Lavan davis and cassi relationship test

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lavan davis and cassi relationship test

Relationship history. s office where him and Janine work was another setting that was Rochelle Aytes originally portrayed Nicole Jamieson in the test pilot LaVan Davis and Cassi Davis were first seen together in the comedy TV series. The show stars LaVan Davis, Cassi Davis, Allen Payne, Lance Gross, and In the test run, Ella and Curtis were originally C.J.'s parents, but in its current format, . Calvin likes to think of himself as a player until his marriage to Miranda. As the matriarch on Tyler Perry's House of Payne, Cassi Davis knows a lot Her faith was first tested the summer between high school and college when there was Carter, Cassie got mad with God again but stayed in relationship with Him.

In the later seasons after his birth, he has grown more than Hayden.

lavan davis and cassi relationship test

He is seen more than Hayden. In Season 7, he is seen with Hayden where it was discovered that he may have autism. Hayden Payne is the youngest in the Payne household and the younger twin sister of Jayden Payne. She was the baby of the Payne family until Miranda and Calvin's baby was born.

She is seen less than Jayden. In Season 7, she is seen with Jayden where she appears normal. Christian Payne is Miranda and Calvin's newborn baby boy and it was unsure what they named him but he was seen in Payneful Visit.

We were not told what his name was when Miranda gives birth, but Calvin is heard saying his name when he tells Miranda that Christian is sleeping. Curtis constantly jokes about her annoyance at his presence. Claretha is a big gossip; she even rats out the family business to the media in a crime misconception.

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She is known for having a collection of wigs. She left at the beginning of Season 5 after marrying a "prince. She has an exceedingly obese daughter named Huretha and was furious and disgusted when she went out with C. In the Season 7 episode "Payneful Visit", it is revealed that she has leukemia. However, since her return to the series, she is no longer credited as a regular cast member. He shows little affection towards individual people, but in times of great need will come out and show affection.

His first wife disappeared on him, but after he remarried, the first wife returned looking for a divorce. When he did sign the divorce papers, it turned out she'd written a book, and since he's divorced from her he gets nothing. In Season 6 Floyd's second wife kicks him out so he moves into Curtis and Ella's back yard and started dating Claretha until his second wife returned, having lost fifty pounds because she was depressed that they were splitting up.

While Floyd had been hoping to string both along without either finding out about the other, until they bumped into each other in the Payne house and both subsequently broke up with him and Claretha kicked him out. Curtis hates their visits. They are upper-class and appear snobbish towards the Payne family. Upon their first appearance, Claretha identifies Janine's father as a "dancer" known as Dimples, though no one believes her. Liz comes off as judgmental.

Her relationship with her daughter is usually tested. In a Season 3 episode she stays with the Paynes after being kicked out of her house; she annoys everyone, mostly Curtis and Janine.

In a later episode, she visits the new twins and constantly criticizes Janine's parenting skills, going as far as to try to change the babies' names.

When Janine finally confronts her, Liz reveals that her mother was the same way with her. Liz shows a more compassionate side during her visit in season 6 after reading a letter to C.

Curtis's elderly, senile father who visits in one episode. Though he is referred to as "Grandpa" Kelly by Malik and Jasmine, he is actually their great-grandfather, and grandfather to their father C. Eunice Williams Aloma Wright: She shows strong dislike toward Curtis, but takes a liking to everyone else.

Her last name is only revealed in season 6 when Ella's maiden name is finally revealed. Lucas Wendell Pierce and Valarie Pettiford: Miranda's wealthy parents who have appeared in a seasons Miranda's father is a doctor.

In season 6, Miranda's mother thinks Calvin has something to do with Miranda's disappearance until she resurfaces. Past characters Edit Nicole Jamieson played by [ http: She first appeared in the Season 1 episode "Teacher's Pet" where she visited the Payne household to bring back a hamster Jazmine took from the school. They were trapped inside the school building due to a storm that hit Atlanta. From there, sparks started to fly between her and C.

Their relation soon hit a bump when it is revealed how extremely jealous she gets when C. In one episode, it was shown she even gets upset when C.

Nicole has not been seen since Season 2. In the test pilot episodes, Nicole Jamieson was originally portrayed by Rochelle Ayteswhere she was Malik's math teacher. However, she later confessed to C. She then breaks up with Calvin to reconcile with her old boyfriend. In Season 5, she returned and tells Calvin that they have a son named Calvin Jr. In Season 6, she was in a car accident which claimed the life of her husband.

