Kerrigan and raynor relationship

kerrigan and raynor relationship

Did kerrigan somehow revive herself (did she actually die?) and came to .. But now, most info points to a metaphysical end for Raynor which. Apr 28, Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan (Starcraft): These two! With a love this complicated, and quite frankly, truly epic, how were they ever going to. Sarah Louise Kerrigan, the self-styled Queen of Blades, is a fictional character in Blizzard She has also claimed that, were she to pen a StarCraft film or novel, she would rather have Kerrigan's relationship with Jim Raynor—the series'.

Raynor was a rebel, someone who was content minding his own. But then the war happened. And the Terran human race had to band together under the rule of Arcturus Mengsk. Mengsk betrayed Kerrigan, leaving her to die in a swarm of Zerg, an evil alien race. Following with me so far? Kerrigan goes on a rampage of revenge, doing all she can to destroy her enemies, chief among them, Mengsk. Her rage burns so hot that she basically kills off any rivals to her own army and then starts unleashing war on anyone in her way.

Raynor tries to get through to her, and eventually, does find her. The thing is, despite the way she looks and the things she has done, Raynor still loves her. He loves her with all his heart and Kerrigan even loves him back. Which makes the last scene of the most recent game so heart breaking.

Kerrigan finally, with the help of Raynor, gets her revenge on Mengsk. And just when you think Raynor and Kerrigan can finally settle down with one another, he looks at her and he knows she has to go. At least not now, not the way the world is now. And he knows he has to let her go.

And they both know they have to keep fighting so they CAN be together. A whole race of the universe will have to be wiped out first so these two can finally be with one another. That, my friends, is literally Epic. Kerrigan being overran, Raynor finding Kerrigan, Raynor letting her go. You know the only thing I have to bring up is this simple but powerful exchange: Be still my heart. Han the hansome rouge and Leia the warrior princess…these two had no business being together at all.

But fate, or random events and choices, however you look at the world, brought them together. And, well, the rest is history.

Sarah Kerrigan

We all know this story, so just watch this and know that I am right on this one: The slowest building relationship out of all of these, these two had to wait and wait and wait until they could not only admit their feelings, but until they would ALLOW themselves to feel these feelings.

But as there was starting to be some light at the end of the tunnel, these two relaxed a little bit and started to grow into one another. They even talked about finally finding Earth and building a small cabin together where they could live out their days. When Roslin was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer, it was Adama who came down to read to her. These two were so damn heart warming and heart wrenching. It was a beautiful thing to watch unfold on screen.

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Zerg transformation left consequence on her hair. At first, her motives seem to be revenge - however, later it is discovered that she is pursuing various pieces of a Xel'naga artifact of great power. Coincidentally, these are the same artifacts that Jim Raynor is pursuing at the request of his recently freed friend Tychus Findlay and his benefactor, the Moebius Foundation. Raynor's forces and Kerrigan constantly bump heads throughout this pursuit, with Kerrigan displaying her now trademark character traits of arrogance and a hunger for power.

Raynor soon learns from Valerian Mengsk, son of Arcturus Mengsk and the real face behind the Moebius Foundation, that the Xel'naga artifacts he has been pursuing, when pieced together, have the power to return Kerrigan to her human form.

At one point, Zeratul suddenly appears on board Raynor's ship and hands to him a crystal containing memories from his recent ventures.

The memories on the crystal chronicle Zeratul's campaign to discover the truth behind an ancient Xel'naga prophecy, a quest which leads him to run into Kerrigan many times in the process. It is through these memories that Raynor learns just how important it is to ensure that Kerrigan does not perish, for she is the chosen person to help win the coming battle against the Protoss-Zerg hybrids.

Through Zeratul's crystal, Raynor is also granted the vision of a possible future, one without Kerrigan, where the Protoss are rendered extinct shortly after the Terrans are annihilated. After seeing this vision, Raynor mounts an invasion on Char in collaboration with Dominion forces to eliminate the Zerg forces on the planet.

The Xel'naga artifact releases an energy blast that wipes the Zerg infection clean off the planet. When Raynor and Findlay seek Kerrigan in the ruins, she is found to have mostly returned to her human form, with only her hair remaining Zerg-like. However, Raynor is forced to kill Findlay when he attempts to assassinate Kerrigan, under orders from his "benefactor", who is revealed to be Arcturus Mengsk. Raynor then carries the weakened Kerrigan over the ruined battlefield to safety.

kerrigan and raynor relationship

Heart of the Swarm, where she is the central character, and it tells the story of her further fate, and of the Zerg Swarm as well. However, the facility is attacked by Dominion forces and while Kerrigan and Valerian manage to escape, Raynor becomes trapped. After returning to look for him, Kerrigan hears Mengsk's announcement that he was captured and executed.

