Layfon and nina relationship tips

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layfon and nina relationship tips

Okita/Chizuru - Hakuouki Boris/Alice - Heart no kuni no alice. Stories: Heart & Desire - Mutsuki/Anis [ ON HOLD ] With you - Layfon/Nina [ COMPLETE ]. "Not to belittle myself, but that kind of relationship is quite simple. .. After seeing Layfon, Nina and Naruki also showed surprised looks, but those were only for a .. It had a length exceeding the girl's height, and on the tip was attached an. Tags: Anime, Chrome Shelled Regios, Felli, Nina Antalk, Leifon Alseif Stuffed . Chrome Shelled Regios maybe I can convince Kyle to have Layfon Stuffed Shells . chrome shelled regios quotes | Chrome shelled regios - Image of Chrome .. Or Ditto is actually his dad, and his mom was the Charizard in the relationship.

And Zuellni was one of the Academy Cities. Sunlight shot through into a classroom that was filled with a boisterous atmosphere before class began. The students entering the classroom placed their bags behind their seats and either joined into different conversation circles or prepared for class.

Some ran about, asking for notes to copy. Some stayed immersed in their own world. Surrendering to the urge to sleep, Layfon bent over his desk. Uh, the match wasn't tiring. But you look like you wanted to sleep. Her eyes were always teary. He didn't know what to do about that. Did you have to work yesterday too? Her tall presence made him feel like he was being interrogated. Well, working for days at a time can be tiring. It's hard work to clean the Mechanism Chamber. If you seriously want to prepare for the platoon matches, I think it's better for you to quit the cleaning job.

Layfon met them because he stopped the riot at the opening ceremony.


And that was also the reason he was transferred into the Military Arts. But these three had nothing to do with his transfer. A Heaven's Blade successor in Grendan. I'm getting used to cleaning there already," he said as he smiled at Meishen. The cleaning job in the Central Mechanism — cleaning the heart of the Regios — Layfon really had gotten used to it.

The repetitive body work was way more relaxing than using his brain.

Chrome Shelled Regios Ending- Yasashii Uso - Nina Antalk

Are you hiding something? Don't think this can escape my eyes! Hurry up and tell us before you get it! No one could stop Mifi when she was deep in her passion to collect and record any information. Naruki grabbed the back of Mifi's uniform and dragged her away. Class is about to begin. Because Mei-chi is always staggering, we almost forgot about it. Is it my fault? Meishen walked forward, facing Layfon, her face a fiery red.

I made a bento. Do you want to eat together? Meishen nodded at her, her face so red, it seemed like smoke was about to rise from her head. Since his first day here, he'd always been buying bread for lunch. He had helped out in the orphanage so he knew how to cook, but because of his late shift in the Central Mechanism, he spent more time sleeping late in the morning. Just be thankful and accept her goodwill. He was looking at the display. I also want a girlfriend! The intense sound of training in other rooms drifted past the walls and into the boys' ears.

Only Layfon and Harley were in the room. She just likes to cook. There were two types of Kei, a destructive Kei that flowed externally and an internal Kei that strengthened the physical body. They were the skills that Military Artists used. The sword emitted soft green light. The vein of Kei made him feel like he'd grown a new limb. The vein extended into the blade to feel its heat and caressed the wind around it.

Harley sighed in admiration. In this case, isn't it better to use a Platinum Dite? That'll increase the conductive rate. It wasn't as good as the Heaven's Blade he'd used in Grendan. But it was useless to compare the two. In the end, the sword was made to fight the filth monsters. Zuellni's multi-legs were trapped in a filth monster's nest.

With Layfon's help that crisis has been resolved. Harley had made a new adjustment to the Dite at Layfon's request. A weapon that could be divided into countless wires. Layfon used that to wipe out the larvae. He even stepped outside the city to eliminate the mother. Oh, this is fine.

It gave too much of an advantage to Layfon in a platoon match. The Dite Layfon was now holding was newly made.

The residual heat from his Kei remained in his body, making him sweat. If you used that, it would've been easy to win a platoon match. Besides, the captain would never approve of it. Having released so much Kei, he wanted to exercise his limbs. It was a casual swing from high to low.

