Keen and ressler relationship marketing

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keen and ressler relationship marketing

Ever since Raymond Reddington asked for Elizabeth Keen in the first season, fans have been wondering what his connection to her is. And the. He leads the surveillance team at the Farmer's Market, directing the ground team Ressler and Liz, directed by Aram Mojtabai, attempt to intercept the armored car . and Audrey, later admitting to his working relationship with Reddington. The Blacklist Fall Finale Recap: Did Liz Manage to Elude the FBI Yet Again? By Rebecca Ressler and his team had been tracking Liz all day, and shortly after Red is set free, the cops arrive. . To clarify, Aram was not in a relationship with Samar. . Chipotle Guac? trades on the open market like gold!.

After a firefight, he manages to enter Phelps' house, but finds it empty. The agents pursue Phelps through the forest, but he dies just before they capture him.

As the rescued Seth Nelson is being loaded into an ambulance, he complements Elizabeth Keen on a job well done. He goes with Liz to the hotel room booked using the credit card of Gina Zanetakos 's alias Shubie Hartwell.

As he is on the phone coordinating the search for Gina, he does not notice that she is hiding in the elevator, behind some innocent people. Once Gina is alone in the elevator with him she attacks him and manges to subdue him.

In the struggle Gina's phone falls from her pocket and he retrieves it. He is part of the raid at Gina's apartment. Liz is showing him the box she found when one of the other searchers shows him the picture of Tom found next to Gina's bed.

He tells Liz about Gina's money transfer to Max Ruddigerin the meeting with Harold Cooper where she is asked get Red to locate him and find out what Gina bought. He leads the search at the port of Houston, and when the car is discovered he drives it into an empty dock, leaping out just before it plunges into the water.

The car explodes shortly afterwards, underwater, preventing the spread of the radioactive material. Edit He calls Elizabeth Keenfrom outside the subway station where the victims are being removed. He accompanies Liz when she meets Raymond Reddington at his tailors and learns that they are looking for Frederick Barnes. He and Liz go to the hospital, where they learn that the victims died from a weaponized form of Kurz disease.

At a meeting with Harold CooperLiz and Meera MalikRed tells them that he has a contact for the Strontium 90 used in the gas bomb on the subway.

Liz elects to accompany him to visit Anne Forrester, one of Barnes' former co-workers, rather than accompany Red to Cuba. After meeting the family, Liz tells him that she thinks Barnes is trying to publicize Kurz disease so that public reaction will demand a cure be found since the disease is being used for biological terrorism. At the courthouse, he pulls the fire alarm to evacuate the building and then starts searching for Barnes.

He finds the zip tied jury room, requisitions a mask and air tank from some fire fighters and enters the room, finding the survivor, whom he helps to safety.

He reports the fact that Liz gave up her weapon to Cooper and tells her that while he respects her work and position on the team, she is not a trained field agent. After Liz killed Barnes, she tells him that she made the right decision. When Liz says that Barnes' cure would probably have worked, he adds that by the time it is properly tested, it will be too late for Ethan.

She replies that it is the job. Edit Donald Ressler is at the briefing, where the suspects in the cargo plane bombing are identified as residing at the same address. Along with Liz, he participates in the raid on the home. When it is discovered that the current alias of Nathaniel Wolff has just been identified at Reagan airport, he and Liz rush to the airport to co-ordinate the search for the bomb, arriving just in time to be knocked over by the explosion. Ressler and Liz, directed by Aram Mojtabaiattempt to intercept the armored car with Wolf on board.

With the assistance of the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia MPDCthey manage to stop the armored car, but Wolff escapes after a gun battle, by dispersing , dollars in a General Ludd protest march and joins the crowd. At a remote airport, he arrests Wolff.

Nathaniel Wolff takes the time to mock Ressler for his loyalty to the powers that be. Edit While escorting Reddington to the box during Anslo Garrick 's raid, Ressler is shot in the leg by a mercenary and Reddington uses Ressler's gun to return fire. Red grabs medical gear and retreats to the cell. Sometime later, Red asks for Ressler's blood type, which coincidentally turns out to be B-negative. He questions Red's willingness to save his life, despite being aware of how much Ressler despises him and knowing about the failed assassination attempt in Brussels.

While Red administers emergency blood transfusion, Anslo further taunts Ressler about his leg.

keen and ressler relationship marketing

Edit When Anslo Garrick threatens to shoot Liz, Red wakes Ressler, reloads his gun and puts it to his head telling him that he will kill him if he does not tell him the box's password. Realizing that Red is serious, Ressler tells Red the password, allowing Anslo to open the door. Red exits the box, leaving Ressler's gun by his head. In the hospital, he is visited by his former fiance, Audrey Bidwellwho was still listed as his emergency contact.

