Margaery and sansa relationship goals

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margaery and sansa relationship goals

The primary goal of the Tyrells is definitely Sansa's claim to . doing it has given Margaery the opportunity to help Sansa escape by marriage. Sophie Turner thinks Sansa Stark needs to cast off men altogether after her Home · Lifestyle · #Relationshipgoals Specifically, Sophie would like to see Sansa end up with everybody's favorite Queen, Margaery Tyrell. characters, we at least know that'd be one marriage we could % get behind. iamacoyfish: game of thrones Margaery Tyrell and Sansa Stark being friends. Margaery TyrellSansa And MargaeryGame Of Thrones FansSansa StarkArt.

He was beautiful, though. She thought he looked even finer in white than in the greens and golds of House Tyrell.

The only spot of color on him now was the brooch that clasped his cloak; the rose of Highgarden wrought in soft yellow gold, nestled in a bed of delicate green jade leaves. When has she seen me ride? You rode a white courser, and your armor was a hundred different kinds of flowers. You gave me a rose. You threw white roses to the other girls that day. She had been so certain that it meant something, that it meant everything.

A red rose, not a white. No real human being completely severs themselves from their pasts. Furthering this theme of surface appearances vs. He took his hand from her arm.

margaery and sansa relationship goals

How terrible for your poor sister. She was at Bitterbridge, though. She did not see…Renly is dead.

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What use to speak of them? Nor did he take her arm again. This second exchange is essentially a recapitulation of the first, but with more emotional intensity. On the edge of the yard, a lone knight with a pair of golden roses on his shield was holding off three foes. Even as they watched, he caught one of them alongside the head, knocking him senseless.

In battle it is seldom one against one, he says, so he likes to be prepared. Garlan also works as synecdoche for House Tyrell as a whole — the outward display of chivalry concealing something more calculating underneath. Given the degree of skill he displays here, Garlan must be one of the greatest swordsmen in all of Westeros, and yet Garlan fights in no melees to gain the reputation that his brother has attained as a tourney knight. Likewise, as we will see in forthcoming chapters, Garlan is a far more well-educated and intelligent man that his martial appearance might dictate.

It should also be noted that he is one of the few genuinely decent people in ASOIAF, someone who goes out of his way to be kind to people without an ulterior motive, so if for no other reason than to push back on the unfortunate tendency to nihilism in the fandom, I hope he prospers.

Among the Ladies Having passed through these layers, Sansa finally comes to the core of House Tyrell, its brains if not its heart. Margaery performed the other introductions. Septa Nysterica had a homely pox-scarred face but seemed jolly. Pale, elegant Lady Graceford was with child, and Lady Bulwer was a child, no more than eight. So what can we say about these Tyrell ladies? Indeed, much of the strength of the Tyrells comes from these women. Last of all, Margaery brought her before the wizened white-haired doll of a woman at the head of the table.

There was nothing the least bit thorny about her. Lord Hoster, surely they told you? An old man, though not so old as me. Still, night falls for all of us in the end, and too soon for some. You would know that more than most, poor child. We are sorry for your losses. And to me, this opening sally raises a whole host of questions: Is she bringing up this connection solely to imply familiarity and trustworthiness, or is she probing for something from Sansa?

And why bring up Hoster Tully? Did she know him as well?

margaery and sansa relationship goals

He knew how to dress and he knew how to smile and he knew how to bathe, and somehow he got the notion that this made him fit to be king. The Baratheons have always had some queer notions, to be sure.

It comes from their Targaryen blood, I should think. That does not make him wise. One of us, at any rate. The old woman turned back to Sansa.

margaery and sansa relationship goals

You Starks were kings once, the Arryns and the Lannisters as well, and even the Baratheons through the female line, but the Tyrells were no more than stewards until Aegon the Dragon came along and cooked the rightful King of the Reach on the Field of Fire. If truth be told, even our claim to Highgarden is a bit dodgy, just as those dreadful Florents are always whining. The thought that one day he may see his grandson with his arse on the Iron Throne makes Mace puff up like…now, what do you call it?

He could put a crown on it, the way the Baratheons do their stag, mayhap that would make him happy. And what do you say to that, Sansa? My husband, the late Lord Luthor.

A kind man, and not unskilled in the bedchamber, but an appalling oaf all the same. He managed to ride off a cliff whilst hawking.

They say he was looking up at the sky and paying no mind to where his horse was taking him.


It is easy to mount a lion and not so easy to get off, I warned him, but he only chuckles. Should you ever have a son, Sansa, beat him frequently so he learns to mind you. Margaery forms an amiable relationship with the King's ex-fiancee Sansa Stark [1] and through Sansa she learns much about Joffrey's true nature.

Margaery weds Joffrey, but he is poisoned at their wedding feast. In A Feast for Crows Margaery marries Joffrey's younger brother, Tommenand encourages him to assert himself as king. Margaery's growing influence over Tommen puts her in a bitter power struggle with his mother Cersei Lannisterwhich eventually culminates in Cersei framing Margaery for adultery. In A Dance with DragonsMargaery is released from prison and placed under house arrestwhere she awaits trial.

Television series[ edit ] In HBO's Game of Thrones, Margaery's backstory and plotline in the early seasons remain largely unchanged from the novels, though the character is more prominent in the series and this version of Margaery is an adult as opposed to a teenager. Margaery first appears in the second season, following her marriage to Renly; she is well aware that her marriage is a political one, and displays pragmatism regarding Renly's homosexuality and his relationship with her brother Loras.

Season 2[ edit ] Margaery, freshly married to Renly, reveals that she is aware of his relationship with her brother and is willing to work around his desires to secure their alliance and her position. Following Renly's assassination, Margaery indicates to Petyr Baelish that she is aware that her brother-in-law, Stannis Baratheonis more likely to be behind the assassination than Brienne of Tarththe official suspect. She also makes it clear that her ambition is to be the Queen of Westerosand that she will not settle for anything less.

She swiftly proves that she is one of the few people capable of managing Joffrey, which pleases his grandfather, Tywin Lannisterbut makes her an enemy in Cersei. The series also expands on Margaery's friendship with Sansa Starkthough her motives are unclear and Margaery swiftly replaces Sansa as Joffrey's fiance. Through several shrewd PR moves towards the city's poor and orphaned, Margaery becomes extremely popular with the common people as their future Queen.

Season 4[ edit ] Margaery Tyrell has been married to Joffrey Baratheon, but she is widowed hours later when he is poisoned at the wedding feast. Soon after, Olenna reveals herself as masterminding the poisoning, but Margaery, now aware that Tyrion Lannister 's trial is a farce, keeps quiet.

Arrangements are made to wed Margaery to Joffrey's younger brother Tommen, to whom Margaery swiftly ingratiates herself. Cersei and Margaery continue their bitter rivalry; Cersei resents being displaced as Queen and being forced to marry her very young child to the much older Margaery, while Margaery tries to outmaneuver her. She taunts Cersei over her triumph, and begins to try to convince Tommen to send Cersei away from the capital.

Cersei, in a shortsighted attempt to get rid of her rival, consents for the Faith of the Seven to once again bear arms.

Cersei intends for the increasingly fervent religious order to seize Loras and charge him for homosexual behavior, and to trick Margaery into perjuring herself by denying, under oath, knowledge of his proclivities. Margaery finds herself arrested and awaiting trial, although Cersei is arrested as well on unrelated charges. Season 6[ edit ] After a period of captivity, Margaery is permitted to visit Loras in his cell.

margaery and sansa relationship goals

She discovers that he is beginning to break under the Faith's questioning, and that the meeting is a ploy to break her too.