The remaining Kei on the blade disappeared along with the scattering green light of the Dite. He confirmed his body condition by swinging the sword, and while doing that, he adjusted his different moves. Slowly swinging the sword again and again, focusing his attention to one single point. He no longer detected the color of Kei emitting from the blade. The feeling he had had till now, of the changes in his nerves, slowly extended to the outside, resulting in the feeling that Layfon was swinging the sword like a machine.

And as he concentrated more, even that robotic feeling was pushed outside of his consciousness. He had become empty, whereas everything else was painted with color. He swung at that color. The point of his blade tore a track through the intangible air. This action repeated itself again and again. No matter how many wounds blossomed in the air, more air rushed in to fill it.

He repeated his motion, and only stopped when the wound, affecting the flow of air, was unable to recover. Sharnid had been watching at the door. The wind pressure was strong when you first swung your sword, but in that last swing, the wind pressure just vanished It was amazing," Harley said excitedly. Layfon scratched his head, embarrassed by Harley's child-like excitement.

Then Sharnid poured cold water on Harley's emotion. The two Dites were like rods of charcoal. They had curved handles that were smooth and polished.

In the bend of the handles were metal rings, hiding a hook like thing. Just think of it as insurance," Sharnid said. He used his Kei to restore the Dites. There were no blades extending from above and below, but the shape looked sharp.

The gun was designed with several bulging points. Either way, it looked like some type of attacking weapon. The same material of the captain, Nina's iron whips. I don't plan to shoot long distance with this thing. As long as it can hit anyone within ten Mei, it's fine with me. He reversed the gun barrels. You do know a lot. To put it simply, this was martial arts using guns. Guns had the advantage with long range combat, but compared with swords and daggers, they were slow in terms of close-quarters combat.

And so a new type of gun skill was invented to overcome this weakness. The skill of close-quarters gun combat. Sharnid senpai knows how to use it? And I'm the former," he said with a cunning smile. Not sure whether Sharnid was speaking the truth or not, Layfon looked at Harley, who only shrugged.

Her form was as exquisite as glass art, giving off a pressure as if to freeze everything in her vicinity, but Layfon and the guys were already used to this. Harley checked Felli's Dite and said "Nina's the only one not here. She was always the first to arrive for training, but today, she hadn't shown up yet. And just as he said, a lazy atmosphere filled the room.

Not knowing what to say, Layfon gazed at his sword. A lot has happened after the match. Revealing his real strength in the first platoon match was a setback for Nina. This time, he kept himself at the same level as the rest of the platoon and fought seriously. But in the end, they lost the match. He didn't do his best. It was meaningless to hide his strength anymore, and he agreed with Nina that they had to protect the city. Even so, he tried to fight with some will. And the reason for his not giving his all in the fight was because the platoon match wasn't the real Military Arts competition.

Layfon's strength would be needed after the platoon matches. At some time, mobiles cities would approach nearby cities and fight for territory. In reality, it was the people living in the city who fought.

The reason behind the fight was the fuel source for the Regios — selenium mines. For some reason, a city would only fight against the same kind of city. To reduce the number of casualties, Academy Cities had introduced the Military Arts competition. But even so, this couldn't change the reality that the losing city might die.

Zuellni once had three selenium mines. When Layfon came to study, it only had one mine left. If they lost in the next Military Arts competition, Zuellni would have lost its one and only mine, and face death. At first, Layfon didn't understand what this had to do with him. He felt it was unfair, for he had already decided to give up Military Arts. Despite that, it didn't feel bad to do what he could for the city. One of the key people who changed his way of thinking, Nina, was not happy.

Against her parents' wishes, Nina ran away from home and came to Zuellni — Without money, she had to work in the Core Mechanism. Layfon was also half-studying and half-working. He always bumped into her at work. Recently, they'd earned the trust of their supervisor and were assigned together to clean a larger area. Layfon had been working from midnight till dawn beside the wordless Nina. Thinking back, he felt he had never been through such a long night.

Anyone could see the unhappiness on her face. Is it really because we lost the match? But if he was the cause That part he didn't understand. Shouldn't I speak with her? He was being indecisive about it.

