Kisame vs zabuza and haku relationship

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kisame vs zabuza and haku relationship

This is an adventure story focusing on the lives and relationships of Team 7 as they train and grow together. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - [Naruto U., Haku] If Kurama pressed the attack, he left Naruto vulnerable. Kisame brought his sawtoothed blade down and was met with. Video: #7 Maito Gai vs Kisame #3 Kakashi Vs Edo Tensei Zabuza and Haku Brother's GF of two weeks wants a list of all of his passwords "to build their relationship on trust". miragechick2 is a fanfiction author that has written 4 stories for Naruto. List your collection of Naruto junk and merchandise, if any: I only have one manga (the one with Team 7 vs. Zabuza and Haku). .. If Deidara discovered Konan and Kisame in a relationship first of all, he would be like: "Un!!! Why do you have the girl?.

To see Kakashi forced to once again strike down his former enemy was truly sad.

kisame vs zabuza and haku relationship

The anime did it the justice that it reallt deserved. This fight was fantastic to watch and really got to me on a personal level.

Zabuza and Haku FULL Death Scene [HD] [Eng Dub]

I don't know about you imgurians but being I have autistic tendencies along with other personal issues I always have felt like inside me was a darker side of myself and it was only when I could escape my hatred I could feel free.

Watching this was like watching myself hence my username. Spanning around 10 episodes you see some of the most incredible stuff you ever will see in Naruto. Comes neatly packaged with feels and plot twists just to give this fight the cherry it so rightly deserved. Rated T Naruto - Rated: Now, Teams 7,8,10 and Gai have to retrain them and lead them to a new life.

Not a single konoha person know this, so keep it a secret from them!

kisame vs zabuza and haku relationship

Although it has nothing to do with the cruel and bloodthirsty nature of the village itself, more the eccentricity of its inhabitants. May contain Choujuurou, sorry. Siren of the mist by SammywithSwagger reviews Midori is a academy student from the mist village.

This is going to be one hell of a fun. But With a Twist? With Akatsuki on your tails? And also, what happens when a type of trust forms and a truce is in sight?

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Have to prank with my friend Kayla and the biggest jerk, and Orochimaru in the equation? Too much to handle! I can't shake off the feeling to leave.

Kisame Vs. Zabuza

T for obvious reasons. Later though Naruto - Rated: But when they encounter trouble, and the other Akatsuki, will her plans be so easy to follow through?

kisame vs zabuza and haku relationship

Have Fun With That! And then they kidnap me for information?

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Well I'm not going down without a fight! I hope they can handle it! He needs a tan. How am I, Sakura Haruno, supposed to whip the most feared gang in Suna into shape?

Zabuza Momochi

What happens when she gets thrown in the the Naruto Universe. Rated T for Hidan and Oc. Before the term of the Fourth MizukageYagura KaratachiKirigakure began the practice of pitting Kirigakure Academy graduates against each other in death matches as a final exam with the exceptionally skilled students named prime candidates for the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.

After Zabuza, not yet a student himself, killed over one hundred Academy students, [5] the practice was discontinued and he would thereafter be known as the "Demon of the Hidden Mist".

kisame vs zabuza and haku relationship

His fame grew over the years as he became an Anbukilling the Konohagakure ninja Kumade Toriichi at that time, before finally joining the Seven Swordsmen. At some point, he discovered Hakua child with a special kekkei genkai and began training him to be the ultimate weapon.

In the anime, he and Haku witnessed the Kaguya clan attacking Kirigakure yet chose not to help his village. Soon after, they encountered Kimimarothe soon-to-be-sole survivor of the Kaguya. Although Haku wanted to talk to the boy, Zabuza forced him to leave Kimimaro alone and keep moving.

He willingly uses his own men and others as pawns to fulfil his ambitions, as he raised Haku to be an efficient tool to be discarded when he had no use to exploit; although unlike future antagonists, he was blunt about the purpose that his recruits were needed for, forgoing any form of manipulation by pretending to be benevolent to inspire loyalty.

This corresponds with his cynical view of the world, which only consists of the used and the users, as well as viewing shinobi to be nothing more than tools.

kisame vs zabuza and haku relationship

Despite himself, Zabuza grew to care deeply for Haku and viewed him to be far more than a tool. Zabuza crying after hearing Naruto's words about Haku. He is an observant adversary who is able to analyse his opponent's techniques after seeing it once, but becomes overconfident if he sees the technique as useless. Despite his ruthlessness, Zabuza was possessed of a softer side that he himself was largely unaware of. After Haku's death, while Zabuza initially only laughs at his usefulness, Kakashi notes Zabuza is no longer able to fight to his true potential as he is secretly distraught at Haku's loss.

However, he seems reluctant to speak or hear about it, telling whoever does so to shut up. Kakashi has also noted that Zabuza had hesitated for a moment before the thought of slashing through Haku to get to Kakashi during their battle on the bridge; the lack of hesitation during the Fourth Shinobi War made Kakashi know that the controlled Zabuza was completely different. He has also shown a sense of honour, as seen after his reincarnation when he expressed disgust about the idea of working for anyone who would stoop down so low as to use the dead as their tools, in the meantime making the revived immortal.

His sense of honour is extended even further when he pleads with Kakashi to stop him and Haku from causing damage, wishing his death as a human being to be preserved. Appearance Zabuza's full appearance.