Ken zhu and rainie yang relationship test

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ken zhu and rainie yang relationship test

我要变成硬柿子, Yang Ming Wei, Cynthia Wang, Chen De Lie, Ivy Chen, Godfrey Gao · CTS Sweet Relationship .. Ken Chu (Chinese: 朱孝天; pinyin: Zhū Xiàotiān) is a Taiwanese singer, actor, and composer; and a member of Taiwanese Rainie Yang (simplified Chinese: 杨丞琳; traditional Chinese: 楊丞琳; pinyin. She attempts to rekindle her relationship with Xi Men (Ken Chu) (Soujiroh drama starring Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu of F4 and Rainie Yang. year old named Satou Pendragon, a nickname he uses while running beta tests. Apr 22, Rainie Yang doesn't have any relationships or romances she can talk about, but she's thinking directly of marriage! Having no partner for the concert, but 'big brother' Ken Zhu showed up on stage. Rainie and Ken sang a very sweet duet "Qing Fei De Yi"; Rainie calls this song "the.

ken zhu and rainie yang relationship test

At the conclusion of the series, they continued to perform together, inWu became the second F4 member, after Vic Chou, to release his debut solo album, Body Will Sing. Wu has appeared in several Taiwanese dramas as well as motion pictures, inhe starred in Autumns Concerto, one of the highest-rated Taiwanese idol drama.

ken zhu and rainie yang relationship test

Wus performance was a way of thanking the fans and style seekers. Init was announced that Wu will star in his first Chinese television series The Princess Weiyoung alongside Tiffany Tang, as well as the science fiction film Pili Back 2.

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It is the first television production award in Chinese circulation, founded in and it is also one of the three major annual awards presented in Taiwan, along with the Golden Melody Awards for music and the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards for movies and films.

When they began the awards only focused on programs, music shows. After five years, however, television programs were also included, - Starting from this year the awards began to broadcast on television, with many changes made to attract more viewers.

This year the emphasis of the awards is that if you are one of the nominees, - The awards were split into two separate awards ceremonies, one for television broadcasting and one for Radio broadcasting, which were held in alternating years.

From onwards, both ceremonies are held every year and this was the first time the general public could participate in the awards.

ken zhu and rainie yang relationship test

This year theme was the convergence of mobile network, internet, many people think that Golden Bell Awards accredit system is not fair. In defense, Huang Zijiao, a judge for the awards, explained that the rules.

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This only resulted in people not participating in future awards presentation. In addition, some argued that nine people voting for the Golden Bell Awards is not fair as people believe this will become a very subjective choice by the judges.

Three of the judges in the 46th Golden Bell Awards were questioned by the public that they were not worthy to be professionals in the television industry.

ken zhu and rainie yang relationship test

In other words, the vice broad of director of an amusement park, and this is the complete list of Golden Bell Awards winners. She is the oldest member of Taiwanese girl group S. Her English name before entering the industry was Water, when she traveled with her sister to Taipei for a holiday, Ella discovered that her older sister had registered her for a singing competition.

Intimidated by the line of contestants and worried of facing ridicule for her tomboy personality. Her older sister, however, convinced her to stay, Ellas deep voice caught the labels attention, and she reached the final round. Her alto voice was noted for its strong and beautiful nature, following the conclusion of the contest, Ella returned to her duties at a local hospital, but received a call from HIM International requesting an additional audition.

Es autograph sessions drew larger audiences, Ella reverted to her simpler, English signature. Obviously, a very careless one. Slightly blushing, shaking her head.

Rainie Yang asks Ken Zhu for hug in front of audience - Shattered Dreams of Reality

As a colleague in business, do you have a message for him? Camera zooms on Rainie's beautiful face.

ken zhu and rainie yang relationship test

But, I do have a tip for you on your birthday -- Do one thing that scares you the most. Thank you very much for your time. A small box with a card came with the flowers. When Rainie opened the box, she found a compass and a card saying: Taiwan Post, Entertainment Section, Jan 14, Security was especially tight at the Marriot Hotel this evening.

The main ballroom is said to be booked for the night by a very special guest. According to unnamed sources, actor Ken Zhu booked the ballroom at noon today for a quiet dinner for two. The arrangement is said to include a 4-piece orchestra to play soothing classics, a lone table set at the center of the ballroom, intimate setting, and a special 9-course meal prepared by the head chef.

According to our source, Ken Zhu arrived at the venue first. He was in a casual evening suit -- very shuai. He scanned the ballroom and seemed satisfied. We both turned when the orchestra started playing. My jaws literally dropped at the sight of her. When I looked at Mr. Ken appeared flustered at first but quickly recovered and walked slowly towards her. He stopped about a foot away from her. Everyone held their breaths. The two were overheard talking: Pauses Um… shall we?