And time passed as he brooded. He had already finished checking her Dite, and he had nothing to do. Sharnid was leaning against the wall with eyes closed. Perhaps he really was sleeping. Felli squinted at Layfon beneath her long eyelashes, her sharp gaze reproaching him. Nina was in her third year, a junior, but she had become the captain of a platoon.

What've you been doing? I almost fell asleep! To him, a fourth year, Nina was younger, so he didn't call her captain. The Dites in her harness gave off metallic noise as she moved. Doubt rose in Layfon. The sound that was usually reliable and convincing now felt unnatural.

The sound of the Dites Nina might have sustained wounds in the previous match, but she didn't look injured. She didn't walk carefully so as not to jar a wound. We won't be training today. Even Felli widened her beautiful eyes, watching Nina with suspicion.

Layfon felt the same. There were many Haikizokus inside the body of the great-grandfather who was known as Gildred, and what if those had all become Nina's things? Layfon thought of this.

If it were truly like that, then that also explained why they couldn't see that old man at this kind of time. Gildred had come because he knew Vati's true identity.

But, if that kind of battle happened in Zuellni, then in the end there would be huge damage. Had he not told Nina anything because he worried about this?

Speaking of which, what had Vati been pursuing for her to come to Zuellni? Though the situation had already developed this far, there were still many things that he didn't know. But, even so, he couldn't stop running right now, and he didn't have time to go back and confirm these things.

The giant destructive power of the wave of flame before him drew nearer stop by step. If they were simply engulfed by this wave, then Grendan and the other cities behind him would end right there.

Had Nina set out in order to resolve this crisis? Or had Nina done this in order to defeat that beast of flame? Perhaps, just like Felli and the others had said, Nina was only being fooled by Schneibel? From what time had he not been able to speak properly with her?

After that time in Grendan, Layfon had closed off his heart, and from that time Nina had begun keeping her own secrets. The opportunities for platoon activities had slowly decreased. Their living areas had changed, and though the distance between them should have decreased, the distance between him and Nina had become longer and longer.

And in that period of time when they hadn't been able to talk, the distance between the two had somehow already been pulled that far apart.

It was hard to bear. For the first time since everything had begun in that battlefield city manipulated by Nina's great-grandfather, Layfon saw the things that had come between the two of them. His current speed hadn't reached the limits that he could achieve. But, using all of his strength before the battle started was meaningless.

And precisely because of that reason, he could only raise his speed to this level right now. Layfon felt angry at his hesitant self after thinking of this. His mood was so impatient that he thought of tearing himself apart. Please don't be that anxious. At that time, Felli's voice entered Layfon's ears. Even if our goal is to save Captain, if you can't strike our final target, then we ultimately won't be able to stop it. Conserving your power is a very necessary action.

His breathing that had become slightly agitated also normalized. Do you want to save Captain? What do you think about Captain? Even Dalshena who hadn't been able to come here had said 'I leave it to you' to Layfon and the others. However, she had held a strongly pained expression on her face for being unable to go. Captain and I are companions, so it doesn't matter.

But Felli still went on. There's nothing good to say about the other two. Sharnid likes anyone who's a female, and Harley is a childhood friend. Ah, he'll probably do something like this even if Captain looked at him like he was an alien. Layfon's question was easily killed. The problem is with you. What do you think? Hasn't something similar happened before?

Hearing that kind of resolute reply, he couldn't find any other excuse. Hurry and say it, what do you think? The pressure transmitted by the Psychokinesis flake made him feel like Felli herself was there, and Layfon was speechless. Right now wasn't the occasion to talk about those kinds of things, and clearly he could resolve everything by saying a few words, but right now the reason he couldn't say those things was because of himself.

Perhaps, talking about this topic might have been able to alleviate Layfon's tension. Looking at it from that perspective, he might be seeing some of Felli's hidden tenderness.

The burden on my shoulders has been lightened a lot. Right now I still want to focus a bit, so could we interrupt this topic for now? Then, why don't you try breathing deeply again? Breathing deeply as he rapidly advanced over the barren earth towards the monster that wished to burn the entire world Even so, he still tried challenging the deep breath to complete Felli's request.