Edit Along with the rest of the team, he is interrogated about the incursion. He accompanies Liz to the mortuary where Karen Brodine's husband will identify her body. While Liz supervises the identification, he talks to Michael, her son. When Liz tells the team her theory about the injuries inflicted upon the Good Samaritan's victims, he decides that they need to interview Michael Brodine.

In the interview, he gets Michael to admit that he was being abused by his mother. He and Liz visit the hospital where Karl Hoffman is employed, and learn that the only abused person recently treated by Hoffman was a woman named Melissa.

'The Blacklist' season 3: focus shifts to Elizabeth Keen; Ressler relationship might deepen

When they interview Melissa, they learn that her husband, George, is attending a support group. The facilitator of the group identifies Karl Hoffman as an attendee, who left with George.

He goes with Liz to Hoffman's childhood home. During the whole episode, because he is still recovering from his leg wound, Ressler uses a walking stick. When Madryczk tries to flee the restaurant, Ressler stops him at gunpoint. Back in Washington D. He states that breaking the original immunity deal will result in additional criminal charges. Catching spies isn't supposed to be OUR jobs. You CIA guys are supposed to be experts at that.

Forgive us for not knowing Special Agent Elizabeth Keen was spy, and the daughter of a spy.

Donald Ressler

We were told her mother wasn't actually a real person so we didn't put the pieces together in time. Preferably anything involving the Ochoa Brothers. We have credible intel that a few years ago, she helped facilitate the escape of Edgar Ochoa from an FBI sting operation.

keen and ressler relationship marketing

Edgar Ochoa confirmed it himself on a call the DEA intercepted just this morning. Ressler couldn't help but agree. Rostova, number one on the FBI's Most Wanted List, was photographed by a high school student who unwittingly captured the fugitive on camera with his cell phone. Rostova was reportedly walking up and down Wall Street in furry slippers and without a disguise.

The FBI failed to speculate on Rostova's motives for visiting the financial district this morning and attempted to downplay the incident as mere showmanship on Rostova's part until later on in the day when Rostova allegedly simultaneously hacked into the email accounts of nearly 20, Wall Street workers and resent the photo of herself along with the caption: The photo sent shockwaves through the financial community as the Dow plummeted nearly seven hundred points in less than four minutes before the SEC halted trading.

The Exchange remained closed for the rest of the day as the major banks addressed security concerns. Red and Dembe were seated at a small collapsible card table and hovered over a chess board. From the looks of it Dembe was well ahead but Red didn't seem at all concerned with his status in the game. If Liz knew him as well as she thought she did she figured he had a plan, Red always had a plan. Looks like someone caught a picture of me when we were visiting Trust.

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Now we can add economic terrorism to my list of charges. Best use it to our advantage. Is that why we left New York in such a hurry? Dembe's brow furrowed in response. You're always going to be leaving cases in your midst.

It just so happens that you're high profile so everything you do is going to be magnified by the media. That's why it's important that we only trot you out when we really need to. But in the meanwhile the stock market is a funny thing.

keen and ressler relationship marketing

If you know exactly what is going to happen and WHEN you can make quite a bit of money. And it turns out that we in fact made a lot of money off this little stunt. You shut down the entire financial system, half the markets in the world shut down for twenty four hours because you sent an email. I know it's a bit much, the threat and all, but hey look on the bright side, your thirty million is now a hundred and thirty million.

She didn't feel rich. In New York they stayed at one of the nicest hotels in the city. Her suite was bigger than most people's apartments. In Chicago they were staying in a dive hotel off the highway, the sort of thirty dollar a night spot that probably didn't even change the sheets.

The Trust Corporation Chapter 2, a blacklist fanfic | FanFiction

Red and Dembe didn't seem to mind it so she didn't either. Masha was a team player. Masha wasn't a complainer. At least she didn't think she was. Red gave her a disinterested shrug. Your moves are limited but the best thing about having a lot of money is having people come to you. For instance, you're Russian and you carry guns.

The Cyprus Agency

That's fine, but Russians carry knives. Especially FSB operatives, they wouldn't be caught dead without their knives.

keen and ressler relationship marketing

You can hire someone to come in and teach you how to wield one properly. Money isn't an issue anymore and you have nothing but time. Learn to cut people. It'll make you feel better. I mean Wall Street," Ressler said almost to himself. Across the room Navabi rolled her eyes at him while Aram punched away at his computer.

I mean she sent an email threating the country's financial system.

Liz + Ressler - A Thousand Years

As much as I want to see the guys on Wall Street sweat it out, the media is saying that today was an incredibly expensive day. They're saying that her little stunt cost this country billions of dollars.

Every country in fact lost billions of dollars. If they wouldn't have shut things down who knows how much money she would have cost us. More talented on a computer than Agent Keen is," he said as he ran his fingers through his hair. She's Masha Rostova until we prove otherwise. I've been pouring over surveillance footage. Most people don't realize this but there are more cameras on Wall Street than any other spot in New York.