Man and woman relationship articles on yahoo

10 Secrets to Making Long Distance Love Work

man and woman relationship articles on yahoo

Somewhere along the way, women were told, “You deserve to be pursued! dating rituals and for that reason a heteronormative article on said rituals. She didn't take active steps forward in the relationship: He dragged her. If you're looking sex health women over 60 to boost your sex life, birth control We mined hundreds of men's health articles about sex and relationships to find. Conservative columnist Inez Feltscher's latest marriage-advice essay implores: “ Staying Fit for Your Husband Is One of the Best Gifts You Can.

Jameson and I are both in relationships, just not with each other. He shows me to his office where we make out on his desk like some TV drama, his hands grabbing me everywhere. I am beyond elated. He gets rock hard and puts my hand on it. More rubbing, more intense making out, until I lead him out of the office and back to his friends. Jameson starts driving toward my place.

He goes in for more kisses, and I allow them, savoring these last few forbidden moments. He asks to come up and I break out in laughter. I walk the long way into my place so as not to alarm my boyfriend or the dog. My boyfriend is livid when he comes to help me with the door. I immediately throw an excuse about my phone being dead and us getting lost in the city.

I fall into bed and attempt to cuddle his cold shoulder, but he shrugs me off.

man and woman relationship articles on yahoo

I fall asleep tasting Jameson on my lips. I live for Saturday mornings and sleeping in past 6 a. My boyfriend wakes me up with butt rubs and simultaneously sliding my panties off. We have sex, my eyes are still closed. He slides off of me and gets ready for work in silence.

I think he fucks me to see if I had sex with anyone else last night. I bring that up and he gets upset. I roll up a jay for a walk with the dog and finally turn my phone on to a message from Jameson.

I reply that I was still thinking about his lips. I text my boyfriend that I love him and miss him. We plan a date for the evening.

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I spend the rest of the next few hours getting ready. We had a great night together, no drama. He gets bored after a while and says that I spend too much time on my phone.

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I roll my eyes; he can be such a hypocrite. We head to our usual breakfast spot, a local diner. I tell him the happy news that my older sister just got engaged.

man and woman relationship articles on yahoo

Everyone except him has accepted this about me. We finished our errands. Happens every time we have that talk. I enjoy the silence. Weed makes me mushy; we lie there in silence for a while, watching trash TV. He gets up and goes to bed. I have a cramp in my hand and I never took care of those munchies that have been growing in my belly. FUCK, woke up late. Throws my whole day off.

man and woman relationship articles on yahoo

I get a text from Jameson to brighten my day a bit. My boyfriend and I are in such a weird space.


I welcome the distraction with open arms. We plan for Tuesday. Home, lighting a jay, walking the dog. Starting to mentally plan what I want to wear for Tuesday — something tight, I love when he gropes my curves. My boyfriend is home later than usual. I casually mention an upcoming happy hour with my co-workers.

My co-workers and I head over to our happy hour spot. Several tequila shots later and I am vying for a mouth to put my tongue in. I actually checked into a halfway house, with a bunch of guys recovering from alcohol and drugs.

At the time, it was scary. But in hindsightit helped me a lot. A step meeting is a step meeting. How do you feel now about your recovery? I probably spent a year or more on eggshells. I had to do everything exactly perfect. I mean, some guys get rid of their phones forever. They have a dumb phone for the rest of their lives because that, for them, is the gateway into unhealthy activity. I could give things up for a while, but I need to eventually have a balance and a life.

I had to learn how to use a phone like a responsible adult. I know what tools I have to keep track of my compulsions. So how did your wife deal with you talking to her about this stuff? A lot of addicts have a problem with understanding the difference between secrets, lies, and privacy. I had to find that balance between not having secrets from my wife, but having some understanding of the things that she needs to hear, and the stuff I can say to another person in my program. And now that all of the secrets had a chance to come out, I think I had a better sense of what she needs to know about to feel comfortable and safe.

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The big piece, it seems, that I was cheating on her. What does that have to do with having affairs? I thought she was too fragile to handle it. I thought it would keep the relationship stronger to keep my problems away. As my worldview changed, I started to be able to come to her and say: Even if its uncomfortable, we can talk about it together. But surely you did more than tell her about your day in terms of recovery. I went to step meetings. I see a therapist every Thursday of the week.

I knew that I could not possibly raise a healthy human being while I was doing what I did. Recovery made me look forward to being a father.