Logan and veronica relationship timeline progression

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logan and veronica relationship timeline progression

See more ideas about Tv series, Veronica mars and Logan. River song's perception of her timeline with the doctor, This is what they show. River Song .. Doctor Who TARDIS - "People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect. . Logan Echolls Veronica Mars - one of my favourite relationship/ love quotes. Mar 11, The Emotional Roller Coaster of Rooting For Logan and Veronica Mars us back to the golden years of their love/hate teenage relationship. Anonymous said: I'm jonesing for stories about Logan joining the Navy and details on Logan's progression in the Navy c) details that blow your mind and clearly show her dedication to research. “Bygones” Years Timeline (Logan & Veronica) how to make their relationship work, this time as adults with demanding jobs.

They share a look. They fall into silence again until U2's "With or Without You" comes on the radio. Veronica smiles at Logan and he lifts her hand to his mouth for a brief kiss before resting their joined hands on his thigh. Want to hear my theory? On the grade changing? So Jenny and George are step siblings. And from what Carla said they don't really get along. So, Carla got into Berkley, but George didn't. He wants to go to school with her next year, but if he doesn't get in there his parents will send him to SDSU.

And apparently George is a real Momma's boy and she is planning on visiting George a lot, at whatever college he goes to. So, let me guess. Jenny helped George so he would get into Berkley and go there, far away from her. But they didn't stop there. Jenny is friends with Caitlyn and Nicki, so she changed there grades enough to get them out of summer school.

So George changed some of his friends too, to help them out. Nathan is Jenny's cousin on her Mom's side so she changed his. The family that cheats together stays together. Which explains why Nathan and Jimmy aren't friends anymore. Jimmy was keeping Nate's cousin as his dirty little secret. And Madison organized a little coup to get Jenny off the cheerleading squad last year, remember the rumor about someone hooking up with a teacher? And Shelly and Jodi being the good little sheep they are followed Madison's lead to take down Jenny.

So Jenny lowered their grades. Not long after we, after he kicked me to the curb. I don't remember that. It was right after Lilly died. I'm guessing the same is true for Cole and Dominic. She wanted them and they either rejected her outright or dumped her after.

But seriously, I don't remember Jenny being good at anything with computers. No, but she is good at flirting and seducing to get what she wants. You think she has a boyfriend that is good enough to hack the school Veronica: I'm counting on it. Now we just need to prove it. Seeing Jenny's roommate roll her eyes and then exit their dorm room in a huff, Veronica and Logan follow her to the laundry room to get the real story.

Jenny used him to commit identity theft with credit cards, and to change her step brother's grades. Armed with new information, Logan and Veronica interrupt Jenny and boyfriend number 1's make-out session, Veronica snapping a few pix, to get her to admit to everything out loud so Veronica's mini recorded could pick it up.

Logan drove them to UCSD to find the grade changing boyfriend, Tron Nguyen, and got him to admit to changing the grades once Veronica showed him pictures of Jenny half naked on top of boyfriend number 1.

Armed with the facts and a few emails documenting Jenny and George's requests, helpfully provided by Tron, and the case was solved. Veronica called Mac to get her to hack into George, Jenny, and Tron's email accounts to get the full documentation. Hyper with the adrenalin rush she gets from solving a case, Veronica pulls Logan into a deep kiss.

Logan pulls her closer and returns her passion, until they are interrupted by the good natured laughter of some students using the same pathway as Veronica and Logan.

They grin at each other and hold hands for the rest of the trip back to Neptune. There has to be something in there about Lilly's murder. But after her conversation with him today she can't stomach the idea of reading his private thoughts right now. Flashback earlier today Wednesday Veronica has too much time to think about the upcoming conversation with Duncan during PE and has effectively freaked herself out with his possible reactions. Deciding to try to be safe instead of sorry, she texts Wallace that she is meeting Duncan outside the science wing at the beginning of lunch and if she isn't back by She doesn't tell Wallace what it's about.

