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max and kyle relationship advice

The Breakdown: That Time Kyle and Max Did It On 'Living Single' at the insane relationships of Amber and Wiz or Karrine and Columbus and. Aerith and Bob: Khadijah and Max, or Overton and Kyle. .. Overton is less than pleased when he discovers that Kyle is dating his sister, Olivia. . This advice leads her client's fiancé to call off the wedding, and said client to blame Max for the. Since Khadijah's mom was related to Synclaire by marriage it makes sense .. Also I love Max and Kyle but I have to admit some things always.

Plus the Noodle Incidents between him and his roommates that they were apologizing for where he put out a hit on his one roommate and she burned down his mother's house. After arriving back home, the girls find that Regine's mother left a message on the answering machine: You weren't supposed to find out about this until after I was dead. Way to keep a secret, Khadijah! Khadijah, keep your sarcasm and tedious work stories to a minimum.

Synclaire, honey, try not to get that blank look on your face. Oh, I know that is not my cruelty-free, ozone-friendly, dolphin-safe Condor egg moisturizer! The sub-plot of "Trick or Trust" has the crew trying unsuccessfully to scare Max.

One moment has Kyle and Overton walk into the ladies' apartment with a fake ax in Overton's head, leading Synclaire to fake scream in horror and Max to quip, "Right ax, wrong head. Okay, Synclaire, I want you to call Max, I want you to get a blanket and a pillow to prevent him from going into shock.

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Just tell me what you want me to do! I want you to represent, 'cuz I'm gonna sue somebody! It gets even better later on, when Max learns they taped the entire ordeal and proceed to make fun of her for it. The ending of "Working Nine To Nine-Fifteen" has the Safe-T-Man a dummy that Regine bought for protection when driving at night singing an off-key rendition of the theme song, complete with "working" mouth.

The actress that Max gave damaging career and personal advice to in "What's Next? After being freed and her whispering "Thank you" after being freedthe others give looks of Oh, Crap! It also counts as a Crowning Moment of Awesome as neither Erika Alexander Max nor any of the other actors broke character.

The ending of the episode has Kyle sleeping in the living room having gotten drunk.

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As he stretches and changes his position, we then see that Max is sleeping on the couch next to him underneath his arm. Soon after waking up and discovering each other, Kyle freaks out, Max screams at the top of her lungs and they look at each other, frozen in shock as we then hear Regine's ending narration: Be sure and come back and see what happens.

Kyle calls Max to task for her constant struggle for control within their relationship, but their passion is rekindled after he reveals that he saved her some shrimp and cocktail sauce. Everyone becomes a little disturbed by the fact that Regine's new neighbors hold personalities eerily similar to those of her old friends.

Khadijah and Synclaire believe they have located the perfect roommate, but Regine interrupts their conversation on the fire escape. She reflects on her long friendship with Khadijah, and admits that she feels lost without her.

max and kyle relationship advice

They patch things up and return to the brownstone. The naked man at the laundromat questions Synclaire's sanity. I've turned it into a little French hideaway. Two friends, together again, sharing the love.

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If there's anybody that's gonna provide any comfort right now, it's gonna be me. Yvette Lee Bowser d: The series moves to Thursdays at 8: Tammy Townsend [ Melody ], Greg Alan Williams [ Darren ], Scott Michael Campbell [ Pug ] Overton is mortified when he sees Melody, the woman who once shattered him by rejecting his marriage proposal, at the hardware store. He sneaks out, but she later gets his number from his friend Pug and gives him a call. After Kyle inadvertently tells her about the proposal, a furious Synclaire tries to retaliate by driving to Bayonne to meet up with a man who sends her a Christmas card each year.

She learns that he is an insurance agent, not an ex-flame. Melody tells Overton that she has come to appreciate him, and that she is now willing to spend her life with a "simple" man. She tries to kiss him, but Overton who was once powerless to resist her advances now feels nothing for her because of his love for Synclaire. Regine is annoyed to find that Khadijah and Synclaire have re-decorated the apartment and forced her into the worst bedroom, but is cheered when she discovers that her new room has free premium cable.

Regine offers Khadijah and Synclaire a pay-per-view deal. The woman who broke your heart and drove you from fair Cleveland? You're on today, ain't you, girl? You think I'm gonna give you permission to see some thin-ankled babe with ta-ta's to Tuesday? Synclaire quotes the chorus of Billy Paul's hit "Me and Mrs. Jones" as she rants about Melody. They've got a thing going on?

While playing a game of one-on-one against Khadijah, he injures his knee in a mid-air collision. Khadijah feels guilty, but the injury is not serious. Grant comes over to the apartment, and he and Khadijah end up kissing much to Regine's horror. Although Grant sweeps Khadijah off her feet and is interested in a relationship, Khadijah feels that the distance between them and their busy schedules would make this impossible. She breaks up with him, as she doesn't want to get hurt. Synclaire and Max suggest that she still hasn't gotten over Scooter.

Kyle and Max are frustrated beyond belief when they cannot beat Overton and Synclaire at a single board game. He's an aspiring songwriter who has a thing for the new tenant across the hall. This show provides examples of: Khadijah and Max, or Overton and Kyle.

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Considering that Max is short for Maxine, this mostly applies to Kyle only both within the group and with his own little brother, Damon. There was also the time the garbagemen were on strike, and Alderwoman Shaw tried to get them back to work. After they started dumping trash outside her apartment, Max apologized. The strike leader then laid it out for her, along with gestures showing the ascending levels of power in the city.