She then asks Calvin and Miranda to take care of Calvin Jr. She make a pass at Calvin on two occasions, indicating that she wants him back. After Calvin pushes her away, she takes Calvin Jr. She then clears Calvin's bank account for back child support, the latter of which Calvin then gets arrested for.

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Her son is with Calvin for the weekend and when he goes to work and Miranda is asleep, Calvin Jr. Tracie shows up at the hospital after she gets a call and tells Calvin she's getting full custody of their son and she attempts to fight Miranda and Janine. But soon her son wakes up from the coma, and she neutralizes her problems with Calvin. Kevin played by Kyre Batiste-Loftinwas Malik's best friend who was a recurring character from Seasons He was much like Malik in personality though slightly more dimwitted.

He was very kind-hearted and generous despite the rare times he behaved selfishly. He often was involved in Malik's crazy schemes to get girls.

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He is last seen in the Season 6 episode "Drinking Game" where he and Malik were drinking when they were left alone in the house. He hasn't been seen or mentioned since.

lavan davis and cassi relationship test

Pookie played by Quincy Bondswas one of Calvin's closest friends. He was Calvin's friend since childhood. However, he and his younger brother Peanut, act nothing like Calvin as they are both ghetto and appear to be thugs. They were still friendly but can be rough at times. He is last seen in Season 5, and hasn't been mentioned since.

He later reappeared in the episode "Payne Showers" in which Curtis throws a "man shower" for Calvin. Peanut played by Clayton Englishwas one of Calvin's closest friends. However, he and his older brother Pookie, act nothing like Calvin as they are both ghetto and appear to be thugs.

Kyle played by Dale Nealwas Tracie's nephew and friend of Malik. He appeared from Seasons He is originally from Bronx, NY. Just like Malik's mother Janine, Kyle's mother had a drug problem. He was living with Tracie while his mother was battling an addiction. He and Malik stole Curtis' motorcycle, which causes Curtis to press charges against both of them.

Curtis later dropped the charges after realizing that the charges were too extreme for them. It is hinted that he dropped out of school. He was last seen in the Season 2 episode "It's a Boy" and hasn't been seen or mentioned since. He is also Christian's half-brother. He was introduced in the Season 5 episode "Surprise! He was playing with matches while Miranda was sleeping; which caused a fire in Calvin and Miranda's condo. He was taken to the hospital where he was in a coma; then later awakened.

The Firehouse Edit Angel O. Reilz Joyce Giraud was the co-worker of Curtis, C. Angel is the only female of the firehouse and at times get upset with the guys for being inconsiderate of that fact.

At one point she got so upset that she thinks about switching to another engine company and sueing them. Angel and Calvin had a tendency to argue all the time according to Calvin it was because she loved him. When Angel was upset she usually began to speak Spanish.

Angel was also known as the best firefighter as evidenced by her several awards and medals. When the guys first meet her they assumed she was going to be a man Curtis had read the "O" of her middle name with Angel, making it appear as "Angelo" and threw water on her as a joke. The character has not been seen or mentioned since Season 4.

He was also one of Calvin's friends. In later episodes, Delante lived in the barbershop until Floyd found him and invited him to live with him. He had a brief relationship with Dana.

lavan davis and cassi relationship test

He got married to some girl he met at the skating rink and moves away to Arizona at the beginning of Season 5. He has not been seen since. Curtis claimed Brown made them wait in the cemetery for two hours while he gave his father a tour of Atlanta his last request but in the movie Brown stayed the entire time. The series was greenlighted for episodes and premiered in early. LaVan is not her spouse. However the audience declined to million as of the week ending September and and as of May.

Despite his top billing Allen Payne is not considered the main actor of the series especially due to his long absence in the fifth season. Probably LaVan joked at the interview but the question remains. Davis who is beautiful and a charming actress is feet inch in height and weighs kg.

In the test run Ella and Curtis were originally. Is sydney james dating anyone Davis attended Spelman College in Atlanta where she took music as her free to use online dating major subject. Its quite surprising to know that the years old actor is not married yet and there is no information about his marriage to date. The free disability dating only part of the firehouse seen on camera was its day room.

He remained a cast member throughout the series. Advertentie Schrijf je gratis in. How can a successful actor like him be single to this date Maybenbsphe is in a secret relationship with somebody. The living room was the only room that was shown. SourcenbspIt is frequently mistaken that actor LaVan Davis is married to actress Cassi Davis in real life but it is false.

It is noted that all main cast members are credited only for the episodes in which they appear Davis attended Spelman College in Atlanta where she took music as her major subject.