Leaving PE, Veronica ditches Meg and takes the back way around the school so as to not run into Logan. She arrives before Duncan and thinks she might actually vomit from the tension running rampant in her stomach. She's tense and sweaty and generally uncomfortable in her own skin. The words she will have to speak echo around in her mind and make her skin crawl. Seeing Duncan's faltering step around the science wing, Veronica squares her shoulders and acts more confident than she is.

I need to talk to you. Yeah, I got that, what couldn't you say to me in class? Duncan pales and he looks panicked, stepping back from Veronica. I can, and I do.

Veronica Mars

Did you really think I would never find out? I had a paternity test done Duncan. Duncan takes another step backwards and looks like he might bolt at any second. My dad is my dad Duncan. I was never… I'm not It's all yours now. You know for sure? So you don't have to worry anymore. Duncan looks relieved, angry, and then hopeful. So that means, Veronica: That you never dated your sister? Yeah, we're in the clear.

logan and veronica relationship timeline progression

No need to move South of the Mason-Dixon line. But that means… my Mom. It shouldn't be a surprise. She's lied about a lot of things. But she, why would she? She never liked me.

I just thought you should know. Veronica begins to walk towards the lunch area, only to be stopped by Duncan's hand on her arm. She shakes him off quickly. But if you're not…. Veronica's mouth drops open and she shuts it with an audible snap.

That's not going to happen Duncan. That's not why I told you. For a lot of reasons. Is Logan one of them? I have to go. Let me… Veronica doesn't wait. If she moved any faster she'd be running.

End flashback Veronica Voiceover: Well it went about as well as I expected. Veronica is waiting for them outside the office. All four enter the Vice Principal's office and Veronica and Mac tell their story. Mac's parents are a bit confused with how and why Veronica and Mac were able to find out what really happened, but are more than happy with the results. Clemmons drops the charges and no note will be made in Mac's file. Natalie and Sam stand up assuming the meeting has finished, but Mac bargains that since she is willing to not make a stink at being accused and suspended by the administration without any proof that they should be willing to make some concessions.

What would you like Mrs. I'd like a letter of recommendation from you, or Principal Morehead. I'd also like to be allowed to receive AP credit for an online class I took in computer programming, and another one I'll sign up for soon. The classes would have to be offered from an accredited school.

I assume CalMIT is acceptable. The Mackenzies and Veronica exit Clemmons' office. Veronica nods at Wallace to indicate that it is done, and they bump fists. Mac's mom and dad hug and kiss her goodbye, much to her chagrin. I didn't know you had it in you.

They're lucky that's all I wanted. It's good to have you back. I'm surprised to say it, but it's good to be back. Three days with just me and my mom? Two and a half too many. Veronica smiles, but her face reveals sadness.

Mac doesn't know what she has. I guess none of us really do until it's gone. Logan surprises Veronica outside of her World History class to walk her to Journalism. They joke and flirt, with Veronica trying to find out where Logan is taking her on their date. Well you're definitely taking me out to dinner. You already mentioned a restaurant.

By way of making fun of my appetite. I wouldn't want it to be our last because I broke some cardinal rule of dating by actually eating. Yes, we're going to dinner. And yes, I expect you to eat. I just think it's a miracle of nature that someone so small can eat so much. So I order, but don't eat. So what's after dinner? You're not going to tell me? Maybe we should grab a dictionary to look up the word surprise. That way you'd have a better understanding of what it means. You say surprise; I hear mystery to be solved.

And in 32 hours and 45 minutes all will be revealed. Do you think if we looked up the word "pesky" your picture would be there? Maybe we should look up the word jackass. You said you'd pick me up at 7, so 7. No, I mean to talk to your Dad. How much time will he need to interrogate me before I'm allowed to take you out?

We've negotiated a deal, no scaring my dates until the all important third date. They arrive outside the journalism room to see a note directing the class to go to room D I guess Clemmons had enough of us the last two days.

You ever figure out what happened to the journalism teacher? Arrested for domestic battery. His wife's in the hospital and he's in County lockup. Logan wraps an arm around her and gives her a little squeeze as they walk to room D Once there they see Mrs. Hauser sitting at a desk telling the students to find seats and that four people will have to sit at each table for the day. They enter the classroom and Logan motions for one of the students sitting at the back table to move so he and Veronica can site next to each other.

