Lok and sophie relationship

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lok and sophie relationship

"Sophie! Sorry I woke you up again!" Zhalia said head down and with her . In the main focus will be Zhalia, her past and future and her relationship with Dante. Lok Lambert, Sophie Casterwill, Den and Harrison Eears, Montague, Tersely. What will happen to Lok and Sophie's relationship when one of them gets called up by the Foundation to go on a mission? Rated: Fiction T. Along with his Titan sidekick, Cherit, Lok and Sophie joined forces with Dante His relationship with Metz found him fighting beside Eathon Lambert and Simon.

Sorry I didnA't notice you. It is nice to see you too! Now Dante looked up from his newspaper just to see how Zhalia went into the kitchen. He could feel the questioning looks at his back, but he doesnA't want to explain anything right now.

What matters the most now is Zhalia. In the kitchen Zhalia was trying to make herself a cup of tea.

lok and sophie relationship

DidnA't work so well, because she was feeling kind of sick. Suddenly there was a figure behind her. She wince and almost let her cup slip out of her hand. Let me do this! Zhalia stood there not knowing what to say and what to do. Her first thought was to say no and do it herself, but on the other hand she noticed it felt to good when someone was taking care of her. After Dante finished the cup of tea he turned to Zhalia and gave it to her.

Her head facing the ground. I have noticed that something is on your mind that deprives you of your sleep! Do you like to tell me what that is? But Zhalia didnA't want to tell him. Dante new from the beginning she wouldnA't admit anything, but he was not giving up yet. ItA's written on your fore head that something bothers you! Are you telling me now whatA's up or do I need to bring the big guns in?

Zhalia gave him a sad smile and signed. She couldnA't bear the worried look in his eyes right now. But you should know, that we are her for you, Zhale! He came nearer to her face. I couldnA't forgive myself if you suffer and I could have done something to prevent it. One move in the right direction and their lips would touch.

What is taking you so long? Dante and Zhalia depart immediately and you could see a slight shade of pink on their cheeks. The water just needed a little longer to boil, " Dante assured him. Scarlett said she wanted to ask us something important!

Dante cleared his throat: It must be important! When your love of your life says so! Back in the living room everyone sat down. He wants me to find a specific artefact here in Ireland. And after I found out you guys were her, I thought we could all give it a try. Den asked a little interested. ItA's power is unknown, but itA's said that its power is unbelievable strong and powerful. In the legend it says that this amulet belonged to an old royal seeker family with magic no one ever heard of.

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This magic can only be used by people who knows about them. This magic is long forgotten and vanished before our time reckoning! The place itA's hidden is an old underground cave her in Ireland! What do you say? Did I wake your interest? I know itA's your holiday but this sounds like something you would enjoy! We would love to help you! This really sounds like so much fun!

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We will go in the afternoon! Everyone was exited, except for Zhalia. She just stood at the wall with her cup of tea and is not looking forward to this adventure. Dante noticed this and looked worried in her direction. This was my first chapter.

lok and sophie relationship

Hope you liked it and I arouse your interest! Chapter 3 Hi guys, here is another chapter of my fanf lotion. I was happy about the comments and tried to follow your improvement suggestions. In the future I will have a beta-reader, who just has to do her A-Levels, so she doesnA't have any time right now Q. In this chapter they try to find the amulet of power. A new spell will be introduced. I hope you will like the new chapter. Have fun while reading!

I donA't own Huntik or anything that has to do with it, except for this fanf lotion, my OCs and the new spells. Where exactly are we? Den asked looking around curious. There are surrounded by green grass, nothing else.

To Be Together

Tersely said a little frightened. But a maze is really big, IsnA't it? So why is it that we canA't see it", Lok asked them. So ItA's no wonder we canA't see it or even find it!

There must be some kind of mechanism to do or words that need to be said. Do you know something about it? Lok stepped next to Dante: It was worth a try. ItA's some kind of riddle we need to solve. Scarlett didnA't you say this artefact comes from a forgotten country?

It could be possible we need to say it in their language. Everyone was wandering around trying to solve the riddle and thought about a way to go into the maze. Zhalia was a little away from the group and sat on the floor. She held her head in pain having a headache since there came her. This never happened before.

