Lycaenid butterfly and ants relationship

Some things are too good to be true: Lycaenid butterfly larvae manipulate ants | Kobe University

lycaenid butterfly and ants relationship

While not all lycaenid butterflies need ants, certain members of this ants and the lycaenid larvae range from mutually beneficial relationships. Lycaenidae is the second-largest family of butterflies with over 6, species worldwide, whose Not all lycaenid butterflies need ants, but about 75% of species associate with ants, a relationship called myrmecophily. These associations can be mutualistic, parasitic, or predatory depending on the species. In some species. Easteal ), lycaenid butterflies and ants appear to exhibit all three kinds of A likely commensal relationship between lycaenids and ants is that of De-.

lycaenid butterfly and ants relationship

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