The wind blowing around him blasted away the impurities in the air, and the sounds produced reached his ears Then, please tell me the answer to my question. The premonition that this topic wouldn't be resolved that he felt when Felli said this sentence disappeared after he felt an abnormal sensation. Other than the sound of his running, the air that he had felt abnormally quiet That kind of feeling was very like the tense feeling before a swordfight, and moreover that kind of feeling seemed as if it had solidified in the air.

Of course, that included Alsheyra. A change has occurred. Elsmau's voice sounded extremely tense. Alsheyra stood in the outskirts of the city. So, she had already caught the changes that Elsmau spoke of with her extraordinary vision. The wave of flames closing in on this place has changed. Even if there's a limit for how long we can stay here, we can just let the Heaven's Blades charge out, and I will also follow.

I mean the work of guarding the city. Elsmau's sentence had already revealed the thing she was worried about. Alsheyra's command didn't have half a trace of worry about the half-demolished city.

If something happened, then the city could be completely destroyed. Moreover, I think that right now we don't have the energy to think about what happens afterwards, right? Of course, that person was Nina.

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There was no Psychokinesis flake, nor was there Schneibel's voice. The Haikizokus blazing with Kei inside her also kept silent. During the process of her silent advance, Nina saw the change.

In front of her advancing path, there was a wave of flame. The flames that covered the ground as it drew closer had the pressure of a giant animal. So Nina was sensitive to small changes. Though Nina had chosen to avoid the advance path of the flame in front of her, after she noticed that change, she slightly adjusted her course. Nina adjusted her course towards the flame, charging straight into that giant clump of heat.

Something was going to happen that she had no choice but to face. Nina felt this way. Afterwards, she noticed that her feeling was correct. The violently approaching cluster of flame shook for a moment, trembling while splitting into pieces. Not long afterwards, it had become four-legged beasts wrapped in flame. The group of beasts focused their fiery gazes on Nina's body, and attacked. Though she was running rapidly, Nina's breathing was regular.

She continuously controlled her Kei, limiting it from exploding inside her. A portion of it flowed into her two iron whips. The iron whips that she had received from Zuellni completely absorbed her Kei. And then, she struck.

The iron whips that had silently been swung out were propelled forward, and Nina's figure disappeared amidst light, tearing the surrounding air. Combined Internal and External Kei variant - Raijin. The Kei technique that she unleashed blew away the attacking beasts of flame in an instant.

After they flew out, they were run through by the iron whips. But, not all of the flame beasts had been fended off. The raging flame was still drawing closer, as if it had been released from a bow, or suddenly shot out from a gun. That continuously stretching flame divided endlessly, becoming similar flame beasts that leaped out, running on the ground.

Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume24

Nina's Raijin wanted to pierce that endlessly dividing cluster of flame. The flames that would make others shudder upon seeing them were continuously blown away by Nina, who had become lightning.

Perhaps her confrontational strength looked extremely minor. But, the effects it brought about were indeed intense. Nina's lightning split the flame, blowing away one by one the flame beasts that assaulted her.

The flame beasts were crushed, and their flame scattered and dissipated formlessly. The lightning continuously advanced without stopping its momentum, and finally smashed the main body of flame. She didn't slow down at all, but immediately continued running. She didn't turn around. At the same time, she didn't look left or right.

She only looked ahead. Only at that giant beast that wanted to burn the entire world, even now still constantly releasing flame.

Nina didn't know how she could use that sincere determination housed in her body, and only continued to run. Their speed has increased. Felli who was constantly observing quickly noticed that fact. The flame beasts have a certain heat when they split off. The heat for each one is lowered, and there should be many more Military Artists who can endure that heat. Yes, it was Kei-produced light just now. It should have been Captain who did it.

If this went on they wouldn't catch up. The situation didn't only depend on the speed between Layfon and Nina, but the obstruction of the flame had also pulled open the distance between the two. As if seizing the opportunity to act, the flame had begun spreading to its surroundings. Every move they took had the result of dying the space directly between Layfon and Nina red. If the power of the two were similar to a degree, and if the speed at which they destroyed the divided beasts wasn't too different, then the distance between them wouldn't shorten.

