Liberace and scott thorson relationship

Scott Thorson Says Ex-Lover Liberace Discarded Him 'Like A Piece Of Trash' (VIDEO) | HuffPost

liberace and scott thorson relationship

'I was Michael Jackson's lover': Liberace's boyfriend Scott Thorson makes Scott previously talked about his relationship with Jackson after he. Scott Thorson is an American best known for his relationship with and lawsuit against the entertainer Liberace. Contents. Scott Thorson knew the high life as Liberace's lover and the low life as his ex. Touring the premises before their relationship began, Liberace.

liberace and scott thorson relationship

He believed he'd been saved because God … looked on him with special favor. Liberace had a major collection of pornography, Thorson writes, and it was often a source of fights between the two throughout their relationship.

Liberace's ex-lover Scott Thorson: Michael Jackson and I had a 6-year romance - NY Daily News

Liberace also had impotence problems and got a silicone implant that made him semierect all the time. Liberace, Thorson writes, introduced Barbra Streisand to Las Vegas and gave her a major career boost when he invited her to perform as part of his act for a month at the Riviera in The hotel's entertainment director was less than impressed with Babs's looks, Thorson writes, but audiences loved her, and after Liberace also took her to perform at the Sahara in Tahoe, she got the career-changing offer to star in "Funny Girl" on Broadway.

Liberace called the cash "funny money" and didn't report the earnings to the IRS. Debbie Reynolds, a friend of Liberace who plays his mother in the HBO movie, used to share a manager, Seymour Heller, with Liberace, until she and Heller had a falling-out.

liberace and scott thorson relationship

One night, Thorson writes, Reynolds was so upset at having run into Heller that she ended up at Liberace's house, where a gripe session about Heller turned into a fun evening with Reynolds sitting on the kitchen floor, drinking wine with Liberace and Thorson until the next morning. Liberace hired Thorson to be his companion just a couple of weeks after meeting him, but the performer already had two other male companions living with him, including one who had been paid by Liberace to leave his wife and children to live with the star in Las Vegas.

liberace and scott thorson relationship

In the HBO movie, Douglas is seen telling Thorson he wants to be his "father, brother, lover, best friend," and he was serious about the father part, at least for a time -- Thorson, who had grown up in and out of various foster homes in California, writes that Liberace had talked about adopting him. Liberace was engaged to two women during his lifetime, Thorson writes. He got hitched to a Vegas dancer named JoAnn Del Rio inwhen he was anxious to squash gay rumors.

Then, after he filed a lawsuit against the London Daily Mirror newspaper in for writing about him as a "giggling, fruit-flavored, mincing, ice-covered heap of mother love," he became engaged to Olympic figure skating gold medalist Sonja Henie. Liberace's sexuality wasn't the first big secret in his life.

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His father, Sam, walked out on his family when Liberace was a teen. Liberace, a proud Catholic woman too ashamed to have people know her domestic details, made her children lie to friends, family, schoolmates, and neighbors about the fact that her husband had left her for other women.

Thorson also writes that Mrs. Liberace Frances was one tough mama, "a sweet old lady one minute and a merciless nag the next," which prompted Liberace real name: Walter Liberace, known to his friends as "Lee" to shower her with affection in public but keep her at a comfortable distance in private. Thorson also claimed that it was Liberace that originally started him on the drugs, but then when his habit got out of control, Liberace cut him off from all of his credit cards.

liberace and scott thorson relationship

He called Liberace both generous and possessive. InThorson was interviewed by Larry King on Larry King Liveduring which Thorson confirmed that, in the midst of his relationship with Liberace, he chose to have plastic surgery to look more like Liberace at the pianist's suggestion.

Also during the interview with King, Thorson revealed his chin implant had been removed earlier in Another interview was on Entertainment Tonight in May[6] [7] where he stated that memories of his time with Liberace were still difficult for him.

liberace and scott thorson relationship

This was the first same-sex palimony case filed in U. Behind the MusicThorson was portrayed by Michael Dolan.

Liberace's ex-lover Scott Thorson: Michael Jackson and I had a 6-year romance

The movie aired on HBO on May 26, For his testimony, he was placed in the federal witness protection program. Inhe was shot five times when drug dealers broke into his hotel room in Jacksonville, Florida.

Thorson had planned in to re-release the book Behind the Candelabra to coincide with the film's release.