The boy gathers up his stuff with a happy smile at Logan. First sex ed and now you waving your magic wand to get your way. Maybe sex ed is a good idea for you, because I assure you, while my fingers may be magic, I don't wave my magic wand at boys. Veronica rolls her eyes, but a faint blush stains her cheeks.

As you can see we have some extra students in class today. I expect you to all behave. Sex education is not a joke. Venereal diseases are on the rise with teenagers and teen pregnancy is all too common. If the gentlemen can't keep it in their pants, and the ladies can't keep their legs closed then you need to know about safe sex.

Today you'll be practicing how to talk to your partner about safe sex and your sexual histories. But first… Veronica's eyes have grown ridiculously wide and Logan is tense.

Logan looks at Veronica but she sits ramrod straight facing forward. Hauser continues talking about the percentage of teens having sex and how many don't practice safe sex. She quickly reviews the options for safe sex including abstinence and condoms and reminds them that the pill doesn't prevent STDs. Veronica is fidgeting and still not looking at Logan. Her eyes flit around the classroom until they land on Duncan who is watching them.

She quickly lowers her head to stare at her desk. Logan slides his chair out so he is facing her, and pulls her chair around too. Their knees are lightly touching with his legs on the outside of hers. He gently lifts her face up. We can fake it if you want too. We don't have to do this here. She looks up, her face still uncertain. They could have assigned us to have these scary babies.

I'm jonesing for stories about Logan joining the

So, how about this? I'll be Ben Affleck and you'll be JLo. And we do this exercise with their sexual histories? Ok, how many sexual partners have you had Jennifer? Well I have my two ex husbands, and then there was Marc Anthony and Puffy. That's just your recent past, honey.

Now we're getting somewhere.

logan and veronica relationship timeline progression

I assume we're counting one night stands in Vegas? I'm a gentleman so I don't keep count, but I'd guess around Her face and tone alert him that they are not joking around anymore. Always used a condom. She avoids his gaze, but leaves her hand in his. I'm on the pill. After, I, just to be careful. Veronica is silent, intent on looking at her feet.

Logan and Veronica "This Love"

Logan raises her face back to his locking eyes with her. Do you want to know how many? I'll tell you anything. He squeezes her hand again, rubbing his thumb over the back of her hand in small circles. I she breaks off and looks at the wall to her left I only… Logan: They are silent again, Veronica staring at the wall and Logan caressing her hand staring at her face to catch any flicker of emotion.

The other students are talking and laughing a few scandalized gasps filling the classroom with noise. We only dated for a few weeks. We can't all be… she breaks off, deciding not to call Logan a manslut …as liberal minded as you. What can I say? Veronica slaps his shoulder then settles her hand back into his. And actually you dated Troy for almost 5 weeks. Not that I was counting.

Veronica is startled that Logan paid attention to her love life back then. I didn't like you dating him. Then you dated Connor. That really pissed me off. And now I'm dating you. Or I will be after Friday. So it's three dates to meet your dad. How many dates he pauses an leers at her until I get the title of your boyfriend? Is that in the dating rule book?

logan and veronica relationship timeline progression

The only rules I'm interested in are yours. She calls him back and gets his voicemail. You can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you.

She gets busy making a double batch of cookies for Wallace. He has a tournament that weekend so she would leave some in his locker on Friday, and another box would be waiting for him on the bus on Saturday morning. Her Dad comes home and appears very happy and relaxed. Maybe too happy for a day spent running background checks online. She questions him, but he deflects and changes into his bowling shirt before heading out to meet Cliff.

Thursday was their standing bowling night for when Keith was in town. Logan calls Veronica back later and they talk as she continues to bake. How long do you think it will take Wallace to figure out that you're his secret admirer? How did you know? He was raving about snickerdoodles for a whole day last week. I didn't need to be Hercule Poirot to figure this one out. There you go using your little grey cells again. Who knows what you could accomplish if you keep this up.

