can't go back to how they were before ever again.

But she begins to grow feelings for Ryu and in chapter 88 she confesses to Ryu and he kisses her. He is the son of the ramen shop owner of Chizuru Yoshida's favourite ramen shop. He is quiet most of the time and rarely talks, but still can communicate well with Sawako, as they both don't talk much anyways. Ryu and Kazehaya became friends when they were on the baseball team during middle school.

He is also close childhood friends with Chizuru and does not deny having feelings for her, such as simply smiling when Sawako asks if he and Chizuru are dating. He's more than willing to comfort Chizuru if she's depressed, though he would rather have her mad at him as he knows Chizuru can vent out her emotions better. Ryu also seems to like animals a lot; when Shota was going to walk "Maru", his adopted puppy, home with Sawako, Chizuru pulled Ryu away telling him he's going to walk with Ayane and her instead.

While being pulled away from Shota's puppy, he cried out for it. A running gag in the series is that he has a very hard time remembering a person's name with the exception of Kazehaya and Chizuru as he's known them for a long time, and after some time later Sawako and Ayane. In chapter 43, he casually tells Chizuru that he loves her and she is totally shocked.

In response, he smiles and says, "I know. Sawako, being formal, always refers to him as "Arai-sensei," while almost everyone else refers to him by his nickname, "Pin. He used to be part of Kazehaya's father's league team, so he has known Shota since when he was young.

kazehaya and sawako relationship test

A loud and eccentric man prone to believing the silliest things, Pin apparently enjoys interrupting people. A running gag through the series, despite being a teacher he is prone to actions that are more suited to a teenager, such as eagerly running to the bathroom when he heard about a fight yet became depressed when Sawako and her friends were making up rather than fighting.

He also has a false impression that Sawako is an exorcist. Pin also has a habit of believing girls in Sawakos year fancy him and often turns them down when they speak to him, stating that he's just too old for them. Aya Hirano animeMirei Kiritani live-action A girl who appears friendly and sweet to everyone around her, she has had a huge crush on Kazehaya since their first year of middle school; as a result, she understands his personality well, despite the fact they were never close friends.

From when she was first seen, for many chapters she was known only as "Kurumi", which Sawako mistook to be her given name.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 26

She dislikes her given name, Ume, because it sounds old-fashioned and prefers to be called her nickname, "Kurumi. During the next series of events it comes out that the middle school "Kazehaya is Everyone's" alliance had been Kurumi's idea, in order to preserve her own chances with Kazehaya.

Sawako-chan, when I'm talking to you I get irritated and say what I really mean When Sawako hesitates on expressing her feelings, Kurumi tells Sawako that Sawako is not worthy of being a rival, but changes her mind after hearing that Sawako and Shota have become a couple.

Mamoru Miyano anime A student who sits next to Sawako at the beginning of their second year. He expresses gratitude over the fact that the two began dating before he fell in love with her.

Kazehaya and Sawako first kiss

He tends to help girls with broken relationships, as he continues to grow feelings for Ayane, he seeks advice from Sawako and Kazehaya. It is from Kazehaya that Kento finds out that Ayane has been slapped by one of her ex-boyfriends.

Mayuki Makiguchi Eriko HiranoVoiced by: After Sawako begins to open up, Endou and Hirano become some of her first friends and try to find ways to encourage her to be less formal around them. They both become close friends of Sawako, who shows her appreciation of their friendship by making them Christmas gifts in addition to those she makes for her parents, Ayane, Chizuru, and Kazehaya.

Masahiro Yamanaka One of Sawako's classmates, easily swayed by other people. He generally appears in the background. Pin rejected her by saying that she is 10 years too early and out of his interest. Pin then gave her a nicely wrap eraser as a gift to Yano as a promise during new years to congratulate her on exams and complimented her.

While walking home from Pin apartment, she wonders if she would still a chance in 10 years time when she becomes a better lady that would not embarrass Pin. The exams end for Sawako and Kazehaya, they decided to meet up in school before the graduation. The spent their time in the classroom and reminiscing their past 3 years together. Then it came the day of the graduation. Sawako was selected to give the graduation speech. Kurumi admitted to Sawako that they were truly good friends, Yano told Pin that she would try to impress him 10 years later, Kazehaya waited for Sawako outside of the classroom to talk and comfort her before they had their class photo taken.

Volume 30 Kazehaya was forced to move out and stay alone to be independent and was looking for a place, Sawako and Kurumi were accepted into the education University in Sapporo.

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Kurumi was invited for a gathering before each of them when their ways where she apologies to Yano and Chizuru for what she did in season 1 where she was forgiven. Ryu has decided to go university but promises to Chizuru that once he has graduated they will get married, and Chizuru replied that she will be waiting for his return.

Chizuru and Sawako sent Yano off to Tokyo at the train station. Kazehaya has found a place to stay and invite Sawako over, they started unpacking his items, bought groceries together where he ask Sawako to pick a cup for herself at his place implying she is welcomed anytime.

They spend the rest of the evening together before Sawako move away.

kazehaya and sawako relationship test

It was time Sawako's departure, Kazehaya was there to send her off, as they could bear to be apart from each other, Sawako did not board the train. Kazehaya brought her back to his apartment. Sawako call her mother to inform her that she did not board the train, is not coming home today and is staying at a friend's house, with her mother only telling her to take care of herself and return to Sapporo the next day.

Kazehaya process to kiss Sawako in public and gave her a letter for Sawako to read on the train filled with his emotions and hope.