Maris racal and daniel matsunaga relationship trust

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maris racal and daniel matsunaga relationship trust

Brazilian-Japanese model, actor and professional football player Daniel Matsunaga has already lived in 25 countries before deciding to stay and pursue a. Jason Abalos, Vickie Rushton and Daniel Matsunaga: love triangle? times, saying that Jason was not exerting effort into their relationship. On August 18, housemate Maris Racal told Kuya about her feelings when she. cervicogenic type- trust me the physical distress was extreme. Netizens gush over Maris Racal and Piolo Pascual's hugging photo: “Future.

As viewers saw the closeness between Vickie Rushton and Brazilian-Japanese model Daniel Matsunaga inside the house, many wondered if Vickie was falling for Daniel especially when the model gave her a kiss during one of their activities. In the July 27 episode, Vickie confessed to Kuya that she and boyfriend, actor Jason Abalos almost broke up several times, saying that Jason was not exerting effort into their relationship.

In a separate interview, he also clarified that he was not jealous of Daniel and that he loves Vicky very much. Comedian Vice Ganda entered the house to talk to the housemates about facing criticism.

Actor Piolo Pascual listens as Kuya gives him instructions for the housemates. Kpop star Sandara Park even dropped by to pay a visit to the housemates, who welcomed her with open arms. Director Cathy Molina Garcia visits the housemates. The short film Endless was eventually shown on television, Saturday, August On August 18, housemate Maris Racal told Kuya about her feelings when she found out that her parents were not married and have been living together all these years.

Maris for her part believes that it is a sin, since they were not married.

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On Tuesday, August 19, the housemates including Maris were asked to dress up for a wedding. Maris was surprised when she saw her parents Henry and Leony exchange their vows with no less than Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista officiating the ceremony.

La Salle's Jeron Teng dances with Jane during her debut inside the house. Screengrab from YouTube 9. Jane Oineza celebrates debut. She maybe the most controversial housemate, but Jane Oineza was also able to celebrate big time. The housemates, together with her friends and family as well as the staff of the show, threw her a debutante party. Alex Gonzaga becomes a housemate for one month. Screengrab from YouTube During her stay at the house, Alex not only showed who she was, but the maturity she gained from interacting with the housemates.

She re-entered the house twice to meet some of her good friends including Fifth Pagotan, with whom she became close during her stay. Do you have any Pinoy Big Brother moment to share? Let us know below the comments.

That guitar task she was recently given, though many would say it was a bit unfair and too hard for her, for me it was exactly what Maris needed. For once she had shown that she could push herself to achieve what might me an impossible task for her if she gave her effort and work an extra mile.

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As of now though, I still wish she could show more of herself. I expected her to shine during that task. But she failed when on the first production number her voice sounded flat, that performance with her family was too fast and her emotion was all over the place that it was distracting to watch and once again another flat and out of tune for the next numbers.

Yes, she probably needs more workshops. But the thing is it was a task, and the audience was not even a crowd but three people, I expected her to rise up to that challenge with flying colors.

You might contest though that I just expected too much from her and I probably did. Personally, I think a lot of people have been harsh to her even before they even get to know her. To take that kuto against her was just too much. I even find it cute. However, I could never understand the need to always talk to other housemates about Jane behind her back. She did it with Nichole, and when Nichole was out she did it with Vickie.

While I think it was unfair the way people have judged her, I also find it unfair the way she judged Jane when she never really opened her door to get to know Jane. Joshua will always be that wall that will come between Jane and Loisa.

I only wished Kuya was a bit fairer with the others. It was a disappointment on the show and not really to her. I find her character interesting enough to understand why she made it to being a housemate. Her actions are that of a typical fifteen year old that needed guidance. I would love to see Loisa bloom into a much better person once maturity started to grow on her. With Loisa, I hate the acts but not the person. The turtle that came out of the shell. From the earlier weeks, I admired how Fifth was not afraid to speak his mind.

Plus his jolliness and positivity is very contagious. Unlike the turtle though who seem shy, always hiding in its shell, Fifth was the turtle who was made strong by the heavy shell he carry on his back. To bare yourself to the world the way he did was not easy. I could imagine how scared he must have been but he was able to surpass that. I almost hated Big Brother for giving Fifth that kind of pressure.

maris racal and daniel matsunaga relationship trust

I must say that Fifth had surpassed that phase of his life with flying colors. Fifth is someone who is not afraid to show his emotion.

That made the difference between him and fourth.

maris racal and daniel matsunaga relationship trust

Many say that Jane was the most controversial housemate of this season. I beg to disagree. I initially like Joshua, when he was just Joshua the probinsyano guy.

I admired his ability to forgive his parents for what they did when he was a kid, I admired how he managed to see life in beauty despite those bitter chapters of his life. I liked him when he stayed true to Jane and accepted her as a friend even when others closed their doors to getting to know her.

Maris Racal & Daniel Matsunaga Moment

Those traits of Joshua made him truly admirable. However, it seems that things got out of hand when his feelings for Jane went from being friends to something more.

I honestly think that his playfulness with the girls most especially Jane was not something to be really bothered about.

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I think what Joshua and Jane, or what Joshua and Loisa have between them was totally nothing. For me this touchy issue was really nothing. It was just played up ugly on primetime that people put malice on it. The proximity of people inside the house were not really what you will say normal. For as long as they know what they are doing, and what they are getting into I think the problem was not really with the housemates but with the viewers. I am not saying though that everything Joshua did was okay.

I hated when he was being too possessive and overly jealous. Girlfriend or not, it was very selfish to limit the circle of other people just for the sake of your feelings. That was where Joshua stepped out of his boundaries.

You and I have seen it happen that true love can indeed be found inside the house. But Joshua is just another teen ager. He still has so much room to grow, so much to explore in his life before he could be sure of his feelings.