Regine is usually mortified by her mother's behavior not to mention her taste in clothingalthough its shown they have a lot in common and really do love each other. Maxine Shaw, Attorney at Law. Max advises Regine to keep her mouth shut, comparing the situation to her own law practice in that there was nothing wrong in cashing in on the pain and suffering of others. This is likely more of a reaction to a prior experience in where she advised a high powered client to get a prenup and it caused her to be suspended for the time span of a few episodes.

Khadijah gives us one during a "Queen" Stealth Pun. When working in a discount store, Regine gives an amazed one after a customer says she thought a dress she'd tried on was too big.

Tt was actually quite the opposite. The Eastland quote from above had one. Of Max during the episode The Glass Ceiling when she poses nude. Brooklyn, to be precise. Regine calls this trope into action while explaining her "Date Laugh".


You put one hand on your date, one hand on your chest. Max is constantly eating the girls' food, yet remains thin. Overton gets one when Khadijah threatens to flip a troll doll to decide if Synclaire should stay in Brooklyn or get shipped back home to Minneapolis. Breaking the Fourth Wall: After a particularly bad date in Mystery Date, Khadijah actually turns towards the camera and blames the audience for it.

I thought y'alls were my peoples!

max and kyle relationship advice

That particular episode was in fact the subject of an audience voting event. Can Not Tell A Lie: While she is usually a master of deception, by the end of the series Regine is struck honest by the man who ends up being her true love.

Milton The Baker from a Different World, showed up. It had a couple: Aww sookie sookie now! Khadijah has a Queen Latifah poster on her bedroom wall. The show features an unusual amount of celebrity guest stars, typically sports stars, singers and actors either As Himself or as relatives and friends of the main cast.

Khadijah and Scooter Chivalrous Pervert: Russel will do anything to put a smile on Regine's face. Synclaire, though Overton isn't far behind. Cool and Unusual Punishment: Played with in the episode where Max fights the garbagemen on strike.

Let me clarify the situation. Regine and me living with garbage is like you being barefoot and pregnant - and liking it. Khadijah's grandmother, Grammy James. I haven't had this much fun since Grammy James's 80th birthday, okay. Grammy was kicking wasn't she? During an episode when they are settling down to watch a porn video featuring Overton's cousin Synclaire is truly enthusiastic about it.

Kyle and Max, especially toward each other. Khadijah's father left her and her mother when she was young, although they seem to have reconciled at some point before the show's timeline somewhat. Max wants to borrow a dress Regine is working on for her Soap Opera Palo Alto for a function at the mayor's house, and Regine won't let her have it.

Turns out the dress is actually a tear-away dress for a cat-fight on the soap, but when Regine discovers Max stole the dress anyway, she decides not to try and warn her and let Max be publicly humiliated instead. If that wasn't enough, after Max discovers Regine knew the dress was a prop and didn't try to warn her after she stole it, Max completes a long list of things to get back at her, including: The episode in which the girls install a complex security system after being robbed, although for a moment is about to end with Khadijah refusing to live scared, ends with a police siren in the background and all the girls unable to sleep due to fear of their safety.

Plus, not only was the robber not caught, but probably never will be. At the end of "Talk Showdown", after being embarrassed on the talk show by Khadijah, Regine announces that she is moving out. Even as she is serious about it and packs her bags, Khadijah still makes fun of her. Also, when she is leaving out the door, she mentions to her, "oh, yeah, there's one thing that I forgot to say. You gonna be okay? Yeah, I'm gonna be fine. During one episode where the girls go out, Regine, who thinks she's wearing a one of a kind dress, is shown throughout the rest of that setting running after women in the same dress to mess theirs up.

Maxine has her own apartment, but is rarely seen there. Lampshaded the first time the cast is there in person. Max seems very unwilling to divulge her middle name. What's your middle name? You will never know. Regine does not like being called her childhood nickname of Nay-Nay. Kyle has the childhood nickname of "Lumpy". He also used to be known as "Meatball" to Overton's "Spaghetti". Even the Girls Want Her: An inversion of Experimented in CollegeMax's college roommate harbored a rather large crush on her, which was a large part of the reason said roommate never came out to her although she did come out to Khadijah, who agreed in keeping it from Max for her own good.

Averted, if you can believe it. Max may be aggressive and ruthless, but even Kyle comments that as much as they bicker, he respects her as a professional and competent lawyer. To Regine's annoyance everyone seems know she is wearing a wig. But they all agree it's a great one. Fate Worse than Death: We learn Max's idea of this trope in the aforementioned Cool and Unusual Punishment. Its so bad, she wouldn't even wish it on Regine! Foot Popping Formerly Fat: Kyle, though it's only mentioned once or twice in passing, as well as by Overton's uncle Smoke Eye who still calls him by his childhood nickname 'Lumpy'.

Notably, he never had issues with this nor did it make him insecure though it was something he didn't mention often. The reactions to him at his high school reunion implies that he was teased about it. It's more likely something that he's managed to put behind it rather than never having issues in the first place. For Your Own Good: The reason Khadijah doesn't tell Max about her one-night stand with the college professor that Max had a crush on, or that Max's college roommate was a lesbian and had a crush on Max.

With the exception of Khadijah her best friendeveryone else can see and often point out how cold and harsh Max can be, how insulting she is towards everyone and antagonistic she can be towards men in particular, and, of course, how she just invites herself over and eats all of the other girls' food and never pays them back for any of it. For a while Regine is involved with an organzation called E.

Russel loves to ask Regine to "shimmy" for him. Khadijah also gives the watchers a pretty heavy bounce when complaining about what her half-sister Stephanie wrote on her wall when they were kids, " Khadijah's got big jugs ".

Maxine, though it is not a huge part of her character she has been shown to pass her time with the game boy and import from Japan. Khadija has a milder but still mentioned interest in video games. The girls go to one when they get sick of being hit on in straight bars.