And however he thought, Layfon couldn't have a similar power to Nina who had several Haikizoku inside her. Nina was fighting, but Layfon was just running without fighting.

If that state could be continually maintained They weren't through Psychokinesis, but rather were spoken directly from her mouth. She didn't use Psychokinesis because she feared that if Layfon heard their conversation, it would produce unnecessary worry. I guess if they arrive at the same time it should be fine. The opponent won't force Nina to self-destruct before he sees her power, I think.

But to actually do that kind of thing Seeing Sharnid's change, Felli raised the question. It was the modified gun Harley had created that he had used to send the Dite to Layfon. Even if it couldn't catch up to Nina, as long as they could increase the number of Psychokinesis flakes on the frontline, it was something to be thankful for.

We on this side will also help with that battle plan. At that time, Elsmau's voice joined in. In order to share information, Felli took her flake.

layfon and nina relationship tips

Elsmau's tone of voice was still serious as always, seeming as if she never joked, and it couldn't be figured out whether she was truly listening to the battle plans of every Military Artist nearby. Even Felli felt a headache just thinking about it.

It's also our desire to have a large quantity of Psychokinesis flakes on the frontline. Felli's problem was that she wanted to establish contact with Nina, or get Layfon to catch up to her. We will do that. Also, if there's something that we here can unite for, please tell me, and maybe we can help you. So please don't worry about us. Elsmau retreated surprisingly quickly, completely surpassing Felli's expectations. But, if you need something, please do not be concerned, and say it.

Are you not confident that you can send it? Isn't that why you're here? Please don't spend too much time. How could they send it to Nina? Or, how could they get Layfon to catch up to Nina?

There were only those two questions in Felli's mind. We don't have that kind of superhuman strength, right? Sharnid was already very clear on what kind of beings Military Artists who had honed their Military Arts to the extremes were. Even if they all bet their lives on this battle, Sharnid didn't know how much he and the others really do. To save Nina, he had to go do what he could. In order to reach our goal, we shouldn't actually care so much about the means.

I also understand that kind of feeling very well. The body of the gun had been split into two parts, and that was because the goal of this gun wasn't to shoot a Kei bullet, but to shoot a Dite. This was a gun Harley had invented in order to send Dites to Layfon.

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I changed that, to where it can be filled as much as possible. The bullets embedded inside the clip could be seen. So, you can use your Kei to make big adjustments. For example, it can be used for the desired distance this time, and its destructive power when used as a normal gun can be increased.

Even Felli understood clearly that he was in an extremely tense state right now. A Dite in its unrestored state was loaded into the double barrel, and Sharnid could feel that the air around him became cold.

This was proof that he was entering a state of extreme focus. Felli held her breath, and even Harley watched without moving a muscle. The light of Kei filled the gun barrel. Compared to the strength of the light, the sound released was unexpectedly small because the compressed air was released. No one could follow the speed with his eyes. But, Felli's psychokinesis caught the trail of the Dite that was shot out.

After the Dite flew high into the sky, it formed a parabolic arc. But the place the Dite fell was a place that still couldn't reach Nina. After adjusting slightly, he fired. It still wasn't enough. His adjustment was extremely slight, and there wasn't much of an interval until he pulled the trigger. Wouldn't they fail this way That kind of anxious feeling entwined around Felli. Never mind Nina, the two test shots up to now hadn't even reached Layfon's area. Though they were test shots, if this went on they would fail when it was time for the real shots.

It seemed like Sharnid had noticed Felli's thoughts, or perhaps he hadn't.

layfon and nina relationship tips

What happened afterwards was as if he were teasing Felli. He pulled the trigger. Harley's cry was drowned out by the sound of the shot, and the calm sound like compressed air that had happened up to now suddenly changed into a strong gunshot intense enough to hurt the ears. Even in this kind of situation, her mind was still filled with information of Psychokinesis. Tracking the path of Sharnid's test shot. This time it shot higher than the previous two, and then descended. What is it so suddenly?

Use it whenever you like. Layfon was focusing on pursuing Nina, so right now he didn't have extra energy to listen to their situation.