Suddenly her head shot up. In her mind came pictures of a cloaked figure. She was at the same place they were right now. The figure stood there and Zhalia could hear it saying words in a different language she understood for some reason: It stepped in and the entrance vanished.

Awakening from her trance she stood up and ran to the others. She came to a hold were she thought the figure stood. She had her eyes closed. She thought about the scene she saw before and tried to remember the words spook of the cloaked one.

Then she opened her eyes. Then the ground shook. Hey guys, I think Zhalia found the entrance! But not as confused as Zhalia was. They all came to the place where Harrison and Zhalia were right now. She jumped because of the sudden feeling of his hand on her shoulder. How did you do it? The solution was suddenly in my head! It really popped up in her head, but she didnA't told them about the cloaked figure. Let us enter before ItA's closing again", Montehue said and stepped in. The others just followed.

But when Den was about to step in the last Zhalia said: He didnA't want to argue with her so he did as he was told and Zhalia was the last one who stepped in.

Shortly after, the entrance closed. Then the path was lit by torches. Den scratched himself at his neck. And when we take the wrong way we will be doomed You MUST have heard it! It doesnA'A't mean itA's not there when we canA't here it.

But think about it. It could be a trap! It kind of sounds familiar. My feeling say we can trust it. There is no voice. She probably made it up or itA's just in her head, because she fell on her it or something like this. You donA't believe her, do you? But shortly after, he freed himself and stepped closer to Zhalia. I mean ItA's only because of Zhalia we are here, so we at least should believe her judgement.

But what exactly said this voice, Zhalia", Sophie asked. The voice came from the right way, so she probably meant the right way!

How do you know? So I thought itA's a she. We should keep going! They did this procedure every time they came across a paths.

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At some point they ended in a hemicycle. ItA's a dead end! But it came nothing from her. ZhaliaA's head dropped and she bit herself on the lips. It must be already night", Dante suggested. They put out their sleeping bags and everyone ate something. Zhalia put her sleeping bag a little away from the rest of the group, feeling guilty. She laid down and closed her eyes, while not facing the others. The others not Scarlett gave Zhalia worried looks and then fell asleep.

She now went along the wall where she thought the voice came from. She observed the wall in front of her. When she looked closer she could see a symbol and went over it with her hand. It looked like a crescent surrounded by circles. It looks so familiar", Zhalia thought. You just need to break the spell", the voice said again. What kind of spell? This got the attention of the others.

What are you talking about? He didnA't fell asleep because he worried so much about Zhalia. He stood up and walked to her. Then the rest woke up as well and then followed his example, except for Scarlett. She stayed where she was. She told me to break the spell", Zhalia told them. She didnA't told me", she answered truthfully. Sophie laid one hand on the symbol: I would say, it is one of the lost country", Harrison concluded.

Then Zhalia saw the cloaked figure again. It put a hand over the symbol and said: Zhalia stepped forward and put her hand on the symbol: What was it called again? You could feel that the maze was shaking. The rocks will be crashing us. We need to run! After a few seconds Zhalia moved her hand away. The wall started to move and a new room was shown. So I opened my eyes very slowly. I was shocked to see what I saw. Lok Lambert was perched above me, probably about and inch away from my face, maybe even less.

He grinned at me and said "Hiya. Have you no shame? I did a quick glance around the room to see if anybody was close by. The situation was this: Lok and I were dating in secret. The only ones who knew this were Zhalia and Dante who figured this out rather quickly, without us quite telling them. But being a daughter of the Casterwill's I couldn't be seen with a boy like Lok. It would be such a scandal. Nevertheless Lok and I had found a way to be together.

Now looking back at Lok's face, which I had upset by hurting his feelings, I regretted that I had been so sharp on him. So I asked "Lok, why are you in my bedroom so early in the morning while I was still asleep and why aren't LeBlanche or Santiago here?

Did I forget something? That reminded me that I wasn't properly dressed and still in my nightgown. It was a special to me because it was the only dress that survived the fire my parents died in and it was the one they had given to me.

It was a miracle how it fit me although it was a bit short. Louder, I said "Lok, get up, I'm not going to say anything stupid but I think you should get out. Thank God he left, but I could see a hint of blush as if he was embarrassed too.

A While Later… I came out dressed in some shorts and a tight navy blue shirt, the one that Lok had given me for Christmas a year ago.