And I'm not his secret admirer. I'm his secret super fan. You've been to one game. You're right I should attend more. Sorry Logan, I have to cancel for tomorrow. Instead of going out with you I should be at Wallace's game. Never mind one game is good enough. He happily munches on one and offers one to Veronica. She declines as Logan walks up next to them. Hey man, you want a cookie?

Logan takes the cookie and eats it with exaggerated enjoyment. One favourite technique was the short-lens shot, both to emphasize the distance between Veronica and her peers and to focus our attention on the isolated protagonist.

At times, VM came dangerously close to Art. The second season was less outstanding, but it was still one of the best things on TV. Kevin Smith and Joss Whedon made cameo appearances; Alyson Hannigan featured in three episodes and Charisma Carpenter had a recurring role throughout.

The comparisons between Veronica and another California-based, pint-sized, blonde kicker of butts hardly needed such reinforcing, and Veronica Mars was always much more than just Buffy P. Approaching issues such as race and class with the same wry intelligence she brought to bear on rape, murder, and missing monkeys, Veronica tracked her teen noir lineage all the way back to Veronica Lake in The Blue Dahlia and Winona Ryder in Heathers.

Sadly, Veronica's third season was her weakest by far. If the leap from high school to college was unkind to Buffy, it was doubly so for VM. Other than V herself, of all the "teenage" characters only ex-con Eli "Weevil" Navarro Francis Capra seemed to make the leap intact, landing a job as a college janitor. Worse, the writing became lackluster. At times it seemed Thomas was trying to turn VM into Grey's Anatomy though he was unable to make an unfeasible romance even mildly interesting.

Despite the always strong Bell, Colantoni, and Capra, the choice of guest stars frequently provoked more conversation than the plots. Patty Hearst's appearance as a disappearing heiress echoed Hilton's in Season One. And Laura San Giacomo as Keith's love interest proved only that short bald Italian men age better than cute Italian vixens. The third season had no ongoing mystery, and was much the poorer for it. A serial rape investigation linked the first nine episodes but rarely proved compelling worse, the storyline often trivialised the crime.

Viewers were so underwhelmed that when VM was sent on an eight-week hiatus to make room for The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll, many feared the worst.

Sadly, the remaining episodes had me wondering if this was a good thing or not. What did we learn today, children? Racism is bad, mmmkay. Underage drinking is bad. Oh, and girls develop faster than boys and have "higher levels of cognitive functioning, including math calculation, written language, and verbal fluency. The headline mystery featured a has-been rock star Paul Rudd who inadvertently swapped bags with a drunk. The subplot revolved around a website called Grade My Ass.

I could say more, but then I'd have to kill myself. This time our theme was child soldiers in Africa and the charity Invisible Children. If only the episode had been as worthy as its cause. Sadly, however, it supported my growing suspicion that VM's writers had already checked out of Mars Mansions, and that a small group of script monkeys had been dragged in off the street and told not to bother their pretty little monkey heads with such abstract concerns as continuity or quality.

Two episodes closed the series on 22 May. Not to mention recurring scenes and themes from previous seasons, a nod to Paris Hilton's many sex tapes, V's Bad Boy Ex beating the crap out of her Rebound Nice Guy, rich students setting up ex-con janitors to take the fall for their capers, Dick Casablancas Ryan Hansen getting his first proper lines of the season, and a series of inexplicable references to The Office.

Best of all, following the longest sequence of product placements ever seen outside a big budget Sci-Fi movie Veronica Mars uses a Venus razor, drives a Saturn hybrid, and I can't think of a joke about Uranuswe get the throwaway line, "Rob Thomas is a whore".

It was ostensibly a reference to a Matchbox 20 reunion, but When Best Friend Forever Wallace Percy Daggs III was testing his engineering course project, a remote control plane, it was a clear reference to the pilot, when he flew a remote control plane on the Neptune beach.

In the pilot, BBX was beaten up by Weevil and forced to apologize to Veronica for vandalizing her car. In both cases, Veronica's reply was the same: There, right there, is the heart of Veronica Mars.

She's not interested in apologies. She's driven by a nihilistic need for action and payback.