To enact revenge against Mengsk, Kerrigan, while traveling through the sector to reunite the Zerg Swarm under her control, is approached by Zeratul.

Voice actors for Kerrigan, Raynor, Mengsk, Tychus and others. Starcraft and Diablo

Zeratul tells her to travel to Zerus, the original homeworld of the Zerg, where the primal Zerg are in a constantly evolving state. Kerrigan, initially reluctant, is convinced after Zeratul tells her there she can obtain enough power to move on with her vengeance plans.

On Zerus, Kerrigan learns that Amon stole a large portion of the Zerg from Zerus and bound them to a single overriding will, making them Amon's slaves as part of his plot to destroy both the Zerg and Protoss and remake life in his own image. Kerrigan enters a chrysalis in the first Zerg spawning pool and emerges, transforming again into the primal Queen of Blades.

She also realizes that Amon's lingering taint was partially responsible for the crimes she committed during the Brood War. Mengsk contacts Kerrigan and reveals that Raynor was not killed, but is held as a hostage instead, threatening to kill him should she wage war against the Dominion.

With help from Valerian and Raynor's Raiders, Kerrigan manages to rescue Raynor, but is rejected by him for renouncing the human self that he worked so hard to restore. Now in full control of the Zerg Swarm once again, Kerrigan launches an attack on the Dominion's main world, Korhal, to defeat Mengsk.

Valerian convinces her to permit civilian evacuation. As a result, Raynor and his raiders reinforce her assault on the imperial palace. Confronting Mengsk face to face, Kerrigan is almost killed by the Xel'naga artifact before Raynor disables it. Kerrigan kills Mengsk, and bids Raynor farewell to prepare the swarm for "the greatest battle they'll ever face".

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Legacy of the Void[ edit ] During the events of Legacy of the Void, Kerrigan enters into an alliance with Artanis while investigating the Xel'Naga "homeworld" Ulnar, which the pair discover is in fact a colossal space station. Some time after Artanis's reclamation of the Protoss homeworld, Aiur, Kerrigan sends a psionic call to Raynor and Artanis: During the assault of the Void by the joint forces of the Terran Dominion, Zerg Swarm and Protoss Dae'laam, the full context of Zeratul's prophecy about Kerrigan is made clear; only a fellow Xel'Naga is capable of killing Amon, and Kerrigan is the only one who can ascend to that status.

With the remainder of the joint armada, Kerrigan is successful in killing Amon during her psychic backlash in the void. The game's final cutscene is set two years later. Raynor is alone in a bar on planet Mar Sara. Without further explanation, Kerrigan appears in the background, out of focus, in her human form and ghost armour.

Raynor and Kerrigan

She asks Jim if he is ready to leave, to which he replies jovially, "Hell, it's about time. Text appears on the screen saying that Raynor is never heard from again, though Kerrigan is not mentioned. In novels[ edit ] Kerrigan appears in several StarCraft novels that greatly expand her backstory before the first StarCraft game. The novel Uprising portrays Kerrigan's training as a Ghost assassin from an early age, where she is subjected to intense psychological abuse from her Confederate trainer, Lieutenant Rumm.

When she was a young girl, an accident, most likely involving her powers, kills her mother and puts her father in a vegetative state. Consequently, Kerrigan is terrified to use her psionic abilities, [28] and refuses Rumm's demands to show her power, even when he threatens to kill her father. Kerrigan is eventually subdued with mental implants and used as a top Confederate assassin until she is rescued by Arcturus Mengsk.

Liberty's Crusade develops the implied relationship between Jim Raynor and Kerrigan, [30] while Queen of Blades serves to demonstrate Kerrigan's complete transformation by the Zerg, her removal of her inhibitions and morality, and its effect on her former love, Raynor. After sensing a nexus of joined human minds caused by protagonist Jake Ramsey at the end of the first novel, Kerrigan sends Zerg forces to its location, infesting the half-dead body of a Dominion-funded black marketeer, Ethan Stewart.

IGN 's review of StarCraft drew note to the evolution of Kerrigan's character through the story, labelling it as unforgettable and describing her transformation as "chilling".

kerrigan and raynor relationship

While once a skilled psychic terran, her captures by Zerg leads to her transformation